National Conservative Media is Catching on to RINO Mike DeWine

It looks like the conservative national media is finally catching on to the antics of RINO Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.  Take this excellent write up on the passage of SB22 by Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze:

In Ohio, we have the first legislature in the country to finally pass a meaningful limitation on emergency health powers through both chambers, with margins likely large enough to override a gubernatorial veto. Gov. Mike DeWine is irate that legislators think they have the power to check him in his capricious edicts governing the most intimate facets of human life and commerce. Yet despite his promise to veto the bill, every legislator in his own party will likely override his veto.


Columbus Dispatch Senior Editor Accuses Josh Mandel of “Threatening Armed Insurrection”

Since the Wolfe Family sold off the Columbus Dispatch, what’s left of their once vaunted Statehouse news team has rapidly gone down hill.  Take Dispatch Senior Editor Darrel Rowland for example.

Just a few hours ago, old Darrel accused conservative U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel on Twitter of “seemingly coming close to threatening armed insurrection…”

As the old saying goes, close only counts when playing horseshoes and hand grenades; and sorry, not sorry Darrel, this isn’t it.  Meanwhile, the sewage cesspool that is Darrel’s comment section is full of more nonsense and cries to censor and de-platform conservatives like Josh Mandel.

Keep fighting Josh!

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Look Ahead America Helps Secure Another Victory Against “Black Box” Voting Equipment in Stark County, Ohio

Washington DC— Yesterday, the Stark County Commissioners voted to reject proceeding with the purchase of black box voting equipment. This follows Look Ahead America’s public call to action against proceeding with this purchase on February 3.

LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard issued the following statement:

I am grateful to the elected officials of Stark County for heeding the calls to press the ‘pause’ button on proceeding with this purchase, and am even more grateful to the many citizens of Stark County for making their voices heard.

The next step for Stark County is the need for public hearings on the dangers of black box voting equipment and the benefits of open-source alternatives for restoring faith in election integrity, lowering costs, and growing local jobs.

This is the second recent major victory for Look Ahead America’s effort to eliminate black box voting equipment following the state of Louisiana’s withdrawal of a $100 million contract for black box equipment last week.

Stark County Board of Elections can be reached as follows: Bill Smith at 330.451.7359 or; Janet Weir Creighton at 330.451.7376 or; Richard Regula at 330.451.7370 or

Find LAA’s original statement on Stark County’s proposed purchase here:

WHAT IS “BLACK BOX” VOTING EQUIPMENT? Black box voting equipment runs on software and hardware design that is a corporate secret. The source code of the software is generally unavailable for public and government official inspection. Black box voting equipment also locks a client into using only the original manufacturer for service of that equipment.

WHAT IS OPEN SOURCE? Open source is software or hardware with source code or a design that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Learn more about open source here:

MATT BRAYNARD is the former Director of Data and Strategy for the Trump campaign. He drafted and executed the strategy of targeting low-propensity voters who had a high affinity for President Trump. He is the president of Braynard Group, a political and digital strategy firm. He has worked for over one hundred federal, state and municipal candidates, and many national advocacy organizations and non-profits. He previously worked on messaging and survey research for Frank Luntz, was a senior redistricting and election administration analyst at Election Data Services, and served for three election cycles in the Republican National Committee’s Political Analysis department. Prior to joining the RNC in 1996, Matt was a field coordinator for Buchanan for President.



Why is the Ohio Capital Journal Lying About State Representative Diane Grendell?

State Representative Diane Grendell

Why is the liberal, dark money funded fake news Ohio Capital Journal lying about State Representative Diane Grendell?  And why is no one but this little newsletter standing up for her?

Where is Speaker Cupp?  Where is the House Republican Campaign Committee or the Ohio GOP?  Where are the full time, highly paid House Republican communications staffers?


Here’s what failed journalist turned left wing hack Jake Zuckerman falsely stated today:

Grendell sponsored the “Truth in COVID Statistics” bill last legislative session, which passed the House but died in the Senate. When presenting the bill to the Senate, Grendell made a number of conspiratorial claims including that Ohio’s coronavirus data “has been corrupted” and that “they” are paying college students $20 to get tested.

With just two minutes of research, anyone could quickly determine that old Jake was full of it.  In fact, here’s what the official incentives page from THE Ohio State University says:

Students who schedule and complete their weekly, required COVID-19 test will be eligible for a variety of incentives. Incentives include:

  • Gift cards to GrubHub, Amazon, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and more
  • Tech products like AirPods, Apple Watches, MacBooks, Wireless Speakers and more
  • Special tours and campus opportunities like lunches and meetings with senior leaders
  • Preferred and priority opportunities like priority course scheduling and OUAB event tickets

And don’t get me started on the problems with the data on COVID19.  There are books being written now about all of the errors.

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3 U.S. House Republicans from Ohio Vote with Democrats to Proceed on the $1.9 Trillion Blue State Bailout

Conservative Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been utilizing procedural votes to help gum up the stampede of Congressional Democrats towards socialism.  And you would think that Republicans would help those efforts.  Unfortunately not these liberal Ohio Republican members of Congress.  In a recent vote, Ohio Republicans Bob Gibbs, Dave Joyce, and Anthony Gonzalez joined with Democrats in voting to proceed on the $1.9 trillion Blue State Bailout.  Here’s a pic of the 40 total GOP turncoats:

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Scott Pullins

Something Wicked This Way Comes – John Droz, Jr.

My friend, Physicist John Droz, Jr. wanted me to pass this message on to you:

FYI, last night Tucker Carlson did a fine segment on the stupidity of wind.

Make SURE that you watch the short video in the article, which is superb!

My only beef is that Tucker repeatedly called industrial wind projects “wind farms.” There is nothing being farmed, other than subsidies. The lobbyists purposefully coined the phrase “wind farm” to deceive non-aware citizens into thinking an industrial wind project is pastoral and environmentally benign.

Both are false, as industrial wind projects are environmentally destructive. (E.g. see here.)

They are also typically a net economic liability to host communities. (E.g. see here.)

Further, industrial wind facilities are a net burden on the electric grid — the backbone of our modern society (and the Texas situation is one of numerous examples).

Stunningly, this is actually a desirable consequence for those pushing wind, as their real objective is to undermine our way of life. (E.g. carefully read Bill McKibben, the journalist — not scientist — who is the leader of the environmental movement.)

Lastly, there is zero genuine scientific proof that wind turbines are of any consequential benefit regarding climate change. In fact there is substantial evidence that they are a climate detriment! (E.g. see here.)


Ohio Buffet Lines Can Possibly Reopen

That is if their businesses haven’t already died! Below is the DeWine presser:

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced that Ohio Department of Health Director Stephanie McCloud signed the Addendum to Director’s Third Amended Order that Reopens Restaurants, Bars, Banquet and Catering Facilities and Services to Dine-In Service, with Exceptions. This amended order, reopens self-service food stations in restaurants, bars, banquet and catering facilities, and services, as long as the following conditions are met:

    • Customers must wear facial coverings while using self-service food stations or in line for self-service food stations. Those unable to wear a facial covering must be served by an employee.
    • Buffet tables/salad bars must be spaced a minimum of 6 feet away from customer seating/tables, and lines must not extend into seating areas.
    • Customer flow at buffet tables/salad bars must move in one direction with a beginning point and ending point, and customers must maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing while in line. Directional signage must be posted indicating where the customer line begins.
    • Hand sanitizer must be placed at self-serve food stations, including at the front of the line and end of the line of buffet tables/salad bars, and used by customers prior to, and after, serving themselves.
    • At least 6 feet of social distancing must be maintained between seated customers and customers in line for a buffet/salad bar and monitored by employees.
    • Serving utensils must be replaced or cleaned and sanitized at least hourly. It is recommended that customers use disposable napkins, tissues, wax paper, etc., when handling serving utensils, and operators of self-service food stations are encouraged to make them available. A trash receptacle should be conveniently located.
    • Use of individually packaged condiments is recommended instead of shared or bulk condiment dispensers.
    • Commonly touched surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized frequently.
    • While in operation, self-serve areas must be continually monitored by staff who are trained in food safety, including monitoring customer hand sanitizing practices at the self-service food station.
    • Food must be protected from contamination, including sneeze guards on self-serve equipment.
    • Signage must be placed at self-service food stations requiring customers to use hand sanitizer before and after serving themselves, and to maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing while in line. The signage should recommend that customers use disposable napkins, tissues, wax paper, etc., when handling serving utensils. A sample sign is available on Ohio’s coronavirus website at (food service operations and retail food establishments may choose to develop their own signage).

The order goes into effect on February 11, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.


From Our Inbox: Chris Hamilton, President, WV Coal Association, Invites V.P. Kamala Harris to West Virginia to Meet Miners

February 4, 2021

The White House
Ms. Kamala D. Harris
Office of the Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Madame Vice President:

Congratulations on your election victory and thank you for your service to the United States.

We watched with interest your recent interview on WSAZ television, which covers central-southern West Virginia, in late January. During the interview you highlighted the President’s “American Rescue Plan” and its goal of defeating COVID-19, providing relief to families, lifting children out of poverty, and creating jobs. These are admirable and necessary goals, and we applaud the Administration’s pursuit of them.

During the interview you highlighted the Administration’s strategy for rebuilding our economy, which included transitioning coal miners to jobs rebuilding our infrastructure and transferring their unique skill set to jobs in clean energy.

While all individuals appreciate opportunities to improve their situation, coal miners are proud of the work they do on behalf of the American people. They mine the fuel source to power more than twenty percent of the country and provide the primary ingredient used to produce the steel that built, and is building, America.

Our coal mining professionals receive some of the most rigorous and comprehensive training of any industrial worker. They attain high core competencies and advanced qualifications and perform their jobs with great pride and sophistication. Their contribution to our great state and the nation’s extraordinary quality of life is immeasurable.

I would submit that given the coal miner’s level of skill and proficiency and the ongoing need for the raw material they produce, that America should not seek to transition them to another career, and in fact, should embrace the vital role they play in powering and building this country.

I would like to extend an invitation for you to visit West Virginia and allow us to show you West Virginia’s state-of-the-art coal mining industry and provide the opportunity for you to speak with our hard working, highly skilled coal miners.

Thank you for your consideration.


Chris R. Hamilton