Rep. Nino Vitale Responds to Campaign Violation Allegations

“LaRose is sending out press releases about me. There are about 200 of these a year. Why am I special?” – Rep. Vitale

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State Representative Nino Vitale said it was a local newspaper that alerted him that campaign violations had been issued against him, not the state agency that filed the charges.

The complaint was submitted to the Ohio Elections Commission by Secretary of State Frank LaRose on Wednesday, two days after Vitale co-signed Articles of Impeachment against Gov. Mike DeWine.

The newspaper apparently leaned of the alleged violations in a press release from the Secretary of State’s office.

The Urbana, Ohio, Conservative has been an outspoken critic of the way DeWine has handled Covid-19 and was one of three representatives to co-sponsor a Resolution to Impeach the Governor on Monday.

The complaint alleges that Vitale used campaign resources for a firearms course that he instructs.

Other allegations include failure to file a true, full and itemized campaign finance report, failure to keep a strict account of all contributions, failure to disclose all expenditures over $25, and failure to deposit all contributions into a separate business account.

“Here comes the smear campaign,” said Vitale. “That is how they keep names off impeachment.

“LaRose is sending out press releases about me. There are about 200 of these a year. Why am I special?”

Vitale said his reports to the state have been the same for years.

“The Ohio Ethics Commission has okayed what I have been doing for seven years,” said the representative.

Vitale said he has worked with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee for years to make certain his Concealed Carry Weapons permit traing class did not conflict with state ethics requirements.

“For seven years I have been asking Ethics, is it okay to do the CCW stuff through my campaign and they said it was. Now they have filed against me after Ethics said it was OK,” said Vitale.

One of the allegations involves an election finance report that was filed one day late.

Vitale responded to the allegations in a social media post.

Ohio Elections Commission Executive Director Phillip C. Richter said the anticipated date for a hearing would be mid-November or December.

Richtor confirmed that a number of complaints are received each year from the Secretary of State’s office, on average between 80 to 200. Another 500 to 700 complaints to the Ethics Commission come from Boards of Election, the director said.

“The assertion of the Secretary of State’s office is that there have been violations of certain provisions of Ohio election’s laws,” said Richtor.

Alleged violations against Vitale can be viewed here.

The complaint also alleges that Vitale converted for personal use his campaign website, email and marketing program and social media accounts.

Documents filed with the complaint say that Friends to Elect Nino Vitale paid for Facebook ads that promoted Vitale’s concealed carry weapons permit classes. Vitale is an instructor and has a shooting range on his Champaign County property. Each was for under $100.

The Secretary of State is reportedly in the process of auditing Vitale’s campaign finance reports and will meet with him on Friday.

An inquiry to LaRose’s office has not yet received a response.

7 thoughts on “Rep. Nino Vitale Responds to Campaign Violation Allegations”

    This is clear, Vitale ruffled the “feathers” of the birds who flock together and LaRosa is one who wants to be one of the birds.
    It was clear during the “plandemic” that DeWine had it in for Vitale. He said in a press conference “My good friend Nino Vitale” which those of us who know Rep. Vitale know that this is far from the truth. Vitale has been a thorn in DeWine’s side first with closing down Ohio, then the masks, then the contact tracing.
    Nino is for the PEOPLE and Ohioans need to wake up and get someone like him in office and stop putting in those who seem to have a connection to Wexner as DeWine clearly does.
    I stand with Nino Vitale!
    Viva Cristo Rey!!!

  2. It’s all a scam to get rid of Nino. Because he is all about impeachment of Dewine. And of course Dewine said he knew nothing about this until last night when he read it. Dewine needs to be gone, hang in there Nino!

  3. Of course he would go after Vitale. Can’t have anyone speaking out against Commrade Dewine and his communist regime. He needs to be removed from office immediately. Dewine is a cancer on Ohio.

  4. What unmitigated evil is behind this kind of smear to take down anyone who dissents? They have already neutered our once Speaker of the House, Larry Householder, for daring to challenge DeWine’s abusive mandates. And now they go after Nino Vitale. Shame, shame, shame! I can hardly believe that LaRose is also apparently in on the attack on our basic freedoms. So he hates real Americans, too.

  5. It is SO obnoxiously apparent what LaRose and DeWine are doing. The powerful have their wealth to fight truth. Rep. Vitale , I believe, would be to the citizens of Ohio what President Trump is to our country. He fights for what is right and for the citizens. Rep. Vitale and his family are in my prayers and I pray that Rep. Vitale will gain the victory over the injustice DeWine has caused
    our state.

  6. Hm. Okay to destroy this man’s reputation over illegitimate election procedures when LaRose allowed an election to illegally be conducted this March 2020. Seems that a double standard is at play.

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