Impeachment poll gets extraordinarily high number of votes

“This specific poll was likely covered on-air more than any other poll in the past year. This poll generated 18,420 votes.”

An opinion poll conducted by a Central Ohio news station garnered so much attention that the station decided to leave it up longer than usual.

It asked, “Do you think Republican Governor Mike DeWine should be removed from office?”

The poll got more than 18,000 votes. Typically the station’s polls receive hundreds of votes, not thousands, according to Adam Slinger at abc6.

Ohioans voted overwhelmingly to impeach DeWine.

Yes: 83.02%
No: 16.98%

It should be noted that opinion polls are unscientific.

Ohio Statehouse News reached out to abc6 when it was brought to our attention that the poll results were never published.

Adam Slinger of abc6  had an explanation for this.

“The poll was opened Monday and closed late Tuesday,” said Slinger.

“Our polls are, typically, left open for less than 12 hours. As our regular broadcast viewers are aware, we do a new poll each day, usually in our 7PM newscast.

“Instead of ending this specific poll the next day, we made the decision to leave it open beyond 24 hours because it continued to generate a high number of votes.

“This specific poll was likely covered on-air more than any other poll in the past year. This poll generated 18,420 votes. Votes are counted by device,” said Sliger.

Link to abc6 story here.



21 thoughts on “Impeachment poll gets extraordinarily high number of votes”

  1. The point is the majority of Ohioans want him gone. Go out into the communities and ask. Most people hate him.

    1. His school in Haiti is where he got involved with the Clinton’s, Soros and Partners in Health.

  2. I think the people of Ohio have spoken, now haven’t they?
    He is a RHINO he is a demoncrat just like Kasich who is now voting for Biden.
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  3. Dictator Dewine has overstepped his authority as Governor. These are NOT laws but mandates! He needs to be impeached! He is killing our economy!

  4. Micro managing mad masking Mike Dewine thinks that he is keeping people alive. That is the center of his delusion.
    God keeps people alive, not Mike. After God, free people keep themselves alive. Occasionally a doctor or nurse is asked to assist in keeping a person alive. No one calls bureaucrats, the CDC, career politicians, contact tracers, testing companies, health departments or governors for help in staying alive.

  5. Hell yes he needs to go! Our group has been trying to get him impeached since day one. Because of his constant violation of the Constitution our group grows hourly.

  6. Yes he needs removed ASAP he’s no Republican everyone should have known this with his close ties with killary and pos Bill Clinton and other Democrats

  7. Dewine is hated by a large percentage because of how he has lied about covid and wrecked Ohio because of those lies.

  8. Every politician/ lobbyist/ media outlet and all of their staff members must be removed from this country !

    Sounds like too tall an order?, well if there weren’t an overwhelming majority in our representative seats,film industry, media,judicial positions it wouldn’t be. These agenda driven hoaxes like dewine/kasich used tax payers funds, campaigning as a conservatives with the knowledge and intent to support the liberal ideology of deep state power,greed and doctoral reign.
    Removing these fools by recall is necessary !!
    Voting in a true Americans will be the real challenge ,who can we trust to tell us the truth?

  9. Nice “hypothetical” reasoning. Let’s speak in “real life” talk. The most likely reaaoning for it , is this, people have HAD IT. WE are now MONTHS deep into this debacle and are , OVER IT. The briefings, (that mean, NOTHING) it’s day after day of , “new mandates”. ENOUGH. The numbers do not warrant this. At all. And, IF The “GOVERNOR”, says that they do? Because, you know “we’re in this together?” Perhaps he wants to change his stance on his numbers game and how he loves using “math”, the “numbers are there” . Well Sir, the numbers are there. You stated that you aren’t worried about a,”few”, wanting you impeached, You know what other numbers aren’t there? The numbers to support you shutting down this State and EVERYTHING in it, with your cute pressers on Tuesday, where you say, one thing and then refer to the “guidelines” on the website. Playgrounds are OPEN! YAY. Go the the website, Playgrounds are open, swings must be 2 feet from a brick wall, slides must be covered in 1/4 in disinfected foam and duct taped, teeter totters will need to have one end secured buy a cinderblock on the seat, Please, go and enjoy some outdoor time. STOP! STOP. THIS . MADNESS. If we are going by numbers, pick a stance. The jig is up. You state that, you aren’t worried because of the numbers not “being there” to enforce impeachment and for those that are for it to”have at it”. You know what numbers aren’t there to enforce? A 99.996 recovery rate. OPEN. THIS. STATE. UP. NOW! The fact that we still have every Wal-Mart open and they have not been closed ONE MINUTE, due to a mass death of employees? C’mon, it’s been fun hearing about your adorable ties, and Fran’s pies, but it’s done. Maybe,try a weekly podcast and talk about that? I’ve missed wedddings, and FUNERALS, and have ONE niece, that has had twins,that live 2 miles from me that
    I have not gotten to see, I have a 9 yr old grandaughter, that has lost, every single event including an International Competition, that happens every TWO years, that she prepared for. TWO. YEARS. I have visited my dad, through a window! In 56 years, this is the longest my parents have EVER been separated, and it’s been devastating watching them become depressed. So, are these numbers “high”? Yes. And, rightly so. If a .004% death rate scares you? And a 83% “unscientific” poll about your “peers”wanting you removed from office doesn’t? You may want to reevaluate your numerical value system. Look from here? One thing is absolutely true, when you say “We’re in this together”. YOU are. You and all of your well placed and appointed besties, and THAT is who is “in it TOGETHER”, thus the reason our “Health” Director is a LAWYER, I just wish I would have checked your voting record BEFORE, I voted for you. “Aye”, with Hillary over 960 times while in the Senate? Thank God,for that false postive test, I mean wouldn’t have wanted to meet the President and take a chance. And then whew, what about those 3 negatives within a day? Yay! And, for the 72 pro football players as well? Lucky. They got another test. The nurse I know at UC, that gets tested, because you know, work? ZERO SYMPTOMS, feels great, nope MANDATORY 2 WEEK QUARANTINE. She is on WEEK SIX. Three FALSE positives. They don’t get the luxury of another test is they “feel fine”. CHANGE THAT. That’s about all I need to know. There’s much more to your “legacy” that is, so intriguing, so intriguing. A number you may want to look into is 25% of 18 to 25 year old thinking if suicide in the past month. Are those lives noy important? Orrrrr just the ones you decide on? STOP. JUST, STOP.

  10. DeWine has had the opportunity to fix all the issues and chooses to continue penalizing the citizens of Ohio! It is time he is removed since he chooses to continue damaging policies!

  11. He should absolutely be removed from office. He refuses to share
    The recovery statistics. He refuses to acknowledge false/positives. He has pop up test sites for raise the numbers. To whose benefit? With a recovery rate of 99%, our State should be open, but instead our State is being destroyed.

  12. Mike Dewine,needs to be out of office,he is a cronic lier,does not care about the people of Ohio,these Mandates are ridiculous and he knows it,all politics.

  13. Exactly right. The approval ratings published in the Dispatch must have been among his FB friends. Any normal person knows that he is roundly despised. Fortunately, Oho is not yet NY or PA.

  14. Please go to You can take 1 minute and they send an email to your local congressman telling them to vote yes on the impeachment articles. Our family prays everyday that president Trump will end the State of Emergency now and then puts maximum pressure on the globalist backed tyrant governors, like Mike Dewine. End all unconstitutional mandates and medical orders. Parents, you have the right to have your child receiving a normal education at school without abusing them with slave masks. This is unprecedented tyranny over a new cold virus that has already burned through. “Cases” is a Globalist Media scare tactic. Look at the survival rates per age group compared to normal cold/flu. He will be destroyed by real facts and science in a senate trial if he gets impeached. Please resist and stand up to this evil.

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