DeWine’s Views on George Soros Have Done an About-Face

“That alone should make Ohioans suspicious.”

Apparently two years can change a man.

When Mike DeWine was running for governor of Ohio against Democratic contender Richard Cordray in 2018, DeWine blasted his opponent for supporting Issue 1.

DeWine reportedly called Issue 1 “a disaster in the making.”

In fact, DeWine was one of the biggest voices against Issue 1.

As DeWine pointed out at the time, billionaire liberal elites Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros were the primary financial backers of the proposal, “and that alone should make Ohioans suspicious.”

Two years later, Gov. Mike DeWine places Ohio’s  contact tracing program in the hands of Soros-funded Partners In Health.

Contact tracing is a tool that is used in the public health arena for sudden disease outbreaks, like HIV and TB – and now COVID-19.

When asked about the decision to use PIH at a press conference on May 21, DeWine said, “And so I’m going to take help from where I can get help and where I find expertise. I don’t have to agree with everyone’s ideology or what they think about everything in the world and to accept that, to be able to use their help.”

To echo DeWine’s own words: That alone should make Ohioans suspicious.


More on contact tracing:  With the ability to use technology for large-scale tracing of entire populations, some have expressed concern that contact tracing for COVID-19 can easily be abused and the acquired information exploited.

  • Teaching tools: PIH Scripts used in COVID-19 contact tracing interviews.
  • Over 60 companies are pushing  cell phone apps and other ways of tracking COVID-positive people.
  • The Covid Credential Initiative calls for a digital certificate, sometimes referred to as an immunity passport. With it, certificate holders could prove that they’ve recovered after testing negative, have tested positive for antibodies, or have received a vaccination, once one is available. By proving immunity, individuals will be able to begin “participating in everyday life again.”

12 thoughts on “DeWine’s Views on George Soros Have Done an About-Face”

  1. Soros should be brought in for treason against the HUMANITY IN THE NATURAL world.. pure EVIL

  2. So DeWine has back pedaled. No surprise here. Best man the democrats have. Always has been. Ohioans want to know: what do Soro’s team HAVE on him? Are they threatening his family? Is DeWine part of the “swamp”? He did promote Amy Acton during a hiring freeze, putting out of public eye because of all the law suits she was racking up. Certainly, he is NO conservative and never has been. He needs to be, and hopefully, will be released from his duties as Governor real soon. Thank goodness we won’t be seeing any other DeWine in public service. Bad seed.

  3. The Covid Credentialing concept is purely communist. Have we all forgotten what people behind the Iron Curtain suffered from KGB and their ilk? Or what people in Hong Kong are suffering right now, as Communist China is tracking down dissenters? Or what people in any number of other Marxist countries have suffered for as long as the Marxist types have been in control? (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, …)

    1. True! The demoratty socialist pity party has one goal and that is to defeat Donald J. Trump and to do that they are throwing every lawless act they can think of at him 🙁 Good will reign over evil in November!

  4. This is bull I will never agree or give information to this organization! Dewine has lost his mind !

  5. Contact tracing should not be placed in the hands of a Soros funded contractor that’s in a position with too much control. More and more bureaucrats take the easy way to handle matters by placing them in the hands of contractors at huge taxpayers expense. Why? So bureaucrats can have blame immunity and put the blame on contractors.

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