Unmasking the Truth: Ohioans Don’t Have to Wear Face Masks

A couple weeks ago, Ohio made national headlines when local authorities set up a hotline to report anyone caught in public in Cuyahoga County without a mask on.

Over the course of a weekend, the hotline reportedly logged over 500 complaints from pro-maskers tattling on the unmasked.

Since then,  Gov. Mike DeWine has imposed a statewide mandatory face mask order.

Pro-mask crusaders, keen on ensuring that their fellow Ohioans obey, have made their position known on social media – and are prepared to verbally pummel anyone voicing an objection to mandated masks.

Those in opposition are labeled selfish, rude, hateful or something worse.

But masked virtue-signalers take warning. There are Ohioans with disabilities that prevent them from wearing a face mask. Harassing, threatening or physically assaulting them could land you in legal trouble of your own.

What’s more, there are numerous law offices offering to represent those who have been harmed by mandatory mask orders by the state.

It’s no wonder that pro-maskers feel compelled to single out the unmasked for abuse. This is what DeWine’s “I wear this to protect you” campaign was clearly designed to do, create a fearful situation that pits one against the other. Where neighbor reports neighbor.

DeWine’s Administration is utilizing the same tactics employed by dictatorships throughout history.

Despite having no scientific proof to support its claim, DeWine’s campaign slogan puts forth that, by not wearing a mask, you are leaving another unprotected and putting them in harm’s way.

Regardless of one’s personal beliefs about masks, there are valid health conditions that legally exclude people with disabilities from wearing them, even during a statewide mandate.

Despite DeWine’s obvious lack of regard for those suffering from disabilities, there are federal laws that protect them. Business establishments must be very cautious when it comes to denying access to those with disabilities, which are not always visibly apparent.

Under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, store managers cannot legally question a disabled person about the nature of their disability and cannot require documentation that a disability exists.

The National Law Review warns that businesses that exclude non-face-mask-wearing customers who claim a disability have to reach a pretty high legal bar or they could be party to a lawsuit.

The 1851 Center for Constitutiona Law says DeWine’s mask mandate is unconstitional in several ways and it contains no enforcement mechanisims.

There are 13 exemptions from the mask mandate, and they are broad enough to exempt anyone at anytime in any place from wearing a mask, according to a statement by 1851 Center.

“Bottom line: if you don’t want to wear a mask, you don’t have to. And if you’re wearing a mask, it’s because you’re choosing to do so,” said the statement.

“In the interim, you’re entitled to disobey these orders, and we will defend those who are prosecuted.”


7 thoughts on “Unmasking the Truth: Ohioans Don’t Have to Wear Face Masks”

  1. I find this article very interesting and I happen to be a 100% Disabled American Veteran and I am also challanged with emphysema. Masks make in difficult for me to breath.
    My question is what can I do about stores that refuse to allow me entry or allow me to buy products if I refuse to wear a mask?

  2. I know DeWine backed himself out of a court case on Thursday. As his play, he gets the mindless corporations yo do the things he cannot legally do.
    I read that his emergency powers trump the ADA. is that true?
    Also, no standards on face coverings so just about anything will suffice

  3. everyone knows this is a bunch of BS, wearing these are more dangerous to us all around BREATHING IN OUR OWN CARBON DIOXIDE ON AND ON .. this is ALL ABOUT how submissive we can make everyone. creating sheep. the fake news should be locked making people scared and afraid to live you bunch of bullies for your own agenda’s. All of you should be ashamed… If there is true in the whole Karma thing…. watch out! Trump 2020 follow his lead at least he has a clue..

  4. The Statement on DeWine’s Mask order is true. I have never worn that “face diaper “, and I never will. When I go out and grocery shop or anything, there are guards posted at some doors, at other locations, there are employees. I simply go up to whoever is present and before anything is said, I say “ I have a respiratory condition.” Nothing else is said. I go into the store and shop. The Store cannot discriminate against anyone because of their health liabilities, whatever they may be.

  5. We all need to use our God given intuition, where reason and wisdom prevails.
    Breathing is our most basic gift of life hear on earth, let us all exercise this fundamental human right, or otherwise, the power elites will choose for you.
    Stand up and just breathe, without a mask, breath the oxygen that is so good for us human beings.

  6. Why are lawsuits likely to fail in Franklin County? drafting letter to Ohio’s AG, so just curious…
    Also, any specific laws broken (with ID number) would be helpful.

  7. I think it is about time for that solar flare to hit, knocking out all of our internet and broadcasting capabilities. I bet we would go back to normal faster than you think. If there are no lies being fed to the sheeple then the lies do not exist. That cloth mask that’s been worn for days is just as effective as reusing toilet paper after taking a sh*t.

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