Ohioans will not be intimidated, says Rep. Becker, as Yost seeks to have him sanctioned

State Representative John Becker said that the Ohio Attorney General’s attempt to have him sanctioned by the court for filing criminal charges against Gov. Mike DeWine is baseless and an attempt to intimidate other Ohioans from taking similar legal action.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on Thursday asked a state appeals court to reject Becker’s case and to sanction him for wasting the court’s time.

A sanction, by definition, is a penalty used to discipline someone into obedience with the law.

Yost also ridiculed Becker (R-District 65) on social media previously for filing the affidavit, calling the charges against DeWine “absurd” and a “political stunt.”

Yost posted a meme of DeWine as a werewolf holding a handgun while robbing a liquor store – comparing it to the absurdity of Becker’s affidavit.

Meme posted by Yost on social media

“The people of Ohio are not going to be intimidated by a DeWine puppet having visions of werewolves,” said Becker.

Several Ohioans have followed Becker’s lead and have filed private citizen affidavits in other counties.

As reported on Cleveland.com Thursday, to deter others from filing similar cases, Yost asked the court to either order Becker to pay attorney’s fees to the Clermont County prosecutor or to require him to “spend a day observing criminal trials in open court, so that he can better understand the gravity of the matters for which prosecutorial and judicial resources must be preserved.”

Said Becker, “The Ohio Revised Code, as well as case law, is clearly on the side of the people.

“It’s interesting that he’s that afraid to come after me. It means we are having an impact.”

Becker said he will continue leading the effort to have private citizen affidavits filed by Ohioans in every county until an investigation is initiated or a prosecutor or judge orders DeWine’s arrest for violating the rights of the people.

Becker formally filed the affidavit in Clermont County Municipal Court on Sept. 28, accusing Gov. Mike DeWine of seven felony and three misdemeanor charges. See the affidavit here. 

Gov. Mike DeWine is accused of multiple crimes carried out during COVID restrictions, including engaging in a pattern or corrupt activity, complicity, terrorism, making terroristic threats, inducing panic, conspiracy, bribery, interfering with civil rights, coercion and patient abuse or neglect.

When the county prosecutor’s office declined to investigate the charges, Becker asked the 12th District Court of Appeals to step in.

Becker is one of several Conservative Ohio House reps speaking out against the Governor.

DeWine’s favor appears to have fallen among conservatives.

The Republican Governor was recently ranked 35th in the nation  in a report by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-wing group of lawmakers and business people. The report contends that DeWine’s response to the pandemic has been below average and that lockdowns are hurting the economy.

In August, Becker introduced ten articles of impeachment against the Governor. The articles will remain open for legislators to sign on until mid-November, said Becker.

18 thoughts on “Ohioans will not be intimidated, says Rep. Becker, as Yost seeks to have him sanctioned”

  1. I am in complete agreement with all of this. I am willing to back my agreement with action if someone would want to contact me.

  2. It’s about time these people start doing what we the people have hired them to do. Not to set back a leave us out in the cold while Dewine and Husted and Yost take away every thing we have.

  3. If we can have that after David Dunn here and Shelby County Ohio would you please see that it comes this way lots of us would like to sign that we are ready for governor to wine to be impeached as well open up the great State of Ohio

  4. DeWine’s favor appears to have fallen among conservatives, and in my case that is certainly true. Dave Yost you are on the wrong side and against the people of Ohio, in this case. Please don’t follow in the footsteps oh John Kasich. He has turned to the dark side.

    1. Why doesn’t Yost just ask Ohio citizens what they want? Ohio will be a ghost town if Dewine is allowed to continue

  5. the governor is killing our people and our economy with tactics that have been proven across the United States to not work stop this

  6. I fear the swamp is getting deep in Ohio. I hope Becker and other Ohioans AREN’T intimidated and keep fighting. DeWhitmer, er DeWine is one of the worst governors around.

  7. I have always wondered how Dewine was so confidant that he could get away with his obvious violations of the constitution and the bill of rights. He has a hack AG in his back pocket to pull out as an attack dog against anyone who challenges his authority. Rule of law be damned, This is the same rule of law subversion (Holder style) that has brought down many empires/Republics, little Ohio doesnt stand a chance with these fascist in charge. Dont be intima dated by these scumbags. It will be interesting to see what judicial excuse they use (COG, Plenary) for their criminality, I am looking forward to watching Dewines trial on CSPAN, He will be the little guy in between Cuomo and Whitmer. The feds are already looking at the early activities of the dept of pharmacy so keep it up. Tricky Dick is gonna skip town with his CFR buddies and leave these two holding the bag. They must have one heck of a control file on Mike.

  8. Thank You sooo much for
    trying to help the people of
    Ohio! I am disappointed in
    my Representative for not taking any action against
    the Governor.
    Something should have been done a long time ago.
    I am going to do whatever I
    can.I have written letters and made calls…but must do more.

    Thank You again

    Mary Kenney

  9. He should be accountable for all charges and even murder because of the suicide rate has went up and domestic violence has increased get him out

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