House Minority Leader Tweets, “Governor, We need leadership. This isn’t it.”

Social media watchers were in for a shock Thursday when a Democratic House rep spoke out against Governor Mike DeWine and his handling of COVID-19.

Shortly after DeWine’s Thursday presser, Minority Leader Emilia Sykes tweeted, “We don’t need anymore press conferences. We don’t need anymore special guests. We need a way out of the grip of the coronavirus. People want to work. Kids want to go to school. Ohioans need leadership. Governor we need leadership. This isn’t it.”

Sykes is the first Democrat to publicly criticize the Governor.

DeWine enlisted the help of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the press conference, inviting Christie to share his experience of battling COVID-19.

The former Governor said he contracted the virus when he went a short time without wearing a facemask.

Kudos to Sykes for speaking out on behalf of Ohioans who want their kids back in school, their businesses fully open and their freedoms restored.

Rep. John Becker who is leading an effort to impeach DeWine said he invites Sykes and the Democratic caucus to sign on to the Articles of Impeachment.

“I would look forward to working with Representative Sykes and the Democratic Caucus to remove DeWine from power and restore freedom to Ohioans,” said Becker.

25 thoughts on “House Minority Leader Tweets, “Governor, We need leadership. This isn’t it.””

  1. Mike Dewine is practicing magic not science. Published science says that masks and hand washing are not effective against virus. CDC published science. Representative Sykes is correct, Dewine only has his magic mask, no other ideas. A leader would notice that corona virus death numbers are similar to influenza pneumonia numbers. A leader would notice that 99.9% of those who get the virus recover completely. A leader would notice that this is not ebola, this is not leprosy, this is not malaria. It is a threat to elderly people who a leader would act to protect. Dewine can only think to weaponize all state bureaucracies to track, torture, fine and impoverish healthy people. He can only think to mask shame those who do not believe his magic. I do not believe his magic.

  2. Thank you for speaking for so many of us, Emily Sykes! The governor is completely out of touch with Ohioans and his Covid policies are hurting our economy, keeping our children from in person learning, and creating despair and distrust.

    1. Also what about our children in grade school , wearing a stinking soaked germ filled mask for 7 hours ?? Get this off their faces … nothing but causing more harm to their lil lungs!

  3. I think this is outstanding. We are done with his mandates and restrictions. The cases have gone up since masks began. We were going down in cases in July when he decided we needed to wear them for 4-6 weeks to get rid of the virus. That was 3 months ago. 12 weeks!!! Let our immune systems do their job. This is a virus with a 97-99% survival rate!!! End this now. Let us be free. Our kids are suffering so badly. It’s not ok.

    1. People keep wearing masks and the numbers go up! The person who developed the PCR tests said they shouldn’t be used for pandemics. Do the research. I have! Most of the information is being censored so it’s hard to find. Look up Pam Popper!
      Doctor in Ohio. Tony Heller has great videos as well!

  4. Bless the courage of Rep. John Becker and the three representatives who joined him to introduce the articles of impeachment regarding DeWine’s adoption of Communist China’s repressive shutdowns and mask requirements. Does anyone really think that China’s methods have led to good outcomes for its hapless citizens?


  6. Mike Dewine needs to be IMPEACHED NOW AND IMPRISONED for the damage he has done to the state, and his assets seased to repay the the state that he has hurt.

  7. I sure hope they are successful in removing Dewine he is killing Ohio the masks are doing more harm

  8. He needs removed. If the Republicans can’t do it Let the Democrats do it.small minority of Republicans support Impeachment. Lost all respect for the ones that won’t support. Makes them all look corrupt

  9. Any leader, doctor or media person who supports the Covid narrative is either woefully ignorant or is knowingly complicit in crimes against humanity.

  10. Let’s also unseat the current health director also.. Dewine’s right hand to implement tyrannical actions. Speaking to the elderly however, the data does support they overcome c-19 if given the chance. Quit using them as a battering ram to implement the evil mandates

  11. Yes leadership is important to Ohio and Governor Dewine is not the leader we need. He has shown vacillation concerning the future of our state under the COVID 19 pandemic.

  12. I completely agree. He needs to be impeached and removed from office and sent to Gitmo. He is Deep State and needs to be treated accordingly.

  13. Yes, please remove him. We’ve had enough! The masks are nonsense. The public doesn’t wear them correctly. They’re littered everywhere. Children should not have those germy things on their faces all day… it’s ridiculous!

  14. Governor dewine has been shown to be lockstep in with the clintons and other deep state democrats he is attempting fear mongering and back door tactics for mandating vaccines ..he needs to be one should be forced to take a vaccine for a virus with a 99.6% survival rate and with so many therapeutics ..he has put this state on a dangerous and reckless path

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