Ohio Logic: Daycares for Virtual Learning … Not Schools for Actual Learning

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has a solution for working parents whose children must do online school, made necessary because of  Covid-19 restrictions.

DeWine presented a new program on Monday that he said will ensure that students learning remotely have someplace to go during their normal school day while their parents are at work.

Childcare providers, churches, recreation centers and businesses can apply for authorization to babysit them.

Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 25, childcare providers licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) may care for children who are learning remotely during the school day.

In addition, a “Pandemic School-Age Child Care License” will allow qualifying organizations like churches, recreation centers, and businesses to provide care.

To do this, the state will reduce the regulations that organizations have to meet to become licensed.

“With more than 30% of school districts opting for remote and hybrid models of learning for the start of the school year – including many of Ohio’s largest school districts – working families need safe options for their child’s care during the school day,” said DeWine.

“The safety of children is our number one priority,” said ODJFS Director Kimberly Hall. “The new Temporary Pandemic School-Age Child Care license will ensure that our children are cared for in safe, clean facilities by qualified staff, while also reducing the regulations that organizations have to abide by to become licensed.”

Parents will need to pay for childcare unless they meet established low-income criteria.

One must ask, Why not just open schools?

Will these places provide the same security as schools? Will children be safe from child predators and potential abuse?

How will the state of Ohio, that cannot manage to process unemployment benefits efficiently,  process background records of those who will be entrusted with our children?

Zero Ohio children have died of COVID-19, according to the CDC. But Ohio ranks sixth in the nation for human trafficking.

Some 18.5 thousand children were reported missing in Ohio in 2019 – 392 are still unaccounted for today, according to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

11 thoughts on “Ohio Logic: Daycares for Virtual Learning … Not Schools for Actual Learning”

  1. NO!! These school-age children should be in a proven safe environment. No less restrictions for those caring for these children than a licensed day care facility. There has to be background checks and safety precautions. Child trafficking is too rampant. Don’t take chances with our children!!

  2. I have a great idea why don’t we just have them go back to school where they should be.
    And impeach DeWine

    1. Perfect solution! I believe many are in favor of that Di. And those that are not can make another choice. Same with teachers. Make a choice to work as I believe most want to or give notice so new can be hired.

  3. Now look, clearly, I vote no confidence in Mike Dewine and call for his impeachment. Right now.
    He may need help from medical experts for his condition and I hope he gets it.
    We do not need any more life saving temporary safety color coded license contract tracing plans with penalties from him. And how much did that “Contract Tracing” contract cost and what are the terms and duration?

  4. Our governor continues to harm us all each and everyday. This makes no sense. Parents will have to pay for this while also paying property taxes for local schools. All this has got to stop. He says the end game is when no more people get sick? Sick from COVID? What about all the other health issues like drugs, suicide, domestic and child abuse, depression and anxiety, broken heart syndrome, hunger, poverty, homelessness, obesity, depressed immune system …..and so on…. because of COVID restrictions.

    1. All they have to do is STOP TESTING! The test are inaccurate. Do research on PCR and antibody tests.

  5. This is convoluted, very strange, possibly sinister and assinine. Just open the schools. Geesh. You are demonstrating your lack of leadership and lack of common sense with unbelievable stuff like this.

  6. This is from the playbook of authoritarian gov’ts before WWII — take over the rearing and education/indoctrination of the young by appealing to a ‘proposed need’ of parents looking for an easier way way to care for their children. What better way to appeal to young parents trying to work, keep their positions and income than use of churches, community centers, and /or businesses (supposed safe, non-gov’t affiliations, gussied up with ‘safe’ word descriptions like clean, professional, social worker/teacher certified and screened in childcare and CPR! too.)
    How many will jump for this? The test results are in if you haven’t checked right around you! Just note. How many of us jumped on the “lockdown and mandated face coverings. Then think how it is mutating to neighbors and the general public accosting others for not wearing a mask, or trying to get law enforcement involved to detain or fine those who have no medical reasons to wear one and, thus, not contagious. THOSE TESTS BY NEFARIOUS ENTITIES ARE IN! The Americans are RIPE for authoritarian rule.
    Where did the true grit, hard nosed America that we knew disappear? We have ALL become somnolent after we have been warned time immemorial to be alert and informed to guard our REPUBLIC if we want to keep it. God Bless AMERICA!

      1. Agreed!
        Someone needs to look into the school in hatee. That’s why we’re 6th. Real math not common core.

  7. This is unbelievable! This is the last straw! Our children’s safety and education is the backbone of our society. This is what happens in the “new normal”? Our children have a right to a standard “normal” safe education. Mike Dewine and a cold virus do not get to destroy our society. We need the Ohio Supreme Court and and least 70% of our Ohio County Sheriff’s immediately to stop this man and his accomplices. If we do not save ourselves, no one will. This destruction of our rights and freedoms must be stopped.

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