Ohio Department of Health Targets Parents with Disinformation

ODH news release asks teens and young adults to “create a new normal.”

A news release Friday from the Ohio Department of Health targets Ohio families with fear-inducing disinformation and pushes the “new normal” for kids.

It also presents recommendations that could be dangerous and potentially damaging to children, teens and young adults.

In the release, ODH interim director Lance D. Himes urges young people to “create a new normal” for themselves.

Under Guidelines for Parents it states, “Many young people have become seriously ill or died.” In reality, there have been two deaths under the age of 20 in Ohio, according to the ODH’s own website.

The Center for Disease Control shows zero COVID-19-associated deaths in Ohio as of June 18 for anyone 19 years and younger.

The ODH makes no mention that comorbidities are a major factor in the severity of COVID-19.

Approximately 85 percent of children with a severe reaction to the virus have at least one significant preexisting medical condition, but this information is absent from the news release.

Comorbidities include immune suppression, malignancy, obesity, diabetes, seizures, congenital heart disease, sickle cell disease and chronic lung disease.

The release instructs parents to have their children wear masks when they are away from home.

It does not address the fact that sufficient oxygen levels are necessary for brain development in kids and young adults, and that fresh air builds a child’s immunity.

The news release includes links to images with young people and children wearing masks outside while exercising, camping and walking with a caregiver.

The human brain isn’t fully developed until the mid-twenties, and adequate oxygen to the brain is a critical component of brain development. Neurologists agree that the most effective way to stimulate brain function and development is through breathing.

Inhaling and exhaling while wearing a facial covering is more difficult for children than adults  due to their smaller airways and cardiovascular physiology, according to neurobiologists.

Many pediatricians advise against children wearing masks, including pediatric nurse practitioner Patricia Neuenschwander.

Neuenschwander said that fear is driving the recommendation for healthy people to wear masks, not science.

“Covering the mouth and nose for hours is not only uncomfortable for children (and adults), it also limits the airflow and the flow of oxygen coming in. It causes children to breath their own carbon dioxide, which we know is harmful. In addition, it provides a dark, warm, moist environment that potentially increases the risk of infection,” said Neuenschwander.

The release also fails to mention that masks make children fearful, resulting in anxiety and lowered immunities.

“Wearing a mask promotes fear, which we know is bad for the immune system,” states Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician with over 30 years of medical experience.

“It reduces breathing in fresh air, which is also bad for the immune system, and it does little to nothing to prevent spread of a virus,” said Thomas.

The news release was entitled, “The Ohio Department of Health Stresses That Teens and Young Adults Are Crucial in Fight Against COVID-19″”

“Teens and young people must do everything in their power to protect themselves, their families and friends, and all Ohioans against this very real and very serious threat,” Himes said. “You will save lives, prevent suffering, and help tame a pandemic that places all of us at risk.”

This contradicts current medical data showing that children very rarely become seriously ill or transmit the virus.

One of many articles about how COVID-19 affects children was published in the Journal of Pediatrics. It said doctors concluded that children rarely transmit COVID-19 to each other or to adults. 

“The data are striking,” said Dr. Raszka, pediatric infectious disease specialist and associate editor of Pediatrics. “The key takeaway is that children are not driving the pandemic. After six months, we have a wealth of accumulating data showing that children are less likely to become infected and seem less infectious; it is congregating adults who aren’t following safety protocols who are responsible for driving the upward curve.”

ODH’s mission statement is “to protect and improve the health of all Ohioans by preventing disease, promoting good health and assuring access to quality care.”

Why is this taxpayer-funded agency publishing disinformation that can result in permanent damage to Ohio’s young minds – our future leaders?

Why are Ohio health officials pushing the creation of a “New Normal” for a virus that has a 99-plus percentage survival rate?

5 thoughts on “Ohio Department of Health Targets Parents with Disinformation”

  1. Because there is another agenda…
    It’s called “AGENDA 21” and the United Nations is trying to infiltrate the USA, and so far, is accomplishing their goal.
    The mainstream media has been using psychological warfare tactics the past six months, but in the overall scheme of things, our educational system has been overtaken by leftist agenda thinking people, who causing divisions and spreading fear.

  2. I’m not creating a “New Normal”. Who do they think they are fooling?! Not me! It’s about time the rest of the population get their act together & wise up to what is going on! They are trying to gain control of us!

  3. ODH wants these young people to be fully “groomed and ready” for school this Fall.
    Is it possible the Soros money is behind this madness? ODH, CDC, WHO have shown themselves to be unreliable. I wonder what the ramifications will be on a local level between doctors and patients, because I know of “doctors” trying to push parents to mask their children, and these parents are doing it!
    These parents are out of their minds with fear, and they no longer listen to reason.
    I am Homeschooling my children, and they have never been masked and they will never be masked.

  4. I am astonished at the number of Americans who are falling for this brain washing misinformation. If you give people facts about the Covid 19 lies propagandized, they get defensive and don’t want to hear what you have to say. They are allowing fear to dominate their lives. It is a shame!

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