Coronavirus Fear-Monger Crowd Using Liberal Trolls to Incite Panic

AmplifyOhio is Hiring Microinfluencers to Build Online Support

Over the past few weeks, social media watchers have noticed a new influx of pro-mask, pro-lockdown social media posts, comments, and trolls. One enterprising web sleuth has alleged that this influx is through the efforts of a group that has branded itself AmplifyOhio.

According to their website, they are “partnering with the State of Ohio to amplify practices that will help us more safely move about in our communities.” They are seeking to do this by hiring influencers to help spread their message online on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar outlets.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State website, there is no business or organization registered to operate in Ohio under the name AmplifyOhio or anything remotely close to it. A search of a number of other states corporate records failed to find any registrations either. A WHOIS internet lookup search shows the web address was registered through GODADDY on April 20, 2020 using their private registration service.

Ohio Statehouse News has reached out to the Governor’s office and requested information on these efforts. However, the Governor’s spokesperson has failed to respond to repeated requests.

We did find one additional clue, however. According to Exhibit 1 of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Partners in Health (PIH) and the State of Ohio, PIH is supposed to provide “support for social media and other strategic communications to the general public.” Please see the picture below:

Exhibit 1


PIH is a far-left organization that spouts Marxism and liberation theology. As we reported here in May, they have numerous ties to the Clinton Family, Bill Gates, and George Soros. Apparently their work in Ohio now includes hiring an army of liberal trolls to push mask mandates and more lockdowns on social media.

AmplifyOhio Instagram site is followed by several Ohio departments and agencies.

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    1. Interesting.
      Can you comment the link or a pic on here? We would like to see it.

  1. For DeWine to totally abandon the citizens of Ohio, the elite group must have something on him and he is being blackmailed. If not, he is one insecure, pathetic individual. You know the type, destroy everyone under him to make himself feel more significant.

    1. I have heard that PIH was part of the Clinton Foundation’s $ disappearing — you know those $ that were intended to aid Haiti (there it is again… DeWine’s ties to Haiti). Additionally, this is the group upon who’s Board Chelsea Clinton sits.

    2. I think you’re correct. I watched his wife ‘oversee him’ during one of his talks and it’s very clear she wears the pants.

      He’s a puppet with no morals. A mere sock Napoleon puppet dear. Be blessed. Cyndi

    3. It’s who they are. The wealthiest most powerful people in the world that own everything from our businesses, Hollywood, banks, social network, rhe news etc and that is why donkey supporters are in the dark about the truth. Republicans have their free speech trampled on. I was permanently banned n in January for speaking the truth but I’m aware Jack Dorsey allows pedo groups 🤬 I can’t wait until they all go down. WE ARE GOING UNDER ATTACK SOON.

  2. I’m not complying to mask mandates. People who are healthy don’t need them Governor DeWine! We need to recall Governor DeWine he is not a Republican!!!! De Wine is a Liar!!!

    1. I’m standing with you. I go wherever I need to and stores always help me and are very kind. DeWhiner is tyrannical. He’s a mere puppet with no morals. Stand strong dear.

    2. Committee for a Better Ohio
      July 9 at 10:00 AM

      OHIO does not have a recall provision for the Governor or Lt. Governor. It does not appear that DeWine will let President Trump have a rally in Ohio this year and will expand absentee balloting that is ripe for cheating. DeWine has not backed down and continues to issue his unconstitutional orders and is preparing to fine and imprison more Ohioans for not following his decrees. Its your decision on what must be done to stop these policies. Please call Ohio House Speaker, Larry Householder, and let him know how you feel. Contact him at 614-466-2500. Start impeachment proceedings now!

  3. posted a photo to amplify ohio’s Facebook that said: “Which sounds more ominous –
    thus more likely to scare you into allowing the government to take your liberty:
    “virus cases in Ohio top 60,000”
    “virus cases in Ohio less than 0.5%”
    Both are true!

    It was gone in less than 3 minutes.
    Then I posted a screen shot of it on my FB — miraculously, my post on their FB within a matter of minutes!

  4. I think the “insecure, pathetic individual” theory rings true, especially from his nervous, frightened expression in recent photos. Why is hard to fathom, but he is certainly not acting in the best interest of the people of Ohio. Yes, he needs to be removed from office – sooner rather than later. He is doing incredible damage to our basic freedoms, as well as our ability to earn a living.

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