Ohio’s Coronavirus “Surge” is Fake News and We Can Prove it

DeWine Administration Still Hiding Key Data from Public

Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, the DeWine administration in Ohio has continued to make it difficult to easily understand the relevant data. In fact, they have continually hidden or not even reported the total tests taken by Ohioans. This appears to be part of the plan to needlessly frighten Ohioans and shut down our economy. Together, with his willing allies in the liberal media, they have employed a number of classic misdirection techniques in order to accomplish their goals. We’ll break down those methods for you below.

The Surge in New Cases Fallacy

A July 8, 2020 Columbus Dispatch headline helps explain how this fallacy works. It screams, “Ohio’s spike continues with fourth-highest number of daily cases!”

But what the Columbus Dispatch and the DeWine administration fails to report is that this increase in cases simply reflects the fact that Ohio has significantly ramped up its daily testing numbers. For example, on July 2, 2020 Ohio reported a whopping 1,265 new cases. But what they didn’t tell us is that on July 2, 2020 Ohio also performed a whopping 20,613 COVID19 tests, one of their highest totals to date. In fact, it took until June 30, 2020 before Ohio was able to even perform 20,000 tests per day! You can see part of this information for yourself buried in the ODH website here..

A surge in new reported cases is only happening because Ohio has quadrupled its daily tests over the past several months. We aren’t seeing an increase in the actual percentage of positive tests. To say that these new cases are the result of a surge, is simply fake news.

The Surge in the Positive Rate Fallacy

Under this fallacy, the DeWine administration and their liberal media allies are arguing that the percentage of positive cases are going up. An article first written and posted on July 6, 2020 helps explain how this works. According to the Columbus Dispatch, “the infection rate actually is going up, to more than 6% during the recent spike in coronavirus cases.”

This is also fake news. The most recent data buried in Ohio’s COVID19 website shows a positive daily test rate percentage of 5% as of July 6, 2020. The highest daily percentage positive rate was 37% reported on April 19, 2020. We also saw a positive percentage spike of 18% on April 1, 2020. The lowest daily percentage positive rate was 3% reported on June 8, 2020.

By May 7, 2020 the once higher positive percentage rate had dropped to 9% and it has hovered in the range of 4 to 6% throughout most of May, June, and July. Overall, as of July 8, 2020 Ohio has completed a whopping 896,485 tests and found 58,904 positive cases. That is an overall total positive rate of 6.5% according to data from the The COVID Tracking Project.

The Multiple Positive Counting Fallacy

According to Investigative Journalist Jack Windsor, people that test positive multiple times count as separate, individual cases. In other words, if I test positive in four different tests on four different days, that counts as four cases, not just as one person that’s tested positive. How many sick people in Ohio are testing positive again and again for COVID19? We don’t know and the DeWine administration isn’t telling.

The DeWine administration and its liberal allies are using these classic tricks of cherry picking and selectively reporting data, or they are outright hiding data from the public. Don’t be fooled. It’s classic fake news.

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  1. While doctors around the world are saying that covid 19 is disappearing Dewine is scaring us with testing. Hospitalizations and deaths are down so much that even the cdc says the covid is no longer a pandemic or even an epidemic. DeWine is fast losing credibility.

    1. This can’t keep going on. Something has to give. If they keep skewing the numbers without higher death rates then what?!?

    2. Thank you Jack Windsor for all of your hard work and your continual search for the truth. You are a real reporter.
      God Bless you. I heard you on 1420 AM radio a few days ago. I think either on the Mike Galllagher or Bob Franks show.

      1. If you are talking about the CDC saying its falling below pandemic status that is fact

    1. Because he’s a goddamn demorat at heart❗We gun owners found out right off after the Dayton Shooting a year or so ago. First thing out of his puss was HIS bullshit “Pink Flag Law
      that he’s continuously trying to pass.
      How about the Gas Tax he put into law a couple of weeks after becoming Governor❓The highest one time gas tax in Ohio’s history, Republicans aren’t all about taxation that’s the demorats play❗ This sonofabitch needs to go too along with his Lt. Governor, he isn’t any better❗

    2. Excellent question. And I want to know the answer. He always sidesteps answering anything when Jack Windsor asks those tough questions

    3. I say this reluctantly because I was a 20+ yr supporter of Mr DeWine but he is now 73 yrs old, a near lifelong Politician and truly believes the gov’t knows best on how to navigate this. His time is done.
      There is no 2nd wave, people are not dying by the dozens daily and hospitals are not overwhelmed. It’s time to allow all citizens (including our kids) under age 55 with no underlying health concerns to return to “normal life”. And yes, everyone can put a mask on, everyone needs to compromise. If you are concerned for your own well-being then self-quarantine.

  2. If the rise is fake, then why are the number of Hospital admissions of COVID cases rising again at University Hospital- where my niece works on a Covid floor?

    1. Good question, guarantee it has to do with money. Found out last week from the wife’s neuro surgeon that Riverside got 50 million on the 1st covid scare and they never came close to capacity❗Follow the benjamins, they’ll always lead you to the truth❗

      1. 100% right! My husband works for a major hospital and they receive 40 thousand dollars for each death related to covid.

    2. Because people are scared to death and when they test positive they show up at the hospital or if they are sick with something else and get a positive test (because COVID-19 tests are now mandatory for every patient). And I can tell you as someone who worked for UH for many years, when you show up at a hospital saying you have a COVID-19 positive test you get admitted because that is allowed and brings in revenue. Ask your niece if they are really sick FROM covid or are sick from something else and have tested positive WITH covid. I bet you it’s the latter. The way the numbers are faked and the sh*t show continues.

      1. Even if they were admitted for something else and then tested positive…arent they still infected and considered a case?

        1. Yearly flus are deadly also to some. The common cold is far more contagious and can lead to other complications for some people. But neither of these as well as other epidemics have been so hyped and financially funded. Hung up on numbers because that’s the way to find out what’s really going on. True numbers don’t lie, however when there is a decided political outcome numbers can be and are manipulated. We are finding out that those that have something to gain, usually $, be it by gov’t funding or vaccine or testing sales, will manipulate for their own gain, and the public be damned. AND, Why, or why, when Acton stepped down as Ohio’s Health Director did she get another job as DeWine’s “chief health advisor” for double the salary????? One has to wonder what’s going on there?

    3. Cause they’re labeling everything as covid, even if its a heart attack, they’ll most likely label it covid cause they make a lot of money off of covid, hence the “spike” in cases and deaths

    4. Because they can charge more money for a COVID 19 diagnosis. They are a business (Patient factory)with a bottom line to achieve, they are not an ultruistic healing Center. They have high costs and high salaries to pay.

    5. Likely due to the fact that as hospitals have opened up for elective and “overnight” stay surgeries, everyone is Covid tested prior to surgery, if the have a positive result, even with zero symptoms, they then become a “ covid hospitalization”.

    6. Are they truly COVID cases???? Many who work by their ethical standards in the health field are coming out and reporting the truth: People are being labeled with covid even if they dont have the sx and dont test positive. See if she is able to verify this herself….she goes into the patients file and verifys that 2 tests have been done and 1 or both has been deemed positive (which is another issue altogether because the person who developed the test for covid-the pcr test-stated that it should not be used for diagnostic purposes–yet hospitals are STILL using it amongst their other corrupt practices) We need to wake up as a country and see the truth for what it is…this “plandemic” is being inflated so that the gov’t can gain control over us through testing measures and eventual “logging registries” that lead to being able to work, travel, and simply purchase food… wake up!!!!

    7. Last week UH had less than 100 people in their entire systsm. 24 in ICU with only a few being Rona related. As for the uptick, they went from like 2 to 5 rona or something minor like that. Increase but not a surge although they could say a 150% rise if they wanted it to sound scary.

  3. Absolutely right on your assertions. And, I believe the push for more testing was for the purpose of using the ‘spike’ in cases to continue to fear-monger and design his bogus color-coded system (which only has ‘bad’ colors) around those artificial numbers. Then, he has a system with which he can use to continue his fear-mongering, use to unnecessarily impose his mask mandate and then shut things down again. Don’t let this happen people. Now is the time to stand up against this tyranny! Never again!

  4. Dewine and cronies want a second federal hand out, so they are fudging numbers to continue the plandemic.

  5. don’t be fooled by Grandpa Dewine he has decided to stay on the other side of the tracks with the {DS} he is done!

  6. Please end the madness. He must be stopped. Please follow the money this man is corrupt with Bill Gates money and agenda! Please help! As a nurse I feel powerless, all we have is our voice!

    1. We heard from several of our own doctors, nurses, and medical assistants and they also are frustrated; however why not all band together so you will not be powerless. Everyone seems to forget that our elected officials are there because of us. They are to do our bidding, not the other way around. There needs to be a rising up of medical personnel as well as us ordinary citizens. A push back by the medical community would carry more weight. Administrators who are lining their pockets because of this overhyped virus be damned.

  7. Testing positive is testing positive…. So what’s your point. Is COVID not a real virus ? Can it be fatal for some ? Do we have a vaccine ? Do we know for certain, the long term effects ? Can you spot a carrier w/o a test ? The point is to prevent spread of a virus that has the potential of being fatal to some, crippling to others and thousands of carriers who are asymptomatic ….why are you so hung up on numbers ???????

    1. Yearly flus are deadly also to some. The common cold is far more contagious and can lead to other complications for some people. But neither of these as well as other epidemics have been so hyped and financially funded. Hung up on numbers because that’s the way to find out what’s really going on. True numbers don’t lie, however when there is a decided political outcome numbers can be and are manipulated. We are finding out that those that have something to gain, usually $, be it by gov’t funding or vaccine or testing sales, will manipulate for their own gain, and the public be damned. AND, Why, or why, when Acton stepped down as Ohio’s Health Director did she get another job as DeWine’s “chief health advisor” for double the salary????? One has to wonder what’s going on there?

      1. She maintained the same salary, not doubling. Facts please. So many posts here cherry pick the same way they accuse others of doing. However, no one has established the long term affect…science is an ever growing study. That is why advice changes. Scientists learn more. We must be open to progress, and we must be open to the real possibility that our health system is not extensive enough to handle a super surge in cases without limiting our ability to tend to other health issues. Places with real surges have already shown that. We are called to respect the life of others. No mask is perfect. No mask – no protection. Your “right” to not mask does not trump another’s right to life. What many fail to remember is that the Constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness, not happiness as perceived or believed by an individual.

    2. Asymptomatic people have been shown to shed very little virus.

  8. My common sense told me the numbers didn’t add up . Thanks for telling us how they are doing this.

  9. I heard a daughter took her mom I to be admitted in hospital and they put her mother on covid19 unit til she had 2 negative in a row. She needed surgery but it was on hold test was done. That’s at maimi valley hospital. So beware of you got to have surgery.

  10. I hear that many of the “COVID hospitalizations “ are patients found to be positive, not patients admitted DUE to symptoms of COVID. I hear this is especially true for the statistics for younger people. Is this true????

  11. Just because you are over the pandemic doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. Look at hospitalizations and ICU admits for a real representation. Just remember both those and deaths are lagging indicators and are 3-5 weeks out. Overall the USA has done a horrible job with this pandemic. Ohio has done much better than most. Florida, California, Texas and Arizona are in big trouble as far as hospitalizations go. Florida is setting up field hospitals and getting equipment from several sources.

  12. Well of course the positive cases were much higher in April. Testing for the general public was not available then. The only people being tested in March and April were people already ill with Covid symptoms and many were in congregate settings (prisons, nursing homes). Over the past few weeks the majority of positive cases in the Level 3/red counties are from the general public, which wasn’t the situation a few months ago. We don’t need to be fearful, just be informed and wear a mask in public like a decent person.

  13. “NEW NORMAL?”
    The planet is – EARTH. The year is – 2020. It is a world that has gone stark raving mad. No generation before has ever reached such absolute perfection in attaining and fully embracing the reality of having become completely, literally, mentally, physically, medically, certifiably insane! (For those of you who are already “offended” and find yourself questioning as to whether or not you want to read any further, be aware that the first two sentences with which I opened are the “gentle” part of my message tonight). Plus there is the fact that hardly anyone wants to invest 3 whole minutes reading something when they could be playing computer games or texting someone. For those of you who have made it this far – let’s continue.
    For a large percentage of Americans, their days consist entirely of destroying historic statues and monuments, inciting violence, rioting, pillaging, killing, and being offended by cartoon characters and women on syrup bottles. Idiocy has no known limits. Case in point: Those same “peaceful” citizens demand that we “defund the police” and yet that same group, (by the way), put in an official request for “police protection” at one of their recent rallies. (You can’t make this stuff up).
    These are the ways, the thoughts, the mindset and the actions of a world willfully and deliberately reeking havoc and laying waste to its own present and its own future. All of this is light years beyond sad because our world has strayed so far from God that its desire for Him, on any level, has withered, dried up, and been carried away by the winds of total apathy into the dark dreary valley of misery and hopelessness. Just like the lunatic who lived among the tombs possessed by demons we are, today, a world of men and women filled with unclean spirits, violence, and madness.
    Our courts, who have always had at least some measure of power to rein in the idiocy, have become a laughingstock as judges and the legal system choose to kowtow to and curry favor with each and every one of these easily offended, whiny, egotistical, self-centered individuals, groups and organizations who, when they want something stopped, changed, or removed and done away with quite literally need do nothing more than simply say “I’m offended.” You will never, NEVER see the courts run faster to jump through hoops than they do when the secular community cries – “I’m offended.” As such the Constitution is on life support and there are any number of democrats who would love to pull the plug.
    And then of course in the midst of all the worlds madness is its demand that yours and my morals and values as Christians be silenced and that the Gospel of Christ be shot and gutted because it does not support and validate their ungodly sinful lifestyles.
    And what of the masses in a state of complete hysteria who have been so intensely fear-mongered and trained to view the outside world as one giant leper colony that many are terrified to leave their homes without masks, sanitizer, toilet paper, and running shoes as an act of “preparedness” to make a quick and desperate get-away to the safe distance of a one mile radius from anyone who dare sneeze cough or sniffle? It is a deep debilitating ‘Fear’ that has a stranglehold on people. We are a play-dough society. Easily trainable, controllable, and moldable into whatever they want us to be and do. Clearly there are many who feel “comfort” in being controlled and led around by the nose by our government.
    The question is – How deep of a hole must we keep digging for ourselves before our courts and elected representatives see fit to begin filling the hole by exercising some good old fashion common sense? Here in America the trees of complete insanity are not only in full bloom but they are producing fruit at a rapid pace, and in great quantity. When will things get better? Only when our knees hit the ground and our hands are folded in prayer seeking forgiveness, wisdom, and courage. Many have accepted all of this as their “new normal,” and that’s fine, but not me. My God is much bigger than all of this, and since this world is not my home, it is certainly NOT, my “new normal.”

    1. Well said. It makes perfect sense, this is a time for faith to grow. I hope believers wake up.

    2. Completely agree with you. Until we as a country seek forgiveness things will continue to get worse.

  14. There are so many things about this situation that are disturbing, but I will say this, “Does anyone wonder how Hitler came to power?” Now, we have a real life example of how that was possible.
    This has never been about the “deadly virus ,” it has everything to do with the agenda. Crash the economy, advance socialism, mandate vaccines, and “for the safety of the people,”mail in ballots . I noticed this “order” has covered areas heading towards the rural areas, areas that are likely to be Conservative. I suspect that before the election all of the rural areas will be under this “emergency order” and “for the safety of the people,”
    mail in ballots for them as well. Ohio is a key state for anyone wishing to be president.
    Don’t underestimate the Demokkkrats, they have already shown us they will do anything, it’s who they are!

  15. I guess the answer is, stop doing everything, go to parties, and rallies, family reunions, pool parties, do all your normal stuff, go visit your grandparents, don’t pay any attention to the Drs, and nurses who are fighting to keep us healthy. And just sit back and see? Grr, you people are making me sick,,, my grandchildren got the virus, they were pretty sick, yes they got better, be you or your grandpa may not be so lucky.

  16. In yesterday’s briefing Dewine denied that the positive cases are up because of more testing. They are up because of more testing and possibly protesting/riots which have not been mentioned one time as a possible reason. Instead he blames the family cookout. The numbers have not been accurate since this began. The other day the numbers he provided there were 8307 cases missing and unaccounted for. How does this happen? How do we get answers? The multiple counting of positives was brought up yesterday on the national news for Mahoning county and immediately it was denied. It is extremely sad and frustrating to see what this state and country has become, the agenda is scary. You hardly hear anymore about how other countries are doing.

  17. I agree with all of this. They keep saying it’s getting worse but hospitals are laying off people. Things aren’t adding up. People need to open their eyes and stop letting the government control you

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