“A Little Voluntary Manslaughter Anyone?” Rep. Tavia Galonski

Do they hate us this much?

(This article has been updated. Rep. Tavia Galonski represents the 35th House District, not the 25th.)

If some Ohio Democratic leaders had their way, civil disobedience would be punishable by jail time and death – as crazy as it sounds.

These emboldened Democrats can’t seem to conceal their utter disdain for Ohioans that don’t believe as they believe or do as they say.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper wants anyone without a mask fined and arrested. And, unbelievably, Democratic State Rep. Tavia Galonski said participants at an upcoming Ohio Freedom rally should be slaughtered.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Democratic Rep. Tavia Galonski on the upcoming Freedom rally: “A little voluntary manslaughter anyone?” @repgalonski

Galonski represents Ohio’s 35th district and is Chair of the Ohio Woman’s Caucus.

It’s unclear if Galonski is making a threat or signaling the suggestion of violence, but she had plenty of support from fellow Democrats figuratively patting her back for the statement, “A little voluntary manslaughter anyone?”

She was referring to attendees at an upcoming Stand for Freedom Ohio rally scheduled for Saturday in Capitol Square, Columbus.

Some of the representative’s followers reiterated her death tweet in memes and comments, wishing participants a fate of violence or Covid.

A review of Galonski’s Twitter showed no such hostility toward Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups that rioted in the streets of downtown Columbus for weeks and did thousands of dollars in damage to the Statehouse where Galonski serves as an elected official.

ODP Chairman David Pepper last Friday slammed Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost when Yost stated that he could not legally enforce orders for face masks.

Violating a state order is a second-degree misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

“We’re not talking about throwing people in jail,” DeWine said during a press conference last week. “This is a law to advise people what to do.”

ODP Chairman David Pepper is upset that the orders will not be enforced by the state.

“As far as Dave Yost is concerned, refusing to enforce health orders is just one more example that the Ohio GOP has become the party of Donald Trump, Nino Vitale and John Becker,” said Pepper. Read the story here

Pepper was referring to Rep. Nino Vitale and Rep. John Becker who are outspoken advocates for civil liberties.

Sadly, Galonski’s public threat has gone unreported by liberal media. As far as is known, Galonski has not been reprimanded by the ODP or her superiors at the Ohio House.

One of those to speak out against Galonski’s Twitter post commented, “Inciting violence is never okay but especially not from elected officials!”

18 thoughts on ““A Little Voluntary Manslaughter Anyone?” Rep. Tavia Galonski”

  1. It is against the law to riot, loot, intimidate, disturb the peace, block roads, assault, threaten and many more things, let’s see do illegal drugs, I could go on. Yet they choose to let those crimes slide. Why do they think they are allowed to pick and choose who to go after………

  2. Really?? How can an elected official make such threats!!! This needs to be addressed

    1. It’s not a threat. Rather a reference to what those attending would be doing to others attending if they’re positive and pass on the virus while there. Translation: gathering in large groups to protest wearing masks, while not wearing masks in a County that’s under a mask mandate because the virus is running rampant there, is akin to voluntary manslaughter.

      1. But that’s not how it was said. I would perceive what Galonski said the same way. In this time of uncertainty all around do we really need “leaders” who would say ANYTHING that could be misconstrued in a violent way? Don’t be a sheep. Stand up for your civil liberties!!!!!!

  3. I Rebecca J. Taylor will not comply with Threatening our Human Rights. I will not comply with communist to tell me I have to wear a mask! First of all: I am fed up with the unlawfulness that our. Governor has permitted these things to come into our Ohio State and destroy, assult and kill Ohioans. Right now DeWine needs recalled! This is not right, Evil and uncalled for! The mayor of Columbus must go! Your all going to be fired!

  4. It’s about time these people are finally punished for all the statements they make against conservatives! Dirty Dealing Democrats!!

  5. Our Country is in big TROUBLE. I would take no pleasure in saying “I TOLD YOU SO” I will go to the polls and vote in Nov, if I have to crawl.

  6. I think she might have meant that getting the virus and spreading it was voluntary manslaughter. Which is bullshit in and of itself but we have other things to worry about than fake news. Her district is so blue let’s work on a district somewhere where we can make a difference.

  7. In a nation which, for 50 years, had lawsuits for stupid things, yet i have seen no reports of lawsuits against all the illegalbactivities in the past 6 months.

  8. Some of these people have become total lunatics. I don’t believe there is an end to this insanity. The New World Order wants to be in power and there is no limitations in what they will do to accomplish this. We have to take a stand for freedom and our constitution. These people enjoy the same God given freedoms we enjoy. Why are they pushing for communism. Don’t they understand the gravity of their actions? You can reason with ignorant people, but not stupid people!!

  9. This woman needs to be censured, in the least. Maybe, impeached. If not, these threats will continue to increase.

  10. Gosh… would seem that “voluntary manslaughter” is a bit more radical than “colored people”. Anyone placing bets that retribution will be proportional?

  11. All the officials in this story (DeWine, Pepper, Galonski) are not honoring their oath to defend the contstitution. They are totalitarians with no regard for individual freedoms. I can’t believe that David Yost actually knew and followed the law in this case. They can not fine or imprison us for breaking a mandate. They will be sued for doing so. Only congress can make a law.

    Check out KrisAnne Hall on Youtube. She is a constitutional lawyer and has some great videos on how to fight this tyranny on a local level.

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