Nursing Home Ballot Not Received by Election Board

If you have a loved one in a nursing home who filled out a ballot, you may want to check the Ohio Secretary of State “Track Your Ballot” portal to see if it was received.

The family of an elderly woman in an Ohio nursing home was surprised to find out that their mother’s ballot was apparently not mailed back to the state by the nursing home.

“My mom would have voted for Trump,” said the family member.

When her daughter checked online, the ballot was marked “Not Received.”

“I can’t see her to know what happened. Due to Covid they are in solitary confinement.

“The ballot search shows her ballot for the primary election was received by mail. For this election it was marked, “Not Received.”

The family is trying to get answers from the nursing home.

“This is weird, disturbing. Especially when they are not allowed visitors. And when we were allowed our 10 minutes to see her last month, an assistant was present so we couldn’t be alone with her,” said the daughter.

The missing ballot will be reported by the family.






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