Middle schoolers punished for lowering masks to catch breath or take a drink

Detention, Saturday school and suspension possible, school advised parent.

The “New Normal” has been especially cruel to Ohio’s children.

Students are required to wear face coverings throughout the day to attend public school, due to mandatory mask orders from Gov. Mike DeWine.

This means children are in face masks for up to eight hours a day, five days a week. In addition, children are kept apart from peers and are unable to socialize at school, missing out on fundamental social development.

Each district issues its own consequences for those who don’t wear face coverings properly.

Ironically, one school has junior high students writing the preamble to the Declaration of Independence as punishment for mask violations.

Tri-County North Local School District near Dayton also threatens middle school students with Saturday school and suspension. This, after students lowered their masks to take a drink or catch their breath.

“Our children were not defiant, nor were they reminded to pull them up the day they were given the punishment,” said one of the parents on social media.

The post was made on the Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom Facebook page.

“They are good respectful kids, students, athletes that needed a breath.” Or, in one child’s case, a drink of water.

A junior high boy with allergies and breathing difficulties was ordered to write the Declaration of Independence for pulling his mask beneath his nose for some air, said the boy’s mother.

“Our son has missed three days of school for allergies because he couldn’t breathe with his face covered,” said the child’s mother.

She explained to school administrators that her son has allergies but they refused to relent.

“The Principal just told me the process will be: Because my son is not going to complete the assignment, he will be served a detention by the teacher.

“When he doesn’t serve the detention the principal will issue a Saturday school. When he does not attend that, he will be given a one day out of school suspension, of which we can appeal, and will do so.”

The parent said she also contacted the Preble County Department of Health and is scheduled to speak at an upcoming school board meeting.

Two other middle schoolers also violated the mask policy.

“Our daughter received the same punishment and she’s nothing like me, because I wouldn’t have done it. I told her I would fight for her but she was in fear of losing her 7th grade trip,” said her mother.

“I feel as if she was bullied.

“I personally wanted her to write the second amendment so they knew where I stood. She has bad allergies and stayed home the next day due to this teacher.”

A third student, who had his writing hand in a cast,  was served the same punishment. The teacher told him to write it with his other hand, said the parent.

At another school,  West Liberty-Salem Local School District, students with approved mask exemptions are shamed and isolated throughout the school day.

West Liberty-Salem Superintendent Kraig Hissong confirmed that mask-exempt students are isolated behind plexiglass at their desks and are kept apart from other students as much as possible throughout the school day.

A civil law suit that seeks to overturn Ohio’s mask mandate in K-12 public schools has been transferred out of Putnam County Common Pleas Court to Franklin County at the request of interim Ohio Department of Health Director Lance Himes, defendant in the case.

The case was brought by more than 20 Ohioans.

11 thoughts on “Middle schoolers punished for lowering masks to catch breath or take a drink”

  1. Are you kidding me,this is BULLSHIT,this crap should not be happening,school superintendents of these schools and Mike Dewine,are very IGORANT people,this is just right down bullshit.

  2. By having them write out the preamble to the Constitutionas punishment, it teaches them to hate the Constitution. These teachers are endangering children.

  3. The case was transferred to Franklin county because the judge will deem Ohio is in a state of emergency and throw the case out. Political game! The state of emergency ended when the temporary hospitals were closed.

  4. This is insane! We did not send our children back to school, because we believed that doing so , we would be complicit with this child abuse. We want our children to be well adjusted and mentally well human beings. I will say this, we will never send our children back to “government schools” all you need to do is look at the results of the “protesters” in the streets.

  5. These parents need to get a good lawyer and come together file class action law suites against the school and the govonor

  6. The mask order actually is K-12, whether public or private school.

    This article surprises me, there are provisions in the order for medical exemptions, and surely a couple of the students in the article would qualify for one.

    I work in a school, and I can assure you there are water breaks, mask breaks, masks can be off when eating lunch and distanced enough, masks can be off for outside phys ed or recess when kids are spread out enough, etc. We do not have any children who wear masks all day without a break, we would never do that to our students, and the mask order and health department allow for mask breaks.

    If these issues posted on social media are correct, the parents should contact the administrator or school board for clarification.

    – GB

    1. Good for you that you are acting as one of Adolph Dewine’s brown shirts. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Are you directing your comment at me? Why?

        We have 5 day in person school, and have no Covid cases among families or staff, and want to keep it that way. We are very diligent about hand-washing and sanitation. There are a number of children with mask exemptions, and conversely some families and staff for whom mask wearing is very important.

        Before the health order came out, our policy would have been masks optional, up to the families. We expect of our staff and students an atmosphere of respect for those with differing views on mask wearing.

        I do not like wearing a mask, but if I have to do it to have our wonderful students here in person for school, then so be it.

        I look forward to the day when this fades away, which I expect within a few months, and we can get back to more normal life.

        – GB

  7. Mike Dewine is a Rhino who wants to destroy Ohio! Children should not be wearing a mask. Are you serious about punishment for taking a breath, or drink of water! Outrageous Define! Fire these teachers. Recall Seeing! People take your children out of these schools, save their immune system! They are killing your children!

  8. They would not have to wear the mask, if it wasn’t and edict. Ohio is not nor has it ever been in an emergency state. Our rate of 1.5% is not emergency status. 5% is seen as not being good. I also blame the teachers too, they are guilty of child abuse. If they are that demented, they should not be in a classroom. It’s been proven by real experts, that anyone can get the virus. The cure rate for 0-19 is 99.97%. We should be worried about the health issues that the masks create. if you can breathe, you are getting some type of air, therefore might get the virus. If you wear a plastic bag over your head, tightly closed, air tight, you probably won’t get the virus, because you will be dead soon.

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