Football mom tasered and arrested after no mask at son’s jr. high game

A Marrietta football mom was tasered and arrested when she resisted removal from a junior high game at a Logan football stadium for not wearing a facemask.

Marietta City Schools parent Alicia Kitts was detained following noncompliance with state mask mandates during the game, MCS Athletic Director Cody Venderlic reportedly told the Marietta Times.

Kitts was one in a group of five spectators, including her mother and two children, at the outdoor stadium. They appear to have been socially distanced from other spectators.

Logan Police Department officer Chris Smith attempted to handcuff Kitts when she apparently refused to comply with the masking order. Smith’s Facebook page said he is a resource officer at Logan Middle School.

A YouTube video taken by Tiffany Lynn shows Kitts being tasered by Smith before being led away in handcuffs.

A second officer arrived to assist in removing Kitts from the stadium.

The second officer was not wearing a mask. Kitts could be heard in the video to say, “You don’t even have your mask on, and I’m getting arrested?”

Doug Mallett, a Marietta City Schools board member, appeared in videos of the arrest that were posted to social media.

Mallett can be seen rising when Kitts appears to have been tased by Officer Smith.

Mallett reportedly told Marietta Times, “It escalated pretty fast into an ugly situation, he tased her pretty fast.

“I didn’t see where she was putting anybody at risk, I guess that’s a Logan rule. It depends on interpretation, it’s a state rule, but I thought there was some wiggle room if you have health issues. I tried to stay out of it until he got the taser out.”

A social media comment said Kitts was unable to wear a mask due to asthma.

Rep. John Becker who recently initiated articles of impeachment agains Gov. Mike DeWine responded to news of the tasering.

“Wow! So, this is where we are now? Hello! Governor DeWine! This is the Ohio that you’ve created,” said Becker on his Facebook page.

MCS football parent Tim Ryan posted a second video of the arrest on Facebook.

Skyler Steward recorded and posted an interaction he had with the Logan Police Department after the arrest.

“This was my son’s mother arrested,” Steward said. “Big bad cop tasered a 100 pound woman with one hand in cuffs.”

Kitts was reportedly charged with criminal trespassing.

Logan Police Department reported that the incident is under investigation.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

31 thoughts on “Football mom tasered and arrested after no mask at son’s jr. high game”

  1. The officer that was there without the mask was a risk to the woman family they were close too .should face the same charges as the mother all is fair in the mask law…If you arrest one you must arrest all..

  2. This shit needs to end right here! Because many moms are asking if taking kids to the park to play is going to end up with us being tazed, cuffed and walked away. While our children get grabbed by the state and a bogus arrest goes on our records!!!!!!

    When did health care become an arrest?
    Masks are becoming the new Yellow Star! You can’t buy, sell, work, get health care or go to school without a MASK!

  3. A total overreaction on the cops part should have taken her aside and talk to her. What happened to Courtesy compassion and checking a situation out before you act shame on them and the school

  4. This crap with these masks is absolutely BS I haven’t Worn one yet and I’m not about to everybody need to stand up and take the same stand on this I see more and more businesses that are fed up they’re not forcing employees to do it it’s absolutely ridiculous

  5. Who was the “Karen” who called the officer? And it’s not a law, a mandate is a form of suggestion. 🤬

    1. Exactly!
      Karens need to stop being little hall monitors and mind their own business. This woman was hurting no one.
      Honestly, if she is Covid-free, how can they cite her for any threat to public health and it actual stick? If she’s healthy, there is nothing to fear from her! If they are hauling her off to arrest her for her OWN health, that’s just ridiculous and unconstitutional! By that thinking, you would have to fine/arrest every firefighter that runs into a burning building because they are endangering their own lives!
      They aren’t arresting protesters that wear no masks. They are in the open air just like her. AND protesters certainly do not “social distance” either when they are trying to reach in and pull a driver out of their car. They are definitely closer than 6 ft!

    2. And the police officer was hired to enforce the mandate. If you can’t follow the rules, go home. She’s lucky she wasn’t shot and murdered for resisting. The privilege this woman has that that wasn’t even a fear for her is incredible.

  6. The mom should have followed the rules. She should be teaching her children about being responsible but now she has taught the repercussions of disregarding the rules. Great job Officer.

    1. Did you know she has asthma? And that it was an outside stadium? And that she was socially-distanced from others? This will result in a huge lawsuit to the school, especially since one of the SRO’s was also not wearing a mask. This is Nazi behavior.

      1. Yes, “health” is now being used as an excuse to override civil rights of all kinds. People better wake up and push back before it gets even worse.

      2. But it’s okay to kick, scream and fight but not to wear a mask when you have Asthma? That officer did try and talk with her but she was argumentative and refused to cooperate. She knew the rules but breaking the rules and not taking accountability is the new normal these days. She and her “son’s father” (notice he didn’t say HUSBAND) are teaching their son that breaking rules and not holding yourself accountable is the way to behave, nice good values there. I hope all High School sports cancel all games over this. If people are going to send death threats then high school sports need to be cancelled for good. Then we will see how people behave.

      3. If she can scream and resist like that she can wear a mask. The rules apply to everyone, if you can not follow them stay home. Nazi behavior is the sterilization of immigrants at detention centers.

    2. Lady, you have to be out of your mind agreeing with this outrage and removal of out civil liberties. You might enjoy living in a police state, but we live in a constitutional republic. That women had every right to not wear her mask. Shame on you.

    3. Sherry are you sure that’s your name? You seem like a Karen to me. Grow a spine.

    4. oh really …I have asthma and environmental issues reacting to all the mask I’ve tried.
      the officer needs training he acted like a bully. Hate to see his interaction with the kids at the school There was no need for his unprofessinal behavior and no need to tase the woman. What a shame. outside and not sitting near anyone but her family. spwaling as a person with asthma all I can say its shameful what happened to Alecia Kitts ..and hope and pray it will never happen to another person who has asthma. ..under ADA she needed to be accommodated and she was not. such a sad situation that did not have to occur ….

  7. She should not have resisted arrest. The officer should have more training on De-escalation. This whole thing could have been avoided if they acted like reasonable adults. Seriously, if wearing a mask triggers her asthma, imagine what fighting with the po-po and being tasered could do. Idiots.

  8. The woman new the mask requirement to attend the game, before and after entering. She was asked to leave when she refused to follow the rules of someone else’s property. She was asked to wear a mask or leave. She failed to comply with either request. The officer then forcibly removed the unwanted guest for failing to leave on her own. He handled this person like he would have if this unwanted person were on your property. This defiance for basic rules and non-compliance with reasonable officer requests is what is happening all over this country.
    I applaud the the officer and the Logan school administration for their reaction.
    This person should have stayed home instead of teaching her children how to behave badly.

  9. He asked her repeatedly to comply and she did not, she’s lucky she wasn’t shot.

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