CDC advises parents to prepare for “sudden sleepover” for school children

The Center for Disease Control recently updated their website advising parents to prepare for a “sudden sleepover” for their children in the case of a disaster, which could include COVID-19.

Coincidentally or not, a few days later on Aug. 31, a new order was issued by Ohio Department of Health Interim Director Lance Himes creating FEMA COVID-19 shelters and legalizing their use.

The FEMA shelters are to be used to “isolate those diagnosed with or showing symptoms of COVID-19.”

See Story in The Ohio Star.

The CDC advised parents to prepare for children to be detained overnight in case of a disaster, listing COVID-19 as a “biological threat” that would qualify as a disaster.

Governor Mike DeWine requires schools to report K-12 student COVID cases to the government. This must be done within 24 hours of a positive test.

A three-step preparedness card published by the CDC says it’s as Easy as ABC to prepare.

See complete CDC  infographic.

“Tell school administrators about any extra supplies your child may need to safely make it through a night away from home,” the CDC advised. “Bring extra medicines, special foods, or supplies your child would need if separated overnight.

“Complete a backpack card and tuck one in your child’s backpack and your wallet.”

The ODH order calls for college students living in dorms or other situations deemed unacceptable by health officials to be sent to FEMA shelters for isolation.

See story in Ohio Statehouse News.

Any Ohioan living in a household that health officials deem unacceptable (generally a shared bathroom) could legally be ordered to a FEMA shelter.

172 thoughts on “CDC advises parents to prepare for “sudden sleepover” for school children”

    1. I’d harm anyone who thinks u will hold my child this is not a threat but a fucking promise to any of u idiots who thinks it’s ok to hold my child ..

      1. I dare a motherfucker! And best believe I’m not coming alone. The whole family gonna show up to get my kids. Nana, Papa, mom, dad, step dad and step mom. You know damn well there will be so many parents up there to get their children they won’t have a choice but to let them go. How the fuck do they even think it’s an option.

      1. Beyond belief. Non-constitutional and unenforceable and reason to throw out politicians who espouse such a ridiculous action.

    2. Amen! You won’t be by yourself. They better hope this papa bear comes because, trust me, you sure don’t want mama bear showing up.

      1. One of the reasons my husband and I are home schooling. We already put into consideration that the cdc and or democratic party will try to enforce a vaccine on our babies. Michigan mama here🔥💪

    3. Home school or get a tudor. I would leave that state. They are trying to get the children. CDC is bad. Fema camps. Like calling Marsha Law. This isnt right. I agree with u all,try and take my children. War!! PRAYERS for the children! Pediphils everywhere and in human sick people for adrenadron.

    4. I am no fan of what’s going on, but this information was not presented in a true sense. Go to the CDC site, the info is there, and it doesn’t imply forced separating of kids and parents. Neither does it imply FEMA camps will be mandatory isolation. It’s this kind of journalism that gives those of us who resist this government hype a bad name.

      1. Supplying a link directly to the CDC page that contradicts this would be most helpful if in fact it exists. I was on CDC website before coming here and saw nothing about any of this.

      2. No but you need to understand that Ohio has very dark and evil legislation in the works for COVID Detention Facilities. One could be detained for 6 months before a court date and then who knows after that. It’s coming. Vote RED!

    5. Every comment I see here is about how they should t do this. These are YOUR elected officials. Either make them listen or replace them. DeWine is stupid for doing this, he doesn’t deserve his office. Either make him withdraw it or replace him.

      1. Carol please look into the Ohio legislation for COVID Detention Facilities. Verbiage suggests one could be detained for 6 months before a court date? This is just the preface of what’s to come, please don’t down play this and VOTE RED.

  1. This is beyond imagining. If you haven’t taken your kids out of school yet, this should be enough to convince you to do so immediately.

    1. EXACTLY!!!
      I’m livid about this and I don’t have a dog in this fight.
      Stupid parents need to WTH up if they care at all for their child.

    2. Have heard rumors that it even applies to home school…that if they learn about such “living conditions ” they will storm homes.

      1. And a storm is what they’ll get. NO one will touch my kids!!! And I fu@$!?& mean NO ONE! People will die, and that’s all it will accomplish!

        These crazy mofos are playing with fire. Messing with people’s kids is the most dangerous thing they will ever do!

    1. Paul Sanders
      This is an absolute scam-demic democratic ploy to force feed fear to the hearts of the sane.
      Wake up America!

      1. Uhhhh…. I know zero Dems who would be okay with this. Ohio is a Republican state, but regardless of what party is in charge, this isn’t a political war, it’s a direct threat to parents in Ohio.

        1. Our RINO Governor here in Tennessee has been sneaky with his executive orders as well.

          “The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-202( c )(1 )-(8), are
          hereby suspended to allow for the construction of temporary structures, the plans
          for which would otherwise be subject to review for new construction, additions, or
          substantial alterations, as directed by the Commissioner of Health and the Director
          of TEMA in response to COVID-19; provided, that there shall be inspections of
          such structures to ensure safety, as necessary.”

          Aka “quickly build FEMA/TEMA Camps”

          Something is coming, everyone needs to prepare to defend themselves and their families. Regardless of political affiliation.

      2. haha! you are an idiot. How is this in any way a democrat thing? Who is in charge? It starts with TRUM….

    2. This is all about our government being able to justify themselves to force vaccines on our kids without parental consent. Since kids are for the most part A symptomatic they are going to be turning our kids into lab rats you know Guinea pigs. Our schools are going to be turned into government science labs in order to try out new vaccinations on our kids.

      1. Medical Tyranny by the Satanic CDC vaccine company !
        Keep your kids OUT of govt schools if you care about your kids at all ! They will not give you warning when they choose to take over your kids ! YOu have no more parental rights !
        This is kidnapping and holding hostage plus Medical Tyranny !
        ALL Federal crimes they will get away with since they are under no law ! They WILL be injecting your kids by FORCE behind your back and hold them overnight to monitor the bed reactions and possible deaths they are EXPECTING from it. They will also be chipping your child big time ! They are covered by law to do it ! They had the govt make special “laws” just for them to be able to do anything they want to you or your child ! !

        They are already force injecting anyone who goes to hospitals !
        Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge​

        ALL vaccines have had nanochips in them since 2014, but this injection also has mico robots they will also inject. Your child will no longer BE your child anymore once injected. This hydrogel injection (and others will follow as well to speed up the non-human changes they are experimenting on your child with) destroys the God gene and free will. This has nothing to do with any virus since they will be injected with many so they infect you and you won’t survive – that is what is planned.
        Vaccinated babies and adults are very contagious once they are injected with any “vaccine”. They shed all they have been injected with, to anyone around them.
        Once injected you are no longer human !
        No longer HUMAN once injected ! Satan’s vow to destroy all God’s Creations, including Earth. And he’s doing it with your help ! You need to stand for your freedom and rights – you are not an owned slave ! No one will do it for you !

        COVID-19 VACCINE “designed to make us into genetically modified organisms” says Dr. Carrie Madej

        This is a hydrogel injection that changes the DNA completely and makes you non-human. They will kidnap your child to experiment on them ! THAT is the bottom line !
        This is so evil right from the pits of hell ! ALL so-called “vaccines” are Satanic. Its’ history shows demons and the occult are who created this form of take over .

        God forbids all so-called “vaccines” for good reason. They destroy all that God created. “Vaccines” never “prevented” any disease – they CREATE THEM as they are designed to, The Doctors who worked on them called them by their real name = bio war weapon experiments. “Vaccines” have always destroyed the God-given immune system, not build it up ! You can never get immunity from an injection ! That is not how God made the immune system to work.

        And remember the Medical Tyranny has full freedom to kill you by law – they have special laws made for them to do it !
        They are exempt of everything they do to you or your kids !


  2. This doesnt seem like the USA that i know and love! This is so scary and i hope it never happens! If my kids were young still i wouldnt let them go to school or a physical college! Stop this craziness!

  3. No one will ever decide if my child is staying somewhere except me. Period. Have a good one!

    1. If this was from the state of Ohio it would have a .gov url. Just another scare tactic that gets the easily fooled worked up.

      1. Yup! I agree. It’s a newspaper article, not actual laws from the gov websites. Disasters would include tornadoes, terrorist attacks, e.t.c but since covid is here, this is just a scare tactic

      2. No it is not a scare tactic, you need to read the order issued by the ODH dated 8/31/2020 which was amended, then search the Ohio Revised Code for quarantine and isolation laws. Now when you are done with that, go to the CDC link in this post and read where serious infectious disease is what they consider an emergency that could require an overnight stay! It’s easy to dismiss it when you haven’t bothered to do the research.

  4. This is nuts. And they are minimizing it by making it look like one night. Will parents really fall for this?

  5. Communism is running rampant ! The Revelation of John, speaks about end times ! 2Chronicles 7:14 !

    Who in the HELL do these people think they are? ANYBODY who is ok with this is SICK!!!

  7. No way. No reason the child cant return home. If they left the house then everyone in the house has already been exposed and should be in quarantine with them. This is abuse by state.

  8. If I fill out one of the asinine cards it will list:
    twin bed
    his dog
    And I would need a bail bondsman because I’m fairly sure I would be arrested when I broke into the school to get MY child.

    1. I feel you, Mama Bear. There are legal protections and exemptions for this, or it is simply not legal like some sophomore state agency idiots and ambulance-lawyers and career-public-tyrants think it is.

      Unless “C.O.G.” is enacted, pretty sure the limit for these types of royal edicts and executive government exigencies is only 30 days, not 90. AND if the common cold, which by the CDC’s own numbers has only really killed 10,000 Americans- NOT 160,000+– this is not LEGAL justification for these draconian and ineffective public policies in the first place, let alone the personal and financial harm they are doing to all Ohioans- and beyond.

      Reopen Ohio
      Resign Lance Himes
      Rewind DeWine

      Be well, Stay Well,
      Do not accept crappy leaders and bad government.

    1. Stay at home as much as possible, when you have to go out socially distance, when you can’t socially distance wear a mask and always practice hygiene measures like washing your hands and not touching your face. We could have been done with this but people are too selfish to stay home and/or wear a mask.

      1. Your an idiot! You’ve fallen for the lie! Be a good little sheep and obey your way right into Hell with your god satan!
        How stupid! Do just a modicum of reasearch!

      2. We have been done with this for awhile now .. they have put the media up to keeping the numbers up to make people believe it’s still at pandemic levels .. don’t believe me .. just pick any a number and enter that number and write new cases behind that number into your Google search bar and see how they easily keep the public believing it’s still at pandemic levels!!!!

      3. 1st step schools Install 5=penta G=gram pentagram network 5g network.. 2nd step school lock down forced vax. 3rd step corrupt cps unconstitutionally will take your children. Fake covid19 = 5g network..

  9. I want to know where the trauma experts are on this. One cannot simply think this scenario is a picture one would form in the mind, and label as a sleepover! I am telling you right now-my children, get detained overnight and I will be living the rest of mine in detainment at the Ohio Reformatory for Woman-PERIOD!!! Now I have had about enough of our CIVIL LIBERTIES continually being violated!!!!

  10. This is completely unacceptable! The government has no right to take any child anywhere without their parent’s consent! This is an outrage and watch and see heads roll if this happens! How is a shared bathroom considered ever been deemed as an unacceptable household? Total Bullshit!

    1. If that were a viable reason then parents shouldn’t send their children to school because they share bathrooms in school .. which is worse than sharing a bathroom at home with family!!!!

      1. Yes, but the archives for this page go back to 2015. Very little has changed since the original posting in the language.

    1. It doesn’t matter. This whole Covid thing has never been about sickness as much as it has been about control. Having some of this planned out ahead of time is not a surprise.

    2. Quite awhile considering they already had the Pandemic Protocol legislation giving them a medical dictatorship ready for approval by Congress when the 2006 SARS outbreak occurred.

      Read it and the associated FEMA executive orders since JFK; this is nothing compared to what they can legally do.

    3. The fact that they added serious infectious disease to the ABC Poster as a reason a child could be held over is significant. It’s one thing if a natural disaster occurs and homes are destroyed. But there is NEVER a reason that a parent cannot take a child home for an infectious disease outbreak. The ABC poster existed before, but was expanded for serious infectious disease. Now also read the order by the ODH dated 8/31/2020!!! Then go read the Ohio Revised Code sections for quarantine and isolation and Ohioans are at the mercy of the state and federal government, and state and county health departments.

  11. No way would I let a child overnight!! This is the dumbest thing I have heard. A five yr old should not b left with strangers. R u out of ur mind??

    1. Remember in the movie the patriot when they take his oldest son? Remember what he does to get him back? That will be all of us. We’re tired of this shit. You people have lost your damn minds. The CDC is doing this because they know the people who send their kids to school are over this Covid Con job! 99.8% survival rate we ain’t falling for this shit. My fellow Americans time to start standing up to this tyranny. Or here soon we’ll all be waiting for a train. A train that will take us to our concentration camps. Ain’t it sad how history repeats itself.

  12. This if true is absolutely the worst!!! This grannie will have no part of the cdc abducting her grand babes! That’s exactly what it is!!! Abduction! Now you’ve CDC have treated more extreme stress on parents.

  13. This isn’t the plague, and if they’re wanting protests and rioting then this approach to a virus with a survivability of over 99% will put those directly on the government beaurucrats’ collective doorstep. Over-reacting, and complete overreach of a government that, I thought, was by the people and for the people…”.

  14. This is totally unacceptable for children in grades k thru 12. They need to be home with their parents!

  15. I guess this is only for emergencies but if I have the choice I would rather my kid do online school instead. So we should be given the choice, I didn’t sign anything saying they can hold my child overnight

  16. The state is doing its best to discourage parents from sending their children to Ohio public schools.

  17. Is this a scare tactic for those that chose to send their kids to school (where they SHOULD BE?).

    Inquiring/WOKE minds would like to know!

    1. If you’re woke…you would NOT be saying children should be sent to school. You would have already seen the public education system is an indoctrination system, creating slaves to continue the pattern of serving and defending the occult oppressors. When America began to industrialize, public schools were designed to teach children (the future adult generations) the ways of the industrialized system. I pray you are awakened with TRUTH asap.

  18. This is ridiculous and my kids are not going the fuck anywhere to a shelter over my damn dead body. Good luck to them trying to take my child. Wont happen.

  19. How dare you Governor DeWine! Stop this nonsense. We the people are sick of your stupidity of what your doing in our state. Resign please!!!

  20. When the militarized, armed for battle police show up at your door, how exactly are you going to stop them. See it was ok when it was at Standing Rock, then it was ok in Ferguson, then ok at Portland, well…how do you like it now?

    1. The order by the interim director seems legit… it doesn’t reference anything about kids staying at school. It also doesn’t state who will determine if you cannot safely quarantine at home. So 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Perhaps the woman who wrote that article went a bit overboard. However, she has a legitimate point. Cdc does classify covid as disaster worthy and has the stay-at-school stuff on their webpage. So if you like to think in worse case scenarios then it could happen… I doubt it will since every parent I know would never let it happen.

      1. Amber, she did not go a bit overboard. You really need to re-read the order by the interim director. Yes it is legit as you say, but read it very closely. It applies to everyone and the county health departments can determine who is quarantined and isolated and if you can stay in your home. Now add in the CDC ABC’s that now included serious infectious disease as an emergency reason for an overnight stay. We have seen this Governor violate our rights and he continually lies! Also, search this -“Ohio Revised Code for quarantine and isolation.” It gives the full power to the county health departments! I urge you to speak to parents who have college students being removed from dorms and placed in vacant dorms for quarantine and isolation. Parents must remain vigilant and informed. None of us ever expected the extreme overreach we have witnessed with this plandemic.

  21. glad my kids grown, if my kid was still in school and the cdc or dewine tried this bullshit thered be a trail of bodies….ill be damned as a parent id EVER allow that to happen

  22. Are you kidding me? You’re kidnapping our children out of school, not allowing them to return home … putting them in a FEMA camp???
    This is not WW2 Germany, give me a break!!
    Stop this insanity, Governor!!
    This is TOTALLY unacceptable!!!

  23. Safety measures should have been intact all along. But for these reasons this has become ridiculous and for the wrong motive.!! Oh hell no.

  24. Yeah, I don’t think so!! Just try to keep me from getting my child!! You’ll have a fight on your hands!!

  25. As an Ohio high school student, if they try to keep me in that building over night, I’m breaking the window and running as far away as humanly possible.

  26. This spells out clandestine activities and illicit motives to me. This non-representative “health order” form of government absolutely has to stop. No parent is willing to sign up for this and any elected official that thinks this is right is going to find themselves appropriately voted out of office, which for some, cannot happen soon enough!

  27. The order by the interim director seems legit… it doesn’t reference anything about kids staying at school. It also doesn’t state who will determine if you cannot safely quarantine at home. So 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️. Perhaps the woman who wrote that original article went a bit overboard. She has a legitimate point. The CDC does classify covid as disaster worthy and has the sleepover stuff on their webpage. So if you like to think in worse case scenarios then it could happen… I doubt it will since every parent I know would never let it happen.

  28. Ok this is one of those laws or directives the beauocrats failed to think through. Let’s assume the schools decide to keep children in the building and not release them to parents or grandparents. Who will keep us from entering to retrieve our children? Local police? State troopers? National guard? Oh yes, since some groups may have defunded the police perhaps they will send a small army of social workers to tell us it’s all ok. All of which may have their own children in the school. Will they keep us out by force? This whole idea is untenable and insane. Let’s get back to common sense. If there is an emergency, call the people the schools already have on the emergency contact file, we’ll pick them up and take them home. Under NO circumstances do the schools keep them overnight.
    Please governments, you’ve got to be better than this. Nothing has happened with respect to this plan yet. Fix it before we all regret it.

  29. It’s this kind of fear mongering that has caused all of this to be blown out of proportion. This so called news disgusts me. The cdc issued this information as a way to be prepared in an emergency. It was not pertaining to Covid alone. The lovely author decided to make it about Covid to grab readers and let their emotions take over and spread it like wild fire. People that encourage this type of journalism should be criminally charged.

    1. There is nothing fear mongering about this article!!!! Your anger is misplaced at the wrong person…..maybe it should be against the Ohio Health Director and Governor DeWine who have caused a humanitarian crisis with their over reach and destruction of lives in our state. She did Ohioans a favor for those who have not seen this post. The CDC added serious infectious disease (covid) as one of the emergencies that qualify for an overnight stay and that is ridiculous. It’s one thing if it is a natural disaster, like a tornado, but this is far from the same thing requiring an overnight stay.

      Further, did you read the ODH order dated August 31, 2020?? Maybe you should. Then when you are done with that search the Ohio Revised Code for the quarantine and isolation policies put in place with Emergency Orders like DeWine has done. The only people that should be criminally charged is Acton, DeWine and Husted for crimes against humanity for the deaths attributed to their unnecessary lockdowns! Have you bothered to learn about the skyrocketing suicides, overdoses, nursing home deaths, child abuse, etc. etc. DeWine continually lies about this plandemic and doesn’t care how many lives are lost to continue his tyranny.

  30. Oh Hell No.
    This CV-19 B.S. is just the common cold; not the end of the world.
    Read the CDC’s paper on actual death numbers and comorbidities and actual risk groups… Yeah the CENSORED NUMBERS.

    How stupendously scientifically-ignorant are those in charge? Read on…

    There will never be a “safe” or “effective” RNA-virus-vaccine because of how these non-living virions reproduce; reverse transcription. They “adapt;” they do not “evolve” in the classic sense; they adapt differently to each potential host- and they are ridiculously weak, compared to much more prolific viruses– and they do not fare well in sunlight, UV, outdoor environments or even slightly-sanitary conditions.

    Scientifically, despite having LOTS of attachment proteins (the “spikes”) on it’s capsid (nuclear covering) which makes CV-19 “relatively” contagious between individuals in “laboratory” aka “indoor” ideal conditions, it still only amount to about an “R-4” virus; Ebola is somewhere around 2 (less infectious), ordinary Measles is Extremely contagious with and R-nought of 12-16 by stark contrast, and bad ‘flu outbreaks are about the same R-2 to R-3 or so.

    TO Quarantine Healthy People is the absolute stupidest thing imaginable- OH except for the forced wearing of worthless germ- and snot-storage face coverings, and the Real, Scientific, Medical problems that THEY CAUSE.

    For the “conspiracy nuts”- CV-19 is NOT a Bioweapon, though there are at least three lines of scientific and legal evidences that prove to my satisfaction that this was a laboratory strain, likely grown in Human lung cancer tissues, and the release was likely accidental.

    Again, This is NOT a Bioweapon; who the hell would “weaponize” a virus that has had only one risk group and otherwise only kills 0.058% of those it infects?

    AND- what idiots would ever try to develop a vaccine that could not possibly- NOT POSSIBLY– ever be any safer or more effective THAN PLACEBO? If 99.8% of “infected people” clear this naturally, there cannot ever be any “biologic intervention” safer than 99.8% NATURAL IMMUNITY

    BECAUSE Natural Immunity in Individuals IS Herd Immunity across populations and between generations; for those infected and in the greatest mortal danger there are already sufficient allopathic and scientific treatments; from HCQ to antiretrovirals to plasmapheresis– that is why it is so important for virions like this to spread NATURALLY and rapidly so that the healthy can help the immune suppressed elderly and infirm WHO need responsible time-sensitive medical interventions.

    This additional absolutely unconstitutional and insane policy is going to get people killed, but NOT from any sort of physical illness.

    Stupidity KILLS…

    Look around.

    Reopen Ohio
    Resign Lance Himes
    Rewind DeWine

    Be Well, Stay Well,
    Do not put up with crappy leaders and bad government.

    The Carroll Family
    Columbus, Canal Winchester & Lancaster

  31. This is no longer the USA. What an incredibly sad thing to realize that sending your child to school could be one of the most risky things we do wirh our children. Time for EVERYONE to home school. We are responsible to keep our own kids safe not the state or the federal government. Public schools have become anti-Christian, socialist/ communist indoctrination camps anyway. RISE UP PEOPLE. PROTECT ALL THAT IS YOURS ESPECIALLY YOUR FAMILIES.

  32. Are you idiots looking for the next thing to start a riot. Cause it looks like you need to reengage the think tank and put sometime with a higher than room temperature IQ in charge.

  33. You just try it. I dare you. Just try it and you’ll see something like you’ve never witnessed before from the parents militia. DeWine you get crazier by the day. P S I’m so glad your daughter lost her election she can probably thank you and your dicktatorial mandates for it. No DeWine will EVER hold a public job again once we get out of the mess he’s gotten us into. And where are our state legislators? Write them, call them have him impeached!

  34. Homeschooling is your right! Don’t cave to this garbage. If you can’t homeschool find a trusted friend or family member who will. I guarantee the CDC and Ohio’s governor do NOT have your best interest in mind.

  35. Stop the madness!!!!! There is no way I would let my grandbabies be held hostage at the school. There is no reason for keeping children from there homes. The parents and siblings they have been living with have already been exposed to anything the child may be carrying. The CDC is out of control. The trauma this would cause to a child!! No way!!!!

  36. Well my girls will be going home with their mom while I’m hauled off to jail because I’m going to get them with force if necessary.

  37. Try and keep my grandchildren! That WONT be happening EVER!!!!!
    This is absolutely absurd and ridiculous! Get rid of DeWine NOW!

  38. We all know what this means. 1 infection will spread to many more, your excuse Is COVID-19 but the real reason This will happen is we got complacent as a society and let despotic people assessed to power.

    Their goal is not to do good, their goal is to exorcise power.

    2A was written just for this despotic form of evil. If you take kids captive prepare to die.

    Reject the Left, Save the World!

  39. Dewine has done lost his mind!!! No way will my grandsons be kept anywhere away from my daughter!


  41. We The People don’t consent!!! This is against everything weve faught for! There will be war and they are screaming for it!!

  42. The dumbocrats will have a real reason to hate AR-15s and large round capacity magazines if they try to kidnapped my child. Blood will be shed.

  43. This in no way shape or form will go on in my America I believe I speak for all Americans right and left the moment you intend on keeping our children from us you better have the worlds largest army because no one and I mean no one is more dangerous then moms and dads Being kept from there kids. Wake up America

    1. The CV virus is just a way to test the public to see how mind controlled they are. I do not believe there was any virus and no one ever proved there was one. Only the media TELLS us there is a “killer virus” out there. I’ve seen no one sick this whole time ! But the mask wearing WILL MAKE you very sick so stop wearing them ! They shut down your immune system and CAUSE blackouts, coma and death ! Masks do IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to heart, brain and lungs !
      God made you to breathe oxygen not carbon dioxide !

      But they did force babies to get vaccinated just before Christmas and anyone who gets any injections are super contagious for up to a year to all those around them. That is how I got viral pneumonia and I beat it on my on and I’m 75. I had it before they even gave it a name and it took 3 months to get rid of it just using what I knew to use and had on hand and I isolated myself. But you NEVER quarantine healthy people – only the really sick ones! I’m a bio chemic Nutritionist so I knew what to do. I live alone and I never go to doctors – I’m old school and I also know today’s doctors are not the real doctors of yesteryear. If you want to stay healthy stay away from the Big Pharma doctors and drugs & “vaccines” (all have cancer causing chemicals. cells/tissues in them) and I’m my own doctor, even for broken bones ! I will not trust doctors or hospitals – they are all controlled by the evil cartel and have the population REDUCTION agenda .
      I’m 75 adn do not take ANY drugs /meds like Big Pharma gets everyone on that they can – that is their doctors duty ordered by Big Pharma who owns all doctors today – to get everyone on at least 4-5 drugs for life !
      They can’t make money on healthy people – they have to keep everyone sick, weak and needy. They do not want you to be healthy or strong. Vaccine keep that weakness going.
      If you knew what just the base of ALL vaccines are , you’d faint dead away ! “Vaccines” are 100% deadly poisons and killer chemicals and lots of man-made viruses, germs, bacteria, diseases ! And programmed nanochips.
      Yes they inject all that and more into you and your babies with every injection ! There is no possible way for a poison injection to “prevent” any illness – it just causes the body to be so weak you get them instead ! “Vaccines ” destroy your God-given immune system. “Vaccines” are just another cabal control factor on the public. If they control your health they then control YOU ! If they control you, then they control the country !

      If you go against God’s creations you will always get a bad result ! “Vaccines” are not Natural and are evil and God forbids them.

      Take back your freedom, take back your rights and stand up for yourself and BE AN AMERICAN ! Stop bowing to the Communist OWG (One World Govt) cabal



    2. It is not fake news. It’s amazing that people like you make these comments and you haven’t bothered to read all the state documents issued to quarantine and isolate Ohioans. The CDC overnight emergencies were revised to include serious infectious disease and there is never a reason like this that would require a child be kept from their parents. If you would really like to get informed, I will be happy to share the documents with you!

  44. If my kids were in school you would not be having them spend the night, or even stop me from coming to pick them up. Something else is behind this scene. CONTROL!!!!!!!

  45. Just one of the many injustices we can expect with authoritarianism. Exactly why I opted out of sending my babies to public school in the midst of this madness

  46. This is why a failure like trump is in the White House. You people will believe anything that goes along with your perverted imaginations! You twats elected a child molesting sexual predator to ruin my country! Fuck You all and the horses you rode in on.

  47. This is another way to keep kids at home and away from school. They must know how ridiculously this sounds and they know that no normal parent would send their kids back to school.

  48. You better come for me prior to telling me cause ima come for whats mines

    Every time! Your move

  49. What kind of a sick joke is this? CDC, go HOME. You’re drunk. The CDC director needs to start preparing for a “sudden sleepover” in prison for assaulting parents and families like this. Terror is unacceptable, and that is what this is.

  50. Why is this needed? It’s not. Better be ready to get your children out of school fast. I mean eye-winking fast and the whole neighbor hood armed and heading to school.

  51. You wouldn’t be arrested. You’d go down fighting with the rest of us if this shit happened. My children are home schooling this year. However, if this happened best believe I’d be right there to get y’alls kids back. Stop fucking with kids!!!

  52. Time to buy guns. Time to get rid of the the CDC & FEMA. Time to send these control freeks where they belong-prison and on a chain gang reparing everything they have allowed to be destroyed. Last week they were saying its practically impossible to catch the virus from an asymptomatic person, now they want to kidnap your kids over it. CDC -FEMA, you have declared yourself our enemies of the American people. Try this & meet us with a gun.

  53. The democrat motto, never let a crisis go to waste. Much of the covid reaction has been stoked by Dem’s trying to sandbag the economy, and hurt Trump. I nearly vomit every time I hear a self servicing hag claim “its all for the kids.” When the reality is, they’ve become used to being paid to stay home. Now its why go back to school, and risk getting sick, when we can sit home and eat cake. Add to that this 1619 project to teach kids young how corrupt and evil all white people are. And my gut feeling is its time to drag them all out and start rethinking the idea of what education means. What to teach and why? Many of the current teachers are old, tired, and stuck in the same old, same old. But revision…..SHOULD NOT INCLUDE A THROAT FULL OF WHITE GUILT. I’d much prefer science, math, and communication, learning to talk and listen, about equality, and encouragement to resist lunatic fringe attacks. Lots of kindness, encouragement, and uncovering kids with special needs early….so they won’t end up throwing Molotov cocktails when they drop out of college. The U.S. isn’t perfect, but where else would you rather live.

  54. So if you dont start with the terrible interpretation the author feeds you, this is a list of things to do to prepare for a emergency. It never says your child will be “detained” like the author says. It never even says anything about staying at the school, you would think they would have a lot more detail to explain what these “sudden sleepovers” were if it was that.
    It says have a plan to be prepared for a emergency situation where your child has to stay the night at a trusted friend or familys house for a night (exp. You get arrested or a sudden death). They could have worded better like “prepare like you were staying at grandparents for a night”
    Its seems like reasonable advice as long as you dont start with “schools are gonna take your kids to FEMA camps!!!!!!”

  55. This is on the website 100% . It was written and revised JULY 15, 2019. It is basically saying that in thr event of an emergency while your child is at school would thry be prepared and then gives the “ABCs” of being prepared. It isnt stating that if your child has covid they will be taken from you and kept at school over night.
    Also for everyone saying if we really love our children we wouldnt put them in public school you are a Looney Toon. Just cause my children attend public school do not mean I love them any less then what you do if you keep them home. Thats ridiculous. Also over my dead body will anyone ever attempt to keep my children or make them stay somewhere. They will be met with a mama bear daddy bear, grandparent bears, auntie bears………..all the bears…… and a shot gun…..period.

  56. They can’t do that , that’s kidnapping, they will not take my kid . Nope!!! A lot of parents are not going to stand for this , we will being outside the school , waiting for our kids .

  57. Nothing will stop this mama from taking her baby girl home every single day. Nothing. Government needs to be put back in its place. They have gone too far.

  58. Why are they deliberately getting people upset? Does the CDC want civil unrest? What the @#$@ is going on here?

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