What is being done to Stop DeWine’s One-Man-Rulership of Ohio?

If you’re waiting on legislators to put an end to Gov. Mike DeWine’s tyrannical COVID-19 orders, don’t hold your breath. There is no formal plan in the works to impeach DeWine, according to legislators.

DeWine declared a health emergency in early March. That declaration is still in place and can be extended indefinitely… as in forever.

The good news is, multiple bills have been introduced that would remove some of the executive powers used by the governor. The bad news, both the House and Senate are needed to pass legislation and they are not scheduled to be back in session until mid-September.

The General Assembly has been excluded from the Administration’s COVID decisions thus far.

When asked what criteria must be met for the governor to lift his emergency declaration, DeWine’s press secretary Dan Tierney responded , “Ohio remains in a pandemic emergency based upon scientific data and the advice of scientific experts. Our administration looks forward to continuing our collaboration with the General Assembly on resolving important COVID-19-related issues, such as liability reform and administering CARES Act funds.”

An increasing number of Republican State Representatives and Senators have spoken out against DeWine’s handling of COVID-19.

Senator Andrew Brenner said the state will be dealing with ramifications of shutting down the state and shuttering businesses for months to come.

Brenner is calling for the state to fully open.

Ohio remains under strict restrictions that impact businesses, schools, sports, personal lives, the state budget and more.

Regarding Senate Bill 55, Brenner said he believes the Senate has the votes necessary to override DeWine’s veto and the House may also have enough. The legislation was vetoed by the Governor, so it will require a supermajority of 60 percent to pass.

Senate Bill 55 would decrease fines for violating a public health order from $750 to $150. It also would make the first offense a warning.

“The economic impact of canceling fairs, festivals, The Little Brown Jug, Ohio State Football. It’s very concerning,” said Brenner.

Rep. Jon Cross also has been vocal about opening the economy.

“I would prefer the Governor to stop all mandates and orders and work with the legislature to allow the people’s voice be heard in the decision-making process,” said Cross.

“Many of my constituents’ voices of frustration are being ignored by the executive branch and I’ll continue to be their voice to raise issues and concerns from the 83rd district.”

Rep. Cross said the new House Speaker Robert Cupp and the Senate need to work together to move legislation.

To contact Speaker Cupp  by email or phone 614-466-9624

To contact Senate President Larry Obhoff by email  or phone 614-466-7595

Obhoff could not be reached for comment.

Rep. Nino Vitale said, “The state government is doing nothing to protect our liberty and freedom.”

Vitale has been very vocal about Ohioans’ loss of liberties and DeWine’s unconstitutional mandates, including the mask mandate. Vitale has a huge Facebook following.

Regarding impeachment, the House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment, but a majority of the members elected must concur therein.

Impeachments shall be tried by the senate; and the senators, when sitting for that purpose, shall be upon oath or affirmation to do justice according to law and evidence. No person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two-thirds of the senators.





15 thoughts on “What is being done to Stop DeWine’s One-Man-Rulership of Ohio?”

  1. Things need to change . And they also need to change for our loved ones in nursing homes. Our families need us. Our touch our our love. We need to hug. I believe residents rights and families rights are in just. I see residents dying in the nursing home from neglect and emotional abuse. dying from loneyness and depression. .do who is killing who here. The families should have right with care of our loved ones.

  2. Sorry DeWine…we are sick to death of you….this will not go on forever as you might like to think!

  3. Please, please help save Ohio!!! Mr. DeWine is manipulating every possible number for his ridiculous color codes!!! I’m so tires of his “indicators” that are impossible to get rid of! Enough! Please help us!!

  4. Dewine must be impeached. He is single handedly destroying Ohio businesses and causing otherwise healthy people to potentially become ill whilst being forced to wear necessary masks that have in fact be proven to do nothing to stop the “covid-19”.
    He is a tyrant and is absolutely of no good to us..the people..who actually are who HE is supposed to work for vs obtain wealth by accepting monies fraudulently.
    Furthermore, he refuses to give the state addition to the new unemployment compensation WHILE KEEPING BUSINESSES FORCIBLY CLOSED.
    This “man” thinks he is much more than he is and WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF HIM NOT Covid

    1. Yes, thank you for making this clear! It is unconscionable what is being done to those who are essentially voiceless and unable to advocate for themselves. More than 5 months of nearly solitary confinement have been forced on people who may have only a year or two left to them. Personal contact with their family members has been denied, as well as access to exercise equipment and the freedom to use the public parts of their facilities. Shocking elder abuse! Meanwhile, known criminals are given a get-out-of-jail-free card, and allowed to rob, rape, and murder again. How is this foolish (or worse) governor and his cronies going to justify the terrible fallout from his unjustified mandates?

  5. PLEASE stop Dewine!!! I believe he is in cahoots with the democrats! He is NOT doing what is best for Ohioans. Everyone knows that this virus is not dangerous for the majority of the population. I now know people who got Covid and the child had NO symptoms, while the mom had very MILD symptoms like a cold. We need to open fully back up and get back to normal!!!

    1. This virus is only dangerous to those who already suffer from fragile health. Even then, with proper early treatment with HCQ, the evidence from the Marseilles infectious disease specialist, Dr. Raoul (sp?) demonstrates that almost all will recover! Don’t forget that the Ohio Health Department actually enacted a ban on the use of this extremely safe and commonly used drug for the treatment of the SARS II coronavirus. If that isn’t a smoking gun – literally – I don’t know what is.

  6. The thing all you politicians need to remember is OHIO WILL remember your inaction to this tyrant when you are up for reelection. You can go as will the govenor.

  7. I believe if every Ohioan would refuse to comply with these ridiculous orders, go about our lives as those this man doesn’t exist as we did before all of this started then perhaps he would realize he isn’t as important as he thinks he is. Companies, businesses, and people need to show civil disobedience, defy him, and do what most know in their hearts is the right thing to do. Most know wearing a mask isn’t right, just observe anyone that walks from a store and tears it off his face as soon as he steps outside into the fresh air. Covid isn’t dangerous on one side of the door or the other??? Wear a mask into a restaurant to remove it as soon as you sit down and then put it back on to walk out? Children wearing them is THE MOST outrageous of it all. STOP listening to the bully!!! STOP doing what he says. Covid is here yes, but 99.5% or more WILL survive. We can not stop death. It comes. It’s a part of the life cycle. But we can stop living. Then death will come more quickly either by one’s own hand or the sheer loneliness of isolation. We were made to interact with others. We were made to LIVE. STOP being fearful and LIVE.

    1. I totally agree. If people would defy these orders in large numbers and have the courage to resist, DeWine would be defeated. Fear is keeping us paralyzed. Fear is NOT of God. No Christian should wear a mask, which is a sign of submission to evil. Trust God and not the State.

  8. The science /statistics have never matched the shut down of our state. A 98.9 recovery rate, is just that. The cases reported are inclusive of those who are asymptotic and/or shedding the virus. Deaths include influenza and pneumonia. This power hungry tyrant, needs to be removed NOW.
    Ohio deserves better.

  9. Mike Dewine your a apathetic governor. Your a puppet for the woman and a disgrace for our state. We are Not Wearing your mask. We have nothing to hide from as you do… Were law biding citizens and were not mask bandits… Out with the Old and in with the new.

  10. Mike dewine is a liberal Democrat claiming to be Republican all the comments I just read are true we need to impeach him and get him out of office

  11. There must be some quicker way to get DeWine out of office. He needs to go now! What can we do?

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