Ohio House Reps to Make a Major Announcement

A major announcement from members of the Ohio House will be made on Monday morning, Ohio Statehouse News has learned.

We will go live with the story then.  Stay tuned!




6 thoughts on “Ohio House Reps to Make a Major Announcement”

  1. I Hope that they sue DeWine based on Article II.1d. Also, In person voting is STILL suspended. Read the order that closed all polling locations in Ohio for the midterm. It remains in full force and effect until the state of emergency is declared over, by DeWine.

  2. I am an Ohio citizen who is sick and tired of Governor DeWine’s abuse of power and overreach of government. The COVID crisis caused governments to act, which is understandable. However, what started as a 14-day quarantine to “flatten the curve,” has gone well beyond this period and lead to more shutdowns throughout the last few months. Keep in mind, quarantine is supposed to be used for ill patients, not for healthy individuals. DeWine has grossly abused the executive branch, bypassing our legislative branch. I along with many fellow citizens are getting restless watching our state and country crumble because draconian politicians think they are above the people and can rule with an iron fist. Government officials have disregarded the voices of the people and have ignored them time and time again. DeWine continues to falsify information about COVID to prolong unconstitutional shutdowns. He has made statements regarding mail-in voting, which would trample my right to vote at a polling location. I do not tolerate ANY government officials violating my rights. I am asking that you proceed with impeachment hearings. I do not take this issue lightly. For the record, I voted for DeWine believing he would uphold Constitutional rights. I was wrong. Now, I want him removed from office. I have provided a bulleted list below of what DeWine has done for Ohio in the past few months. Everything on this list is unacceptable.
    As recent lawsuits have shown, he has closed businesses unconstitutionally. He has allowed the department of health to decide what is essential. However, the department of health never defined non-essential, therefore unconstitutionally shutting down businesses.
    He has deprived citizens a means to earn a wage by mandating shutdowns, thus depriving them of their right to life and liberty.
    He has greatly restricted our Constitutional rights.. Ohio needs you to stand up!

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