Dark and Dangerous Times Ahead for City of Columbus, said CPD Veteran

Ohio’s capital city is about to become a very dangerous place

The Columbus liberal media isn’t reporting on it and a gag order has silenced police officers and city employees from talking about it.

But a Columbus Police veteran has a warning.  Ohio’s capital city is about to become a very dangerous place.

James Scanlon is one of the few speaking out about a “dismantling” of the Columbus Police Department by Democratic Mayor Andrew Ginther and city council.

Scanlon has 33 years experience on the CPD. He currently trains law enforcement at the North American SWAT Training Association and is an expert witness in police-involved shootings.

The CPD veteran said the public isn’t fully aware of what is occurring with the police department in what Ginther has referred to as “demilitarization” and “reimagining policing.”

“In reality, it is being dismantled, piece by piece,” said Scanlon. “It is a total dismantling of the Police Department, rendering them incapable of doing their job.”

Scanlon recently called out Ginther and city council members at a council meeting on June 29 for waging an “on-going assault” on Columbus police by “demonizing officers and misinforming the public.”

“It is shameful how you and other city officials have demonized these officers and misinformed the public into believing they are a group of ‘rogue, racist cops.’ All of you have relentlessly and falsely accused the Columbus Division of Police, and its officers, of being complicit in a culture of systematic racism. Due to my 42-year involvement with the Columbus Division of Police, I know that you are spreading falsehoods,” Scanlon told them.

A Columbus dispatcher was recorded in a 911 call stating that police had been told by Mayor Ginther to “stand down” as rioters terrorized and destroyed downtown Columbus

Scanlon said Ginther’s premise is flawed.

“His message is that countless black men and women have died at the hands of police. He is propagating fiction. He puts forth that CPD is systemically racist,” said Scanlon.

“Ginther and city council have quietly been switching out items in the police budget to other programs,” said Scanlan. “They are in the process of taking away things like bullet proof vehicles and items that will result in cutting the police off at the knees.

“This has created a dangerous situation and it will get worse,” he said.

“Any officer that speaks out risks losing their job. They cannot speak. And most citizens are afraid to speak because they will be labeled racist or whatever name they want to put on people.

“No one has a voice but this very small side,” said Scanlon. “Their plan has gone virtually unopposed. They were able to do this sitting around a table with no opposition. And it is likely well past the point of stopping it. They will be finished in a couple weeks.”

Scanlon’s advice? Get out of the city while you can.

“The public has no clue what this is going to mean. This is going to change their lives and their kids’ lives forever. Anyone who lives, works or plays in Columbus is affected by this.”

Ginther recently ordered the removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus from in front of Columbus City Hall.

“People in the suburbs feel distant from this issue,” said Scanlon. “Arlington, Westerville, some 20 suburbs around Columbus. This will be felt in the suburbs. It will affect everybody. The suburbs feel well-insulated here. My theory is, how ever goes Columbus so goes the suburbs.
“Your suburbs are going to lose security and value, as well.

“I can only speak to what happens in Columbus, but it seems to be a national effort. The new term is ‘Reimagining Policing.’ That term came to the surface and within 24 hours every mayor and city council was using it. This was well orchestrated.

“Our leaders feel emboldened. Bad guys feel emboldened. It’s shameful. It’s the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen.”

Columbus is Ohio’s capitol city. The Ohio Statehouse has been the repeated target of rioters and vandals throughout the past month.

Scanlon said CPD officer have taken ongoing abuse from protesters but that the gag order prevents them from going public.

“Police cannot speak out on what they’ve been subjected to during riots. They’re being hit with bricks, bottles, as they’ve been standing on the front lines for weeks. They are helpless to do their job because they have been ordered not to.

“It’s going to be a sorry state of affairs. Who is going to want to work for the Division of Police after this? This has always been very competitive, a very high quality of people that they have there now. They are being run off the police department for fear that they will be indicted on some false pretense to further the agenda.”

Mayor Ginther recently mandated facial coverings in the city.

Scanlon said that Ginther now makes every decision and generates every piece of information that comes out of the CPD. Police Chief Thomas Quinlan has no say.

“A reporter brought up that he was having trouble getting any information from the Division of Police. Mayor Ginther had no problem saying, ‘I’m in control of what comes out of the CPD.’

“What’s going to happen to the citizens of Columbus? It has joined the ranks of the cities that have fallen.”

Scanlon said it is the most vulnerable that will suffer most. People without the means to leave the city who depend on the police to protect their families from a dangerous criminal element.

“By not addressing specifics, Mayor Ginther and City Council members have purposely misled the public into believing Columbus Police Officers are routinely killing innocent black men. Their false narrative has greatly damaged the public’s opinion of this amazing agency and created the most dangerous situation I have ever witnessed in this city,” stated Scanlon.

Below is Scanlon’s statement to Mayor Andrew Ginther and city council members Shannon G. Hardin, Elizabeth C. Brown, Mitchell J. Brown, Rob Dorans, Shayla D. Favor, Emmanuel V. Remy and Priscilla R. Tyson

Columbus mayor and city council

“Good Evening Council members. My name is James J. Scanlon. I am a retired Columbus Police officer. Between 1978 and 2011, I primarily worked night shifts, protecting the good citizens who live in our inner-city precincts. I loved being there and they loved having me there. Like thousands of other CPD Officers, I protected them against the criminal gangs, robbers and other predators. Now – criminals and their families didn’t like me being there. But, as cops, we are more concerned about what good and decent people think about us than the thugs that hurt and intimidate those good people.
Mayor Ginther and members of City Council have waged an on-going assault upon the fine men and women of the Columbus Division of Police. It is shameful how you and other city officials have demonized these officers and misinformed the public into believing they are a group of “rogue, racist cops”. All of you have relentlessly and falsely accused the Columbus Division of Police, and its officers, of being complicit in a culture of systematic racism. Due to my 42-year involvement with the Columbus Division of Police, I know that you are spreading falsehoods.
Mayor Ginther has stated that “countless black men and women have died at the hands of police officers”. That statement was both false and dangerously inflammatory. There have not been “countless” police-involved shooting deaths.
Here are some facts:
· There are 600,000 – 800,000 Columbus Police encounters with individuals per year.
· There were 7 black suspects fatally shot by CPD Officers in 2016
· 4 in 2017
· 5 in 2018
· 1 in 2019
In every single case, the suspects were armed and threatening.
Facts matter! Each of these incidents has been thoroughly investigated and presented to the ultimate “citizen review board” – a grand jury.
Mayor Ginther, you will be pleased to learn that, in those four years, if you were not armed and threatening, the odds of a black suspect being fatally shot by a Columbus Police Officer was exactly zero. You have every reason to be proud of the police officers you have been tasked to lead.
But, at last week’s City Council news conference, Council members falsely vilified CPD Officers for racist, systematic abuse and murder of African-American men and women. No facts or statistics were used to support their lame accusations. Instead, Council President pro-tem Brown went so far as to condemn a specific CPD police-involved shooting, citing a “skewed system that resulted in the death of Henry Green”.
Many of you have spread a great deal of misinformation concerning the Henry Green Case, leaving many Columbus citizens to believe that officers gunned down Mr. Green for no reason. In reality, Mr. Green was shot by police officers after he fired 6 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition at the officers from a distance of 14 feet or less. Those rounds came within inches of striking officers, lodging in the car door that one officer was behind and a headrest the other had been in front of seconds earlier. Mr. Green was carrying a stolen Glock .45 caliber handgun loaded with those 6 rounds. I believe these to be relevant facts in the case. It’s too bad the public never heard these facts from their City of Columbus elected officials. By the way, under the new “reforms”, how many rounds need to be fired at an officer before that officer may fire back?!
Facts matter! You should be ashamed of yourselves for misrepresenting the facts, misinforming the public and driving a wedge between the citizens of Columbus and their fine police department.

200 thoughts on “Dark and Dangerous Times Ahead for City of Columbus, said CPD Veteran”

  1. Great job Officer Scanlon. This current administration has no one involved with more than half a brain!!! As long as they are in charge I will never spend another dollar in the city of Columbus Ohio. God bless Officer Scanlon for what he is trying to do!

    1. I’m lucky I live 45 mins away and have the ability to work from home. I’m scared to have to go back to the office in Columbus. Granted I work on the big military base but Ginther might get rid of the guards for that too leaving the base unguarded and easily blown up by terrorists.

      1. We need our police. Maybe we do not need Mayor Ginther. This is becoming a big problem.

    2. This is why it is so important to get out and vote these people out in November. Hopefully the alternative choice will be someone with a back bone.

      1. I totally agree. These idiots are led by fear. Letting this group run over our police department, allowing the majority of those living in the city to go unprotected. How are you going to feel when crime goes up, vandalism and rape become normal? With the money you are being paid by the good citizens of this county, are you hiring private security to protect your property while the rest of us are to fend
        for ourselves? Should we all go out and buy guns. Otherwise the only ones who will have guns are the criminals. Maybe you should go without pay since we have no leadership that is willing to protect their citizens. What good are you with this decision? Who is your job for? These new terrorists?

    3. Wow I’ve lived here for 63 years and can’t believe what I’m reading. I’m appalled and embarrassed and ashamed of our mayor and council. When will right be better than wrong good be better than bad. What has happened to good old common sense. I’m sorry that America in Columbus Ohio hasn’t gotten back to the better days. They were better than there was no political correctness there were no gun threats in our Schools. The country and the world has gone crazy
      No more respect for authority. Lawlessness is more common and more protected. Stop this ridiculous indictment of the cops. Its is not ok to throw bricks cans or anything at them. Were lucky to have them when we need them. Yes there are some bad ones and when necessary jail them also. City council and Mayor Gunther are wrong and more people should no the truth. Look the truth is people are more dangerous today. They need to be treated differently if they become hostile. Its them that make it harder for most police to do there jobs
      It’s time for Mayor Gunther to step down. He certainly has no common sense or fairness when it comes to the police and people of this city

      1. I started studying the socialist agenda 30 years ago and knew this was coming but never knew when. So, this does not surprise me. I live in Dayton and waiting for the anarchists to try it here. Fortunately I belong to a group with 200 patriots, so we can defend ourselves and families. And we will not hesitate for 1 minute to do what we need to and utilize our resources.

      2. That’s just ignorant. There have been school shootings almost every year stretching back to the 1800s. Don’t get pissy because the cops are being demilitarized. The first things that any authoritarian regime does is militarize the police, quell dissenters, and discredit the media. Thank god Ginther actually did what other people were scared to do; remove the aspects of unnecessary violence from the thugs in blue.

    4. The mayor must go right now and I mean now everybody in Columbus go after the mayor now


      2. But then you end up with Shannon Hardin as acting mayor. You think Ginther is bad? You just traded bad for worse.

  2. Sorry to hear of all that trouble going on in Columbus. I have a lot of old friends who live up in that area. My prayers will certainly be with all of you.

    1. What’s also frightening is that what goes on in Columbus will be pushed to the entire state, due to the moron who is our governor – a RINO, who deceived the public into voting for him. Why can’t we remove him from office. THEY work for US, not the other way around.

      1. I am glad to see other conservatives have figured out our Yellow Springs liberal governor is a RINO.

    2. Why is something this drastic not put before the voters to decide? The Mayor and council are elected by the people. You work for us. Therefore voters must have a say. All of you best pray you don’t require 911 assistance. My response may be slow or to late. Your World will change as crime will run rampant and law abiding citizens will suffer. We too can make quick decisions all by the flick of a voting lever. Welcome to chaos. Serve the
      People of Columbus? You’ve failed us.

    3. I’m going to put this on FB & Twitter. Thank you for opening our eyes to what has been going on behind closed doors. God bless you sir.

      1. I can think of 20 major cities that need conservative control to stop the madness. Hopefully those economically challenged are realizing that democrats are their enemy.

      2. Since Columbus has been minority driven since forced bussing started in 1980 it will be impossible to get another Republican Mayor elected in our use to be great city. Ours is not the only city this has happened to also. Most larger cities have democrat Mayors, mostly black due to white flight to the suburbs when the forced bussing started.

        1. I’ve been blaming forced bussing for years. When I see what’s happening to our city, state and country, I say “Thank you Judge Duncan” for starting the whole situation. The entire city has become a ghetto. We need real conservative leadership. Not Democrats and not RINO’s that cave in to the libs.

  3. Common sense & intelligence seems to have went under & out of the minds of the Mayor & council. We are in Columbus Ohio where 10 people have died in 3 years. Everyone needs to calm the heck down. OMG awards are given to officers, ad a boys, good job many more times than deaths. If their trained with a different mindset, things should change over time. Aren’t they taught shoot to kill? Exactly this is real life not TV. Although you all could learn something from certain shows. Police from over the years did not try to set people up stopping for a license plate light out & black or white they find some reason to search the car. The 2000s have gotten really crazy. As of 2020 we no longer have any history, a killer virus with rules of survival, riots, protesters & big elections. So go with the flow, but keep your head up! No one knows everything there is to know like some politicians think they do. Lord help us all!

    1. They are not taught to shoot to kill. They are taught to shoot until the threat of the person harming anyone is gone.

    2. As a retired law enforcement officer and a academy instructor I would like to correct an often misguided perception. Something as simple as a stop for a license plate light can often lead to the arrest and removal of an impaired driver. That saves lives. Traffic enforcement is a primary function of public safety. It can reveal a suspended driver, stolen vehicle, illegal weapons, active warrants, recovered property and the list goes on. It’s called good police work and rarely creates an inconvenience for lawful citizens. Good policing means actively enforcing the traffic code as well as the criminal codes of our laws.

      I suspect in the future as politicians continue to dictate police policy we will see less contact by police resulting in more incidents with victims. More traffic crashes with injuries, more hit and run accidents, more assaults with weapons, more deaths by gunfire (only not by police). Police officers will be there to take the reports, gather statements and collect evidence but not to prevent, protect or intervene. Just the way politicians want it to avoid dealing with conflict.

      1. Liberals are clueless, low IQ, and brainwashed through 30 years of socialist indoctrination

      2. I am embarrassed by our mayor I myself did not vote for him . I am proud of our CPD and we need each and everyone of them to protect us !! May God get rid of the idiot mayor we have and get us one that has balls and a back bone !!!

  4. All of them members dont care about the people in Columbus..because every member of the council and the governor has private guards that babysit them every nite.. all of you guys are disgusting and good luck for re election…

    1. Private security that would probably shoot to kill a hell of a lot quicker than any police officer if being threatened

      1. My Patriot has 200 people. Guess what we will do to protect our families and community.

  5. Thank you for writing this article. It is refreshing to read truthful and factual reporting.

  6. I am ashamed to live in a city where the police 👮‍♀️ are being treated as ours are get rid of our mayor he is the problem causing more problems. He was never heard from during the destruction of wnour city never stopped anything took no action and now he is god almighty!!he is worthless

    1. Ginther is a total pos, ALWAYS has been and when no one run against him for reelection he became God. at least that’s what he thinks. GOTTA GO GINTHER

  7. This whole piece is a total opinion piece based on literally one man’s thoughts (without providing any other sources than his quotes and few decontextualized quotes from others) and an appeal to people’s fears. Redistributing tax paying dollars to actual community-oriented policies that will aid in the prevention of crime is integral to any fundamental change in structural racism. This article and its title wreak of emotional appeals.

    1. No this article is based on one man’s experience as a Police Officer and also his knowledge of the inner workings of city Council and what goes on in the department. What knowledge or facts do you have to share? I doubt very little if any but you sure can judge as to what’s the best way to spend tax dollars and apparently you think that would be more free giveaways and social programs to the very people that are destroying the city. Exactly what community programs do you think are going to prevent robberies, murders, drugs, gangs, and all the crime that happens on the streets? Sounds like more Democrat policies that have destroyed every Democrat controlled city in this country over the last 50 years to me.

    2. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Karen, I mean Vanessa. Jim Scanlon knows what he is talking about. Your comment should have included your sources to prove your “opinion” that black men are being gunned down in the streets of Columbus everyday. Please share with us the information you have to contradict the FACTS that Jim gave to city council.

      1. So true they only get shot when they are shooting at the Officers. We have the best officers in this USA.

    3. But what the mayor and city council have said, without facts to back that up, is OK????

    4. Did you read the whole article?! It’s the only report I’ve seen that was completely based on facts! Good luck getting help from an armed policeman next time you are attacked by a gang member or drug addict! I don’t think the social workers they send out to defuse the situation will be able to save you.

    5. blah blah blah is what the 911 operator should tell you if (heaven forbid) you or your family ever need help from police-then what?

    6. You apparently can not read the facts as presented. He is in a position to put forth the facts. Wake up before this town is a ghost.

    7. Nothing is going to stop crime in those neighborhoods, that’s all you have heard for years. Were doing and doing that but nothing has even slowed it down. Build a 20 million dollar low income housing unit and they burned it down. Not a word from Ginther or city council. You can look up the facts this retired officer talks about. It public information. The NEXT time you need police CALL Ginther or a council member and see if they respond

      1. Amen. They are throwing the baby out with the bathwater! they can help by requiring REAL TIME CAMERAS on every policeperson. They also need GPS on their cars. The rules must be known to the public as well as police. Make them accountable….don’t just get rid of the police. Social workers? Really? Doesn’t sound like they should go alone! Maybe accompany……
        Yes there is disparity in how people are treated by police. Make RULES and use CAMERAS to make police do the job we pay them for. That is the common sense thing to do. Alot of police will be fired doing the wrong things. And union be xxxxx they must be fired. I’ve seen awful things from many of them. But the good ones are good. We NEED them! Stupid Ginther is following the mob! Shame on him!

    8. This proposed BS from Ginther has been tried all over the country. Look at what it did to the city of Detroit, Flint, Gary, Chicago, etc. It only hurt(s) the poor. Most just moved to nice suburbs. There are now many suburbanites looking to move much father out of central Ohio.

    9. If you learn to spell it would make it easier to take you seriously. “Reeks” is the word you need, not “wrecks”.
      And he did give statistics to prove his point, something you did not bother to do.

    10. Vanessa. Please do some real soul searching in that mind of yours. If you truly think the way you do, Please for the sake of humanity do yourself a favor. Call the Columbus Division of Police, and ask them if you can experience, the Ride Along Program, they have, and actually ride in a real police car for an entire shift and see if your experience doing so, does not change your mind about how difficult a police officers job is, on a day to day level. In doing so, you will see what police work is all about, and how this Police Dicision works as a team together, to confront crime, traffic accidents, as well as the feeling of not actually knowing what may come at you in a moments time. How do I know this ? I was a police officer here in the Columbus Division of Police from 1972 until I left the Department in 1979. Until you have walked a mile in a Police officers shoes, you cannot possibly know what these officers deal with on a day to day basis. So I wncourage anyone who wants to chip away at the Police budget,or even to defund them, to ask the Division of Police about their Ride Along Program, and actually seewhat goes on in The City of Columbus, every day!
      As for the members of City Council, I say you shameless cowards, I would advise that you be required to do at least one tour of duty, every year to see how your tax dollars work for the citizens of our Great artCity, and that you rethink the unprofessional manner you are treating the members of this Division of Police before you have mass retirements like they are experiencing in New York City at the moment, because their Mayor is a gutless liberal, who thinks he knows better than the officers on the street. The Mayor of New York City want to cut the Police budget by ONE BILLION DOLLARS! LET THAT SINK IN! Go ahead Mayor DeBlasio, gut the Police budget, and see where you are in one more year. Crime will go off the chart, shootings will increase exponentially, every felonious crime will be greater, and criminal arrests will fall, criminal activity will go off the chart.Oh yeah here is another fact Mayor, visitors will be bypassing their trips to see the wonders of New York City, because they no longer feel safe as a tourist visiting there. As for your political future, Mayor, I don’t think you will have to worry about ever being Mayor again, because the People of the City will be fed up, way before election time comes around again. Matter of fact, you might not even a successful run at being a dog catcher, but that’s just my opinion.Good luck Mayor Ginther,and the whole City Council crew, you have failed to uphold your Oath of Office, and all should be voted out of office for failing to do your Jobs as members of City Council.

    11. Your response is a total “opinion piece” based on literally one person’s thoughts (without providing any other sources). Structural racism is a myth constructed by leftists with a Marxist agenda. If you want to transfer police budget resources to social workers, you’re living in fantasy land. Try calling a social worker to assist in your personal protection against a crime of an immediate threat to you or your family. Your response to the article is thoughtless and “wreak of emotional appeals”.

    12. He provided over 40 years of being a CPD Officer. What are your credentials as far as CPD and knowledge of what a police officer’s oath entails. Why don’t you go on a citizen ride along before you criticize? The officer will keep you safe. If he can. Or if she can. You’ll be alone in the cruiser sometimes while the officer checks a warehouse where an alarm is sounding. He’ll have to walk through the entire warehouse looking for an intruder. You’ll be sitting there alone in the dark for about ten-twenty minutes. It’s a little scary but you should do it and at least gain some type of knowledge of what the job entails, because your comment is ignorant.

    13. The only way to fix the city and the country for that matter IS one by one we start taking a stand and speaking up just as this retired officer did! And he DID provide facts!!!! What will people like you do if these lies and deception continue and the once great city of Columbus, that took years to get it where it is, is destroyed??? The very things ginther wants to destroy is what has brought people to our city!!! So very sad the many blnd, ignorant people in this country right now. Heartbreaking! May God reveal the lies and deceptions and those doing it!!!

    14. You need to do your homework before you make those types of statements. If you check into the information that is written and find it to be false, please let us know. Your comment is totally your personal opinion and has no data to back it up!! Get busy and do some research before you attack another person’s opinion. Especially an opinion that comes from years of experience in the CPD!!!

    15. That’s where you are wrong. There was a video on the news showing the bricks and other crap being thrown at the officers. But most of the stories being reported didn’t show that part, only showed the officers as they tried to get the “protesters” under control and were bashed for it saying it was for no reason as they were “peaceful protesters”. This whole issue of BLM and letting them all do as they please is ridiculous and needs to stop. Equal rights is one thing but they are violating the rest of our rights in the meantime. I dont know about everyone else, but I’m not okay with it. I believe these protesters are going for MORE rights, not equal rights and I’m not about to ‘bow down on a knee’ for anyone. They weren’t slaves and they are treating the rest of us like we were slave owners. I dont owe them anything. If they want a better life, earn it like the rest of us. Nothing is free.

    16. I dont live anywhere near Columbus but I can tell your nuttier than squirrel shit don’t you watch the news your city is becoming a giant cesspool of violence and lawlessness. When someone breaks into your house and threatens your family call the mayor as your family is being assaulted or worse!!!

    17. This whole piece is trash written by a person who didn’t realize Nazis had infiltrated their department and were controlling the CPD Twitter. Sure, “he knew everything and everyone in the department” from working night shift. Typical false confidence. Good riddance. Go flip burgers, Scanlon.

  8. Intentional misrepresentation of the facts, creating a hostile environment, inciting racism and spreading propaganda should all be prosecutable. It was most definitely abuse of power. You have all forgotten that you work for the American people. The taxpayers fund your salary. It has become obvious that you have let communism infiltrate our local government and that every one of you work for the Rothschilds aka New World Order.

    We will remove you from power and restore order to our land.

    1. Removal from power is exactly what is needed – NOW. Not waiting till four months from now. It will be too late, by then. Isn’t there something in the Constitution that allows we citizens to run them out on a rail, so to speak? There has to be some way to negate what this mayor has done. I don’t live there, but what’s going on there will be spread to all areas of our state if it isn’t stopped now. How do we get these monsters out of power immediately? Somebody must know the laws that will allow that. I remember, from history, that it has been done before more than once, so we should still be able to do this.

  9. How DARE you (Ginther) think you can do this without telling the citizens of Columbus and surrounding suburbs! Who made you God almighty? Unbelievable… you give a person like you (Ginther) a little bit of power by making them the mayor and you think you are now calling the shots for all of the citizens of Columbus and surrounding suburbs? You are as vile and dispicable as a human being gets. Making the police sound like racist killers? When you know darn well they are not? You are simply a liar who is under the illusion that he is important. You are not….and now you are dismantling the police dept step by step? You are going to make the citizens of Columbus live in a city of lawlessness? You gutless horror. How dare you.

    Karen Frazier

  10. Thank you Officer Scanlon!
    These changes not only affect the safety of the citizens of Columbus, by weakening the police, but also affect how the Division of Fire will respond. If EMS, is called to an unsafe scene, EMS will not go in, until that scene is secured by the police. This will result in a delay of patient care, possibly causing loss of life. The same could be said about fire, and accident scenes. The Division of Fire responds to unsafe scenes all the time, when confronting a burning building, auto accidents etc. But, they will not respond into a potentially violent scene, without police coverage.
    I know that the Division of Fire, will stand with the Division of Police, if things come to a head, with city leaders. And, you are correct, property values will plummet, without operational Safety Services.
    Unless someone comes to their senses, Columbus, and many cities across America, are going to look like Detroit.

  11. Me and my family..and friends stand for our policemen..GOD be with them..and their families

  12. Look at Atlanta New York Minnesota Chicago deaths. We need our men in blue. This is a scary time in America. Mayor and the Governor need defunded and impeached now.

  13. Nobody should be afraid to speak out! We all have that given right. Yes there are things that needed to be changed but not things like statues, our anthem, tv shows, flags, 5hings that we eat and lastly our voices! Everyone has to live in this city of Columbus and everyone should be treated fairly and with the uptmost respect! This city may not be the greatest but it’s ours nonetheless. Unfortunately we do have some people out there of both color whether it be male or female who cause trouble and problems. So yes we need our police men and women to serve and protect. We all are going thru some tough times and changes but things will get better. Please be good to 1 another including those that protect us. Put God in your heart and do un to others as he would do for you. God bless our city and our Nation.

    1. Well stated, Mr. Scanlon. As far as Ginther, how long do you suppose it will take for this to affect Columbus’ ability to bring new business to town? How long before terrific, hard-working law enforcement personnel move away from C-bus for a place where they are allowed to do their jobs? How long before people stop traveling to C-bus to spend their money? It will be very easy for you to manage police when the neighborhoods and businesses vacate the area in favor for cities who aren’t afraid to support their police officers. For me, I live two hours away and used to enjoy a shopping trip to Polaris, Easton, and the occasional trip to the zoo, horse racing track, and other attractions. If this continues, I will avoid Franklin County (and its suburban neighbors) like the media avoids spreading the truth! I will gladly spend my time and money somewhere else. Shame on you, Columbus City Council and Mayor Ginther. Way to throw innocent city employees under the ridiculous bus of misinformation.

  14. Who is paying the mayor and his cronies under the table. Someone needs to look a little deeper. Wake up Columbus, do you want, what happend in another state to happen in our BEAUTIFUL State of OHIO. GO after the mayor and his side kicks. STAND UP FOR OUR POLICE DEPARTMENTS AND OUR POLICE OFFICERS. The mayor and his sidekicks won’t be there to help you, but our OFFICERS WILL.. PLEASE STAND UP FOR THEM.

    1. Good point. For one example, look at the Godown dog park. $3,000,000 (three million) to build! The poop holders aren’t even made of gold….

  15. I am so sad for our awesome Columbus Police Department. They have endured so much hatred and violence this year. They have looked out for our citizens and met with criticism and demoralization. It is SHAMEFUL! Defend our police!

  16. You have said what I have wanted to say since they have been screwing with the Vice Squad. I didn’t want to cause more trouble for my son with my same name! I don’t give a damn anymore, I’m for the CPD. They are the best trained, most intelligent group of men and women in the country!

    1. Well said Ron Sr. I feel the same here. Retired CPD of 37 years I’m ashamed to see what is happening to our men in blue. This mayor surely can’t look himself in the mirror every morning .

  17. This is shocking and should not be tolerated by any one of the good citizens that live there, thank you for bringing this matter to the public’s attention, I don’t live in Columbus but I am troubled very much by what was shared, thank you very much for telling the truth about is happening in Columbus, God Bless you🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻👏🏻

  18. Jim!!! I’ve spoken to retired fellow officers and we will stand beside you to defeat Ginther and minions!!!!!

    1. YEAH! Remember this come election day! Let’s vote those damned socialists out!
      Thank you Mr. Scanlon for sharing the TRUTH!



  19. How can these changes me made, without the public having a voice? It’s criminal.

  20. It’s time to get rid of these crooked officals.They are creating a huge problem for the COD and the citizens of Columbus. Ginther is a coward and the city counsel is a disgrace. Between De Wine and Ginther they are ruining Ohio.Get these idiots outof office before it’s too late. Police officers shijld not havr to take the abuse from rioters or protesters.Ginther why don’t you get off your lazy ass and stand beside those officers and see how you would like being hit with bricks,bottles and anything else that’s thrown at them. To bad all of these officers don’t call in sick for a few days and see how you would handle everything that was going down.So if a bank is being robbed there suppose to take a chance and slap them on the hand and the robber has a gun it the officer can’t do his job because your a voeard and are boughing down to these crimnals.You and DeWine don’t deserve to be in office.Your both a disgrace to Columbus.

  21. The mayor and city council need to go. These fine officers do a great job of protecting and serving our community. Maybe you all should go on a second and third shift ride along. Find out what really happens in our city.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Walk a mile in their shoes, then let’s have a talk. They have NO idea. They don’t put THEIR life on the line every. Damn. Day.

  22. As the daughter of a now retired CPD officer and mother to a son who’s father is CPD, I worry. I worry that my son will lose his father, just as I worried I’d lose mine when our private information was given to the notorious gang the Short North Posse during many of the members trial. I worry for our safety and the safety of my elderly neighbors who arent able to defend themselves if needed. I worry for my son’s safety if the wrong people find out his dad is a police officer. I’m sad that my son won’t be able to experience the same Columbus that I got to when I was his age. I hate to think that even me being vigilant isn’t going to be enough when out in public. I hate that I am finally now considering getting my CCW and dread the thought of having to actually shoot someone when my job as a nurse is to save them. I fear for our city and others like Columbus. America really isn’t the greatest country anymore. We have fallen into disarray. Now I have to consider what country I would try to move to that would be safe. The fact that I now feel the need to literally leave my home due to fear gives me a new found respect for the immigrants who came here due to fear in their home countries. I hate what our “leaders” have done to our city. I hate that we all are now really going to know the fear of not being safe in our own homes. I’m sad, scared and my hopes for our collective future are fading.

    1. Any CPD officers looking for a new home, please note that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is now hiring!

  23. Thank you Mr. James J. Scanlon!! When Ginther or his family is in need of law enforcement, let’s see who he blames for no one being there!

  24. Refund and reinstate law and order and do not dare to have yourselves protected by tax payer money. The citizens of this county should be proud to live in Ohio’s capital city . Residents, tourists and college students all deserve the highest degree of public safety.

  25. Finally people are speaking up. We all need to speak more like Scanlon. We should be protesting and making a fit. Calling out these horrid changes.

    1. Totally agree, Megan. We, the silent majority, have been sitting back letting the whiners have their way and this is the result.
      Look up “black power militia” and Stone Mountain Georgia incident last weekend if you want to see what’s waiting in the wings once the police are deactivated. All hell is about to break lose if we don’t stand, as one, together against this evil that is overtaking our country. Election day will be too late, folks.

  26. This insane, all they had to do is go to Ginther’s home a few times and that little cleared caved and turned his back on the citizens of Columbus. He will live to regret it! God help us all

  27. Thank you Mr. Scalan for your truths. May your voice be heard by all!!❤️❤️❤️

  28. This needs to stop.
    How can our citizens get involved to stop this.
    Can President Trump step in to stop this. We can not allow this happen to Columbus Ohio or any other cities. Please send feed back. Thank you

    1. The answer to your question is YES!! There is something you can do. Lobby for a recall election to fire Gunther and the entire City Council. It will take time and money, but considering how many people are completely fed up with the looting, mayhem, rioting and assault on the great CPD officers, I’m sure you’ll get him recalled. I hope everyone who reads this, joins in. TIME TO GET BUSY!!!!!

  29. Me Scanlon is totally right on target. I have known James Scanlon for years he was a great police officer, K-9 officer, Swat team member. I could not have stated what he did any better . Most of the police offers are great people who love serving there city . So Columbus Ohio citizens must stand up and protect the law enforcement officers and demand that mayor Gunther resigned from his position. Let’s not let the leftist tear our community apart it is time to stand up and make Columbus Ohio a city you can be proud of please support all your law enforcement officer they are there for you . Kenneth Vaido

  30. My wife and I just moved out of Columbus because of the poor leadership of the Mayor. My wife worked in the school system and I was in law school. I have since transferred to a safe area and new school because the Mayor has lost control of the city and has hindered the fine police department. We are just a few of MANY to move and those SOON to follow. It’s shameful!

  31. This is terrible!! My family are ones who are vulnerable and cannot leave Columbus!! Please do not dismantle the police!! When my husband and I were stopped along the side of the road because our car quit, Columbus City police took me home while my husband stayed to get our car towed. The police officer even waited with me to make sure I got in my house o.k. as I am disabled!! Also when our car was broken into twice the police came and were very nice and took our report and said they would be patrolling our neighborhood to keep us all safe!! Without the police, this would not happen and I for one would feel very unsafe!!

  32. Our Mayor doesn’t give a damn about the citizens of Columbus. Were lucky to have such a great police department. But he Would risk the lives of Columbus Citizens
    I sure hope some one runs against him. So we can boot his ass out of office!

  33. It is an evil world out there and if evil prevails through our leadership we will have no choice than to defend ourselves .
    I know Officer Scanlon and he always was professional and represented CPD very well. My prayer is that the leaders of this city will have a change of heart in order to bring back dignity and pride to our great Capital, and not allow money and evil rule your hearts .

  34. As a retired police officer of 34 years I thought something was wrong or facts were being turned around from the facial expressions of the Chief. He looked as if he’d been told the words he could say and nothing more. I have a lot of friends on C.P.D. and now I worry for there safety. I lost all faith in the mayor when he did nothing other than to side with the few that were upset over the statue of Columbus, in the city named after him. I’m pretty sure come election time that Columbus will be getting a new mayor.
    To all C.P.D. Officers stand tall, and watch your 6.
    Prayers to all officers.

  35. Every thing Jim Scanlon has stated is true. The officers of the city of Columbus are being vilified and they have no recourse to try and rectify and defend their reputation. Who would allow a group of people to spread lies about them and not “fight” back? No one would. But the officers have to stay quiet or possibly lose their jobs. Mayor Ginther and city council members should be ashamed!! I believe they are liking the “power” they have given themselves and there is no backing down. Citizens of Columbus – if you feel like this dismantling of your police department is wrong – rise up and let these ELECTED officials know – you will not condone what they are doing.
    You have a voice – let it be heard because they are not allowing the officers to say a word!

  36. City leaders are going to take the city of Columbus back 50 years, somebody needs to step up and challenge this stupid mayor! I’m glad I don’t live in his kingdom!

  37. Thank you for bringing to light the Truth ! Theses false narrative are only a small part of a much larger agenda.

    Not for one minute does BLM care about black on black killings, as we have seen these past few weeks with the innocent slaughter of black children nationwide at the hands of other blacks.

  38. I am a retired Worthington police officer and I have many friends still serving on the Columbus Police Department. It is a terrible shame the restrictions that have been placed on the Columbus officers while dealing with this ongoing crisis and I very much fear for their safety because of it. It is nothing less than criminal what this Democratic mayor and council is doing and saying about the department and its officers. Society is breaking down and the average citizen has no idea what this is going to eventually turn into. All this talk of defunding and restructuring the police is ludicrous. When all this is accomplished by the Democrats across the country, who is going to protect the citizens against the criminal element that breed like locust as a result of all this? I had a wonderful 36 year career serving the citizens of Worthington but I am SO glad I am retired now and don’t have to be subjected to all of this abuse. My advice to all you concerned citizens, stock up on guns and plenty of ammunition while you still can. You have no idea what is really coming after the Democrats are thru with their schemes.

  39. My family member is a police officer. How dare u put his/her life in danger! U have made officers a target for criminals. Obviously, u all have been payed off & r part of the “deep state” of Ohio! If anything happens to my family member, I will hold all of u personally responsible!

  40. I am so ashamed of our city! I was born and raised in Columbus,Ohio and have loved being a Buckeye!
    Just before all of this rioting started, I retired from Grant Med. Center and move out of state. I have seen all that my friends have gone through trying to get to and from work safely and I have feared for them and am thankful that I don’t have to drive downtown to work anymore.
    I cannot believe what our/the Mayor is doing to our city and the Columbus Police department. Shame on him and his city council. Since you, mayor Ginther want to take away the CPD’S protection, then that should mean that you no longer need them to protect or be with you!!!

  41. Mayor and council members need to understand that they are elected officials, elected by the citizens that voted and put them there.
    They are not doing their job correctly and truthfully and need to be replaced and reprimanded for their misconduct of the oath that they took and swore to upheld.

  42. Andy “CHUBBY” Ginther is a POS and always has been. Remember his “Red Light Camera” scam or how about all that School money that came up missing on his watch⁉️ Don’t forget
    the racist City council we have too, with luck we’ll be able to recall Chubby this November as I’m sure we had more than enough signatures to get the recall on the ballot in November❗

  43. Good sir, thank you for your commitment to this community.
    It will NOT go unnoticed.


  45. Maybe the police unions that seem to be in the back pocket of the democrats should give some thought to whom they endorse as candidates.

  46. When the protesters tear up the city the money should come out of the Democrats pocket not from the citizens taxes and not from our Social Security fun NF Ganther 1CPD to stand down I think CPD should go on strike then we will see how much they are in need.

  47. Well folks you had the option of Sheriff Zack Scott or Ginther last election. Bottom line is do your research be an Informed voter. As you now see your vote really does matter!

  48. Mayer Ginther is completely out of bounds with his Decision to defend the police, we need The police to be funded.
    Without the security of the police we have no freedom.

  49. The looters and rioters need to be stopped NOW. Police need MORE support from the city and from citizens! Teach children respect for law enforcement and the laws that make us a civilized society and there will be less violence all around. We all need to come together to work on bettering our society-destroying and blaming officers is NOT helping-it’s worsening the situation. The “silent” majority is going to become not so silent and there will be total chaos!! Make this STOP NOW!! Stop the war on police! Make the war on the thugs!!

  50. This is totally planned in advance by Elitists with the DEEP STATE AGENDA.
    Thank you for your efforts and concerns.
    God has a plan.
    John 16:33

  51. I was born and raised in Columbus for the most and I am so disgusted by Ginther and freaking out about my future and my young but grown kids who will or maybe not live in Columbus or surrounding.This is where my family and generations before me called home.with so much going on( covid19) I don’t know what to do or where to go.

  52. Stop this insanity!!!
    We need the police and all first responders!!! That includes the 911 dispatchers as well since they really are the first responders!
    Who will I call if I need help, a social worker or Ghostbusters???
    Governor DeWine, put a stop to this insanity, PLEASE!!!!
    Is there anything I can do as a citizen of Columbus for 33 years to prevent the “dismantling” of CPD?????

  53. This is outrageous and must be stopped! Absolutely no amount of defunding the police department of Columbus, Ohio is acceptable.

  54. I am hoping that this intentionally bad, even murderous misrule by Democrats will be so bad that everyone to the right of the centrist leftists will vote Republican, or better yet, for true conservatives. Let the communists show America what they really plan to do.

  55. I’m without words. If everything Mr. Scanlon states in his letter to city council is true, the public needs to know. The local news stations need to be reporting the truth. I am no longer a resident of Columbus but I love the city I spent years enjoying. There was never a time I felt afraid of police officers. Citizens, speak up! Don’t let this happen. Demand the truth!

  56. This is so frightening. If they think that will stop the violence , I hope they aren’t disappointed. Why do people think they don’t have to obey laws? It will only get worse. So sad.

  57. You are a Hero and very brave from your words, I am a Army Veteran and deeply appreciate your words and bravery, thank you for your service and everything you have sacrificed for ALL people in our city,

    Best Wishes, Sincerely

  58. I think you do harm by publish this this than good.
    What did you think you would hear from a 33 year on the job cop. He part of the problem. Another dirty cop that looks the other way when cops out there beating an shooting people. Their loyalty is to each other not the people that pay them,the people of Columbus.


  60. We need to find a way to get rid of the mayor. Vote him out. People should have the right to get rid of a pussy who can’t stand up for is police. He is a big Chicken

  61. Mayor Ginther and City council are crippling the City of Columbus. You can bet the City will be mentioned in major law suites when the citizens start dealing with the crappy decisions you have made. I hope every citizen writes to Gov Dewine to stop Gintger and council.

  62. I’m a recently retired officer for the city of Columbus. One of the hardest days of my life was the day I retired. Nobody wore the uniform prouder and stood taller than I did. I strapped on a bulletproof vest and a weapon everyday to protect those who could not protect themselves. Cheated death more times then I can count. But today is a different story. It a shame that the pride I had is not returned by the city I protected. Although the city needs dedicated officers to risk there lives for the citizens that detest them, I would be hard pressed to do it again or encourage other to follow in my footsteps. The city of Columbus will change drastically if they cannot find officers who are willing to risk their lives for a city that refuses to stand beside them. How about we parade all the widows and children of slain officers over the years. They made the ultimate sacrifice for an ungrateful city.

  63. I support and pray for the CPD and their safety and pray this issue is resolved soon.

  64. Facts definitely matter and statistics prove that the police force is extremely necessary in every city to maintain law and order. I would like to see the police in Columbus have a say in all of the decision making process that will be put into place before anything is changed.

  65. It’s actually “Capital” city, Capitol is a building. But if you had actual journalists and copy editors, this mistake probably wouldn’t happen. This is fear mongering at it’s best, and none of you have even bothered to go downtown and watch the peaceful protests. Plus violent crime has been downtrending for the last 25 years, I bet we’d be fine if we didn’t arm police with military grade equipment.

  66. I moved here in 1975 and the first thing I noticed was a police department who appeared to shoot first and ask questions later! In fact, there was enough of it that I called them the “Columbus Cowboys”! This story of a placid police department is fantasy!

  67. Excellent article. I’m sorry for the officers that are stuck in a department that city officials refuse to back. I know the officers that have there “ boots on the ground” are dedicated at keeping the citizens of Columbus safe. Unfortunately, they now have to be concerned with liberal democrats that refuse to back them even when they know they are with in there rights. My advise for those who are on the force is there are other departments that would appreciate you and back you more. For those who are think of joining find another department. For the fire department. I’m sure your next. They’ll be taking your hoses away rendering you incapable of doing your jobs.

  68. As usual the Democrates are screwing this whole country up. I can only hope that idiot mayor needs the help of law enforcement and nobody shows. Also 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks. I guess black lives REALLY DONT MATTER.

  69. This is uncalled for ….the CPD are great n we the people need them to protect everyone there job is to serve n respect n protect us, I will say this…All Columbus people and all surrounding areas will protect our police officers no matter what … Regardless of what it takes, we the people of Columbus Ohio and all the outskirts of Columbus will do everything in our power to stand behind our CPD LIKE THEY HAVE DONE FOR US !!! For LONG AS IT TAKES….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  70. I appreciate OUR CPD very much. We will have no protection from these THUGS who are trying to take over OUR BELOVED state of OHIO and our luscious green city of COLUMBUS! How can we fight this big mistake? Who should we call to make a complaint? GOD HELP US STOP THIS HORRID ORDER!

  71. Stop harassing our Columbus police department and leave them the hell alone and let them do their job….Or we the people will come back And stand with our CPD officers, And they need us badly,
    our Police officers are doing a great job and they need to keep doing a great job, and get rid of all the looters and thugs!!!

  72. Mayor Ginther is a Democrat. Much, if not all, of the looting and misinformation about police have taken place in communities with democratic mayors.
    The (so called) murals, aka vandalism, that was permitted without permits and went unpunished, Democratic cities.
    If I went outside and Painted anything in the street, from curb to curb, if not arrested, I would likely receive a stiff fine and many hours of community service and likely charged with vandalism.
    Known republicans that painted over the mural, simply graffiti that read “black lives matter” were arrested and charged with a hate crime. Others not caught are accused of “vandalism.”

    I mention all this as an independent and swing voter. Seeing the despicable lengths the Democratic leaders have gone to, I will NEVER EVER vote for a Democrat again. I will be Republican or independent party only.

    PS: Further evidence of their despicable acts that have led me to this decision is the 2015 and 2016 email hack of Clinton, Podesta, and the DNC. Sanders was the people’s choice, but the party made an executive decision and appointed Hilary. That is not democracy.
    I will NEVER support anyone in that party, ever again.

  73. Mr. Mayor. I am not from your city. But I have children and grandchildren who are and what you are doing is making me fearful of their lives. Never have I been afraid of them living in “the big city” of Columbus. There is so Much for them to do there. It’s beautiful! But now I am thanks to you cowering under pressure and not looking out for those who pay your wages and benefits and put you in office. What a coward you are!!!!!
    Why don’t you take a look at what happened in Seattle? They went right after the mayor of Seattle! They went to her home for God’s sake! Of course she has security surrounding her home. But It didn’t stop them and they will come after you too! ANTIFA and criminals are not your friend!!
    And what did it take to get Seattle back to where the people were safe? SHE CALLED IN THE POLICE AND GAVE THEM
    Don’t wait for total destruction of the city that you are in office to protect and work hard for. And don’t make yourself look foolish when you have to call the CPD to clean up your mistake!

  74. Stop trying to make it look like Columbus is a bed of crime and murder. The police department is doing just fine and under the circumstances of the BLM protests it was a very sensitive situation. If Ginther didn’t tell them to stand down the situation would have been much worse. There was little destruction a lot of sign painting and yes windows broken at the State House (which I don’t condone). But, no loss of life or limb.

    1. Joan…..a {DS} sheeped operative hey joan when the happens you have my permission to go back to Sleep-Sheep!

  75. This is a disgrace to the fine police officers of Columbus and surrounding areas! Mayor Gunther, you are not worthy of your office! You are putting the citizens of Columbus in danger by not having a fully available police force or a fully equipped one!!! I am ashamed to say I live in a suburb near Columbus, Ohio!!! The city council is no better than you are and what are all of you going to do if someone breaks into your house??? You have let these looters and rioters destroy a beautiful downtown , as well as our state capital!! Frankly, you have taken away the opportunity for school children to visit, and be proud of their state capital! I am a former teacher and, during my forty years of teaching, have brought many groups of children to the Statehouse for tours and The Ohio Theaters for performances! I can’t tell you how many times we took children to COSI which isn’t even open! I am ashamed of and sick about the destruction of downtown and what you let happen there!!! In fact, you all are a disgrace to the the American way of life! Do you want your child to grow up in a lawless city which you had the responsibility to create!!!

  76. It appears to me that the priority for Ginther is get himself re-elected. Is he trying to win over the black voters when he wants to dismantle the police department? Deal with each situation as it occurs and with whom it occurs, but it makes no sense to destroy the entire police force. He’s abusing his power and he and city council need to go. What a slap in the face to the division of police to publicly tell them he does not support them. One of the worst kinds of betrayal!

  77. Did you ever think why shooting is up so high just MIGHT be because of all the rioting that was there!!!

  78. So who voted this idiot into office? I suggest a recall. What a bonehead!!

  79. This is scary !! I do not want to live in the city like this. We need to stop Ginther!

  80. None of the City Council members were originally elected. They were appointed by their cronies in the Democratic Party and then were later elected. Ginther is a political hack who has never had a real job. He is power hungry and self-serving. He and the Democratic party have a socialist Marxist agenda of destroying this country. All the locations of the riots and looting are governed by Democrats.

  81. It’s Time to reimagine our Mayor and City Council in Columbus! VOTE THEM OUT! TAKE AWAY THEIR POWER! This is wrong and they know it. THEY are cowards to bend to the will of angry marauders! IT is all negative and NOTHING good will come from any of these actions! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  82. What does it take to recall a mayor? Thinking it’s time for the silent majority to get off the bench….

  83. I live in Florida now, but I stand behind you in all that you are doing. Keep up the good work.

  84. Still looking for new names for the city. No problem: Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, DC, Newark, Chicago Gary, South Central, NYC, Chop, Chaz, or NOLA. All democratic run SH*T HOLES.
    That’s the Columbus of the NOW. The future is here. Hope you B*TCHES was buying guns and not just making BLM signs.
    I know I was.

  85. Sound like the citizens of Columbus need to start a recall and get some of their elected officials out.

  86. As a mom of a senior graduating high school in 2021, who wants to go to Ohio State, this definitely makes me NOT to want him to be in Columbus!!! All these Democrats want to do is lie and cheat to be able to run this country the way they see fit, taking all of our freedoms away! It is pure evil!
    I have always loved shopping and going to Columbus for eating out, and entertainment. I won’t be frequenting this city if the police are dismantled. People better wake up to the deceit and underhanded way these Democratic lawmakers work!!

  87. Finally someone has the guts to stand up and tell the truth. Thank you James Scanlon. I spent nearly 40 years of my career working in Columbus. I do not live in Franklin County but it was my second home for many years.

    More than that once I have had to call the Columbus police department for assistance and request an officer to be sent. Never once did The officer who came to take a report, calm down a situation or actually arbitrate a difficult situation not show total complete respect to all the parties involved. I was always very proud of the police officers in Columbus and how they handle anything that came down the road. I was always proud to work in Columbus Ohio but like many others I avoid it now like the plague.

    The first words out of the mayors mouth when all of this began we’re totally unbelievable. I had to replay it several times because I could not believe how he could turn his back on the men and women that protect and serve not only the city of the Columbus, but the mayors family and himself personally. He continues day after day to demoralize the police department.

    How do we all these people that agree with you 1000%, how do we help you make a difference? What should we do? I really really believe this is a time for action before things get much much worse. Again thank you so much for your comments for calling out the mayor and city Council. Great great job.

  88. Yet Ginther runs unopposed. Thank you, officer, for this statement of truth

  89. There’s a problem with this article. There’s no reference material. The only link provided is for the North American Swat Training Association that this guys works at listed in the first paragraph. So that means that this is just an opinion piece being passed off as fact. Look, I am not willing to pass on the safety or freedoms I currently posses. In fact I don’t have enough. But you still have to provide proof of your claims…

  90. Everything that Jim said is true. I was a street cop for over 20 years,loved it,still miss it,but under this administration, I would not want to be there now. These officers still have freedom of speech, so where does the mayor get off putting them under a gag order,shame on you Ginther, CPD stay strong and watch your six at all times,We ARE WITH YOU!!

  91. Will the great Citizens of Columbus Rise -UP!? Counter protest peacefully. Campaign against for someone who appreciates our men and women in Blue. Do sit by and say, isn’t this terrible- do something!
    God Bless America.

  92. I can’t believe all the stuff ginther (notice I did not capitalize his name) gets by with. What happened that the petitions didn’t get the 15,000 signatures to remove him from office? I respect the CPD and don’t want to see them removed even though I live in a suburban city.

  93. We all need to pray and turn to Jesus. Its so sad how people have let the devil take over there minds and life. God help them ! In Jesus name I pray.

  94. Ohio Revised Code » Title [7] VII MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS » Chapter 733: OFFICERS

    733.03 General powers of mayor in cities – merger of certain departments.

    The mayor shall be the chief conservator of peace within the city. He may appoint and remove the director of public service, the director of public safety, and the heads of the subdepartments of public service and public safety, and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as are conferred and required by law.

    In any city the legislative authority thereof may, by a majority vote, merge the office of director of public safety with that of director of public service, with one director to be appointed for the merged department, and the director of the merged department shall have those qualifications provided in section 735.01 of the Revised Code.

    The Mayor is guilty of misfeasance. Any taxpayer residing in Columbus may file a lawsuit. Relief: Removal from office. The mayor is clearly guilty of “dereliction of duty” as the city’s “Chief Conservator”.

  95. Good morning Jim! My dad Charlie Barleycorn was a Columbus policeman for 36 years and he loved the force! So sad it has fallen apart. I remember when you and Chris Hauser were both on the force together! People felt so secure back in those days to bad it has gotten so bad. Loved your speech and the majority of people are with you🙏👍😉

  96. Since throughout the USA the thugs,rioters and looters are feeling empowered and supported there will not be the ability to control this type of behavior ever. Why would anyone do this job when there is no support from upper officials and the people that are causing problems are well aware of this.This will result in utter chaos.

  97. Has Mr. Scanlon sent his letter to the editor of the Columbus Dispatch? If not he should. Every single person that lives in the Columbus area should read his letter that he wrote. It’s dispicable what the mayor is doing. It’s disgusting to me. People need to get to there city council meetings and voice there opinions before it is to late. I live in west central Ohio, about 90 miles from Columbus. Love your city, but if this happens I won’t be going there anymore.

  98. When I was a child in the early 90’s my father abused me. The only person who believed me was a latchkey teacher. Not the police, not the teachers. When I finally ran away with the bruises to prove it a woman and a man police officer found me. I did not trust them. She bought me wendys. She was slow and soft. So I told her. 9 police cars took my brother from that home 1 hour later. The male police officer lived 2 blocks from my father’s house. He beat his wife. Broke her arm twice within the time of my childhood. 1 in 4 cops have domestic abuse implications. That’s just what we hear about.

    When I was an adult between 2005-2008 a man was selling my cousin into sex. I could not get her to stop going to him. I told him to leave my house. He put bruises around my neck from holding me off the ground. The police did nothing. The man that did that has still not been held accountable for his actions. What helped my cousin was people believing in her. She eventually got her GED and stopped doing drugs.

    Between 2015-2018 my mixed race sister had a roommate who stole her legal gun. She called the police on this white drug addled man. I had to step in front of the cops from shooting my sister. I am white. The call was made on the man but they trained their guns on my mixed race sister who was not being violent.

    My other Mixed race sister went to a peaceful BLM protest around 2016-2018. She left with her boyfriend and two adolescents. The cops stopped them as they left. In the live video you can hear the cops yelling :get out of the car” ” Stay in the car” “Put your hands up” “get down on the ground” all at the same time. My sister yelled this is a live video several times. The phone dropped and turned off as what I later learned was the cops pepper spraying the adolescents and leaving a welt on my sister’s eye. We knew she was arrested because of the FB live video. We could not get information on her being detained or where she was or bail information for over 30 hours. Within 1 hour of being arrested my sisters name and the other parties were listed on several white racist/nationilst websites as Antifa with details on arrests. These questions I have. How did my sister’s information get shared so quickly if the cops are not part of racist groups? Why did the cops give different orders? What saved my mixed race sister from being shot when she could not comply?

  99. Law abiding citizens have got to organize and speak up! These violent Marxist mobs are scaring people into silence! We all see how individual citizens are assault for voicing any opinion that is not in lock step with them. We see that the police are unable to protect you and if you protect yourself the local prosecuter will prosecute you!
    All Americans of every race, religion, etc must speak up or they will make changes that we will never be able to repair.

  100. Ginther needs to go. He is weak and is not protecting the capital city of Ohio.
    He is easily influenced and I am appalled at the choices he has made.
    He needs to stand up for the great things columbus has to offer-because of many of the people whose statues he has taken down!

  101. I would sure lie to know where the CPD was when we were held up on High St. in front of the Statehouse .
    They knocked on the driver side window and God lead me to bang my handicap placard right back at them. Meanwhile a man rode his bike zigzag in front of our car. I was not scared I felt I had the right to defend me and my disabled husband to the max. Having lived i n the project Lincoln Park after my divorce while attending CTI I also volunteered with the Hunger Task force and did the paperwork and attended meetings when required. I was hit by a known prostitute and I filed charges she lied and stated she worked at McDonalds.. Two weeks later I was called and CPD checked up on me and I could have been dead by then. I truly have many mixed feelings and since I was born here I am going to stand my ground even though I am old and handicapped I will look anyone in the eye and fear no evil. I Hate liars and they will be vindicated. I am shocked to read that Mr. Ginther has said such untrue facts. He helped us get Sharon Elementary school tore down but the Sharon Meadows Park is right across from our house and they should be patrolling this as needles have been found and children have seen men urinating in public. I can no longer walk there and one of my neighbors carries a huge walking stick to protect himself and his dog. We need a leash law also. Andy has changed and we need new representation. He is full of himself and the power has gone to his head. I hope some day I can vote again when my asthma and arthritis are better. Even our neighborhood meetings are not happening since last August ans I am beyond angry. Officer Scanlon sounds like a super man to me and I hope Clintonville could have such a dedicated and honest officer to calm things down.

  102. I am not a voting citizen of the city of Columbus, but I do have a question to ask of them & the attorney’s of the city: can you impeach the mayor and council members for sedition and not upholding the oaths of their offices in the best interests of the citizens they represent & are to be serving? If so, it’s time.

  103. My daughter and son in law live in Columbus and this scares me. Her living in Columbus scared me, before reading this. Now I’m terrified. Wth is happening in this country?????

  104. I am leading a group of people who are trying to get a law passed in Massachusetts where Resisting Arrest carries mandatory Jail time. We’re starting with
    1st Offense: 5 days;
    2nd Offense: 15 days;
    3rd Offense: 30 days.
    Every one of the police/victim shootings were precipitated by resisting, grabbing an officers gun or Taser or wrestling with the Officer.
    Legislation like this is a start but so simple to implement. Let’s get it rolling in Columbus too!!!

  105. I noticed the subtle changes about 3 years ago and they were dramatic! Initially I thought maybe I was overreacting, I tried to use “reason and logic”, then I began to speak with the senior citizens who were always so kind to me. They knew that I worked the night shift and I didn’t realize what was happening to my beloved neighborhood while I was at work. One of my neighbors told me that I should stay in town on my vacation and I would see it.
    I followed his advice, I did see it. I put the house on the market, I sold it in one day. I have never regretted leaving Columbus Ohio, I am glad I did. Those senior citizens , I miss them.

  106. Fellow Citizens:

    How can we work together to try and counter the mayor and city council if they try to make changes to the police division that will be harmful to both the police and the community? (Even those of you in the suburbs might be impacted because if Columbus Police, with its extensive resources, cannot provide mutual aid or some situations — like helicopter assistance, etc.).

    Do we have an attorneys that are posting that might know of some options? Can anyone scan City of Columbus code to see if they can make drastic changes like this all of a sudden, if they can move budget dollars from one area to another? Do we have any legal recourse? Can we pack City Hall and politely, but surely, make ourselves heard?

    I know that not every officer is perfect, and I’m fine with some reforms where needed, but wholesale changes to police policy and powers should not be made without extensive community input — and — what model are they using? In what cities of the changes they are proposing worked? It’s one thing to say you want to re-imagine the police, but who’s trying to make these changes — persons that don’t understand police work? Where’s the hard evidence proposed changes will work and be effective? Life and death situations are at stake here; it’s not time to experiment because certain pockets of the community do not appreciate police services.

    I am willing to work as a group with other interested citizens. If any interest, please provide input.

  107. Fellow Citizens:

    How can we work together to try and counter the mayor and city council if they try to make changes to the police division that will be harmful to both the police and the community? (Even those of you in the suburbs might be impacted because if Columbus Police, with its extensive resources, cannot provide mutual aid for some situations (like helicopter assistance, etc.) it could be a negative).

    Do we have any attorneys that are posting that might know of some options? Can anyone scan City of Columbus code to see if they can make drastic changes like this to police services? Can they simply move budget dollars from one area to another when budgets have already been approved? Do we have any legal recourse? Can we pack City Hall and politely, but surely, make ourselves heard?

    I know that not every officer is perfect, and I’m fine with some reforms where needed, but wholesale changes to police policy and powers should not be made without extensive community input. Also, what model are they using for these changes? In which cities have the changes they are proposing worked? It’s one thing to say you want to re-imagine the police, but who’s trying to make these changes — persons that really understand police work? Where’s the hard evidence proposed changes will work and be effective? Life and death situations are at stake here; it’s not time to experiment because certain pockets of the community do not appreciate police services.

    I am willing to work as a group with other interested citizens. If any interest, please provide input.

  108. I left Columbus for the EU. I grew up on the west coast, and I lived 13 years in Ohio. I find Ohio to be parochial, Fox-news watching, God-fearing, poorly educated, superstitious and racist. (I am white) and yes, I would love to take your f@c+ing guns away. All of them. No, I’m not a liberal, I’m a pragmatist. There are too many guns in the USA and WAAAAY too many churches. You people belong in the Deep South where you can just bring back the peculiar institution. That’s what you really want anyway. You people put Trump in there and you will get what’s coming to you for that.

  109. Its reaching a critical time in these cities and I dont care if they’re run by Repubs or dems..the fed govt. Should step in arrest those involved with enabling violence and chaos and install martial law.

  110. My wife worked downtown for 38 years, I worked since I came to Columbus area in 1961. I’ve seen several Mayors, some bad some good, but this Mayor is an ASSHOLE!!

  111. Amen, brother! While it is true we have not had a republican mayor since Lashutka….the Republican Party in Franklin County is even more pathetic than the democrats. No opposition to Andy, no credible opposition, or support for Republican City Council candidates. CPD has an awesome force. Are there some bad apples? Sure… one gets through on occasion. But to paint all law enforcement as they have been is wrong. We need to stand with our men and women on blue! I have done a couple of ride alongs…and I am forever grateful for that thin blue line!!!❤️🙏🏻

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