Violent Protests Given Free Rein; Mayor Orders CPD to Stand Down

The Statehouse has been a regular target of vandalism by protesters and some Ohio lawmakers have had enough. They are going public about Gov. Mike DeWine’s lack of regard for protecting Ohio’s taxpayer-funded property.

They also question why Mayor Andrew Ginther ordered the Columbus Police Department to “stand down” to rioters, leaving law-abiding citizens and downtown business owners without protection.

Mayor Ginter publicly denied that he ordered CPD to stand-down, but a telephone call to the department tells otherwise.

In the call, the dispatcher clearly states that Ginther ordered CPD to stand down and gave rioters “full rein” of the streets.

Mayor Ginther ordered CPD to stand down.

Several Ohio representatives are condemning the blatant disregard for public safety and public property by the Governor and the Mayor.

The representatives spoke out on social media against the violent protests.

Speaker Larry Householder said Ohio taxpayers should not have to pay for damages left behind by rioters. He warned that the city’s Local Government Fund could be made responsible for paying for repairs and cleanup.

“I am notifying Mayor Ginther right now that whatever costs it takes to repair damages to Statehouse, Riffe, Supreme Court and Rhodes Tower – I will be pushing to have deducted from City of Columbus’ Local Government Fund,” stated Householder in a social media post.

“State taxpayers should not have to pay if the City won’t let their police protect,” said the Speaker. “If Columbus has the honor of being our Capital City then they have the responsibility to protect taxpayers assets.”

Rep. Jon Cross questioned why the Governor has not stepped in.

Rep. Scott Wiggam stated in a Facebook post that no one should be above the law.

The Statehouse is Post #1 to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Officers were photographed cleaning up after protesters, after reportedly being ordered to do so by DeWine.

Fliers were distributed by protesters with a list of demands, which included defunding the CPD, changing the name of city of Columbus, releasing all prisoners and having the city listed as a sanctuary for immigrants and refugees.

While several Republican state representatives spoke out against continued unchecked rioting in the state’s capital, many other representatives from both parties were silent.

The following is another post by Speaker Householder.

This is the epicenter of state government and the symbol of law and order in Ohio. It lies within the jurisdiction of the City. Arrests that have been made in past weeks have had all charges dropped by the City Prosecutor.

7 thoughts on “Violent Protests Given Free Rein; Mayor Orders CPD to Stand Down”

  1. This Free Reign must be halted! Law abiding citizens and business owner have rights including protection from vandals (wether disguised as protesters or rioters) ! That is what separates an orderly society from anarchy!
    We must take back our cities, communities and restore order!

  2. I hope they are proud of their complicity in the whole situation. Nice part is they will be up for election and then…Ba Bye!

  3. The leadership that we elected to take care of the city and state have clearly failed here.
    I never thought I would see the day when maintaing basic peace and justice would be ignored In Columbus.

    Shame on all of you who are responsible for handling this- you clearly were not the right people for the job.

    The majority of these people obviously not social justice Warriors, but rather just basic vandals and anarchists.

    Do your job and bring this to a stop.


    1. Exactly Fred! That mayor though, is much worse, than the Governor. He is a kiss ass (politically correct) and goes with whatever movement, that comes to him. He loves his job and his status of it. He will do whatever it takes, to please even the worse of the worse, of some so called organizations! Reelection is his (both) of their goals. Governor DeWine and him, are really pathetic and have no backbones, to let that happen within their city. Let the LEO’s, out of their cuffs and restraints in general and let them do their damn jobs! You have placed the City of Columbus, with the likes of Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dearborn, New York, Portland, several cities in California and a few more, with your SOFT AND INTIMIDATED STANCE, within your control. Take charge and get a hold of the leniency, when it comes to people being illegal and settling in that city! California has all of that, locked up. They give illegal licenses/I.D.’s out, like candy or prizes, within Cracker Jack boxes. Enough is enough!

  5. Maybe more states need to follow Oklahoma’s lead and when they are arrested charge them with terrorism, etc.
    “District Attorney David Prater charged multiple people with crimes such as, terrorism, rioting, arson, incitement to riot and assault and battery on a police officer. The defendants face years in prison.

    According to The Oklahoman, Prater called the defendants violent and unscrupulous. Referring to the terrorism charges, he said, “When you act like a terrorist, you will be treated like a terrorist.”

    Prater also said Oklahoma City was “not Seattle” and his office wouldn’t put up with lawlessness. The terrorism charges were linked to the burning of a police vehicle and attempts to burn a bail bonds business.”

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