Legislative Profile: Mark Fraizer

Each week, Ohio Statehouse News profiles one of state legislators. Representative Mark Fraizer (R-Newark) is our featured legislator this week.


State Representative Mark Fraizer

State Representative Mark Fraizer serves the 71st Ohio House District. Fraizer was born and raised in the city of Newark. He has served as a Newark City Councilman since 2016, where he contributed to the successful removal of discriminatory BSL legislation, the expansion of Community Reinvestment Areas in key locations, and the cultivation of advancement and growth throughout city. He was the Chair of the Economic Development Committee and a member on the Finance, Safety, Rules and Recreation Committees on City Council. Rep. Fraizer earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from Otterbein University. He is a Sr. Project Manager at Huntington National Bank. He previously served on the boards of the Historic Hudson Community Association and continues to serve on the board of Invest Hope, a non-profit that serves underserved communities in Haiti. Fraizer was the primary sponsor on three key pieces of legislation while serving in the House and co-sponsored 17 bills. Fraizer was recognized with a National Security Leadership Award from Mission: Readiness Ohio while serving in the state legislature. 

Why did you become involved in government?
I became involved in politics because I wanted to help and support our local community. I have lived in Newark my whole life and I’ve seen the great potential it has, along with the rest of Licking County. Being a part of Newark City Council was just the start of my political involvement. It’s been an honor to serve Licking County as State Representative and I look forward to my continuous service.

What are your legislative policy priorities or goals for the upcoming session?
Although I have many legislative priorities for the upcoming session, my key priorities include economic development and easing the use of tools for local government. I also plan on sponsoring legislation that will assist the aging and disabled population.

What surprises/unexpected challenges did you encounter when you started?
The legislative process for how a bill becomes a law is actually very complex. Between the beginning stages of hearings and testimonies, to the passage by both chambers, to the signing by the executive branch, it’s a long, comprehensive process.

How do you stay in touch with your district?
I stay in touch with my district primarily through attending events and gatherings throughout Licking County. I like to get out and talk to constituents and I maintain and open-door policy to encourage my constituents to reach out to me.

What is the most interesting/unusual request from a constituent
I’ve received a few unusual requests involving exotic and wild animal laws.

What are some of the attractions or hotspots in your district
Our district contains the Newark Earthworks and Hopewell Indian Mounds, Longaberger Basket Building, adjacent to Dawes Arboretum, revitalized Downtown Newark with the Midland Theatre, and numerous parks and quaint communities.

Ohio is so diverse, what are the primary challenges you’re facing?
There is a lot of diversity in Newark. The needs for consistent educational funding, sustained economic growth, and infrastructural investment are all major items facing Ohio and Licking County.

What have you done to help your district?
During my time on City Council, I created two councils: The Mayor’s Council and The Economic Development Council. Both councils have greatly benefitted the community through government streamlining. During my time as State Representative, I’ve helped my district through sponsoring and supporting legislation to empower local government, support healthcare transparency and protect religious liberties and freedoms. I’m going to continue to work towards organizing and driving out solutions and funding opportunities to address transit, zoning, infrastructure and intergovernmental cooperation.

How has your district benefitted from the budget?
Although I was appointed into the House after the budget passed, Licking County has still benefitted from it. We have been able to receive additional funding for education services, children’s services and transportation services, along with a huge income tax cut. I’m looking forward to being a part the next biennium budget.