UPDATED: Ohio Governor Candidate Joe Blystone is a Fraud and We Have the Receipts

UPDATED:  We were just informed by the Franklin County Board of Elections that there was a glitch in their system and that Mr. Blystone voted in the 2020 general election.  He failed to voted in the 2020, 2012, 2010, and 2008 primary elections.  

As conservative grassroots activists we have to be on constant guard against fraudsters, grifters, hucksters, and outright fakes.  This is especially true for those who are either new or were brought back to this movement by President Donald J. Trump.

Enter Joe Blystone.

Ole Joe got my attention recently when I heard that while on a call with Ohio pro-life leaders, he said that passage of the Heartbeat Bill was “crap”.  Ok.

He then doubled down.

Instead of apologizing he began to attack former State Representative Candice Keller as a “fake patriot.”  When I wrote about the importance of the Heartbeat Bill and Ohio’s pro-life movement he and his handful of minions personally attacked me.

So I took a deeper look at Mr. Blystone.  But first I decided to give him one last chance to explain himself.

Sadly, he decided to dig a deeper hole.

A search of the online voter history for the Franklin County Board of Elections shows that Mr. Blystone failed to vote in either the 2020 GOP primary or the 2020 general election.


The most important election in our lifetimes and Mr. Blystone didn’t vote either in the primary or general for President Donald J. Trump?  Or any other Republican candidate?  Really?

So I emailed the Franklin County Board of Elections for confirmation and they provided me with a printout of his entire voting history.  A link to that pdf is here.

A supporter of Mr. Blystone is now claiming that Mr. Blystone, his wife, and his son actually voted but that the records somehow have disappeared.  If so, then the conspiracy must run deep, because the official records show that he also failed to vote in the GOP primaries in 2012, 2010, and 2008.

This conspiracy must also run to the federal government. Records from the Federal Elections Commission showed that Mr. Blystone never made a contribution to President Donald Trump until AFTER he lost his re-election campaign.  Wow.

It is very, very difficult to beat an incumbent Republican Governor in a primary.  To do so, Ohio conservatives must unite around a single, solid, well-vetted, well known, and well-funded candidate to even stand a fighting chance.

Most importantly, we simply cannot be fooled by someone who slaps on a cowboy hat and calls himself a patriot.  The stakes are too high in 2022.

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Ohio Governor Candidate Joe Blystone is a Fraud and We Have the Receipts”

  1. How about you stop working for your Establishment Masters…and let things run their course? How about you stop doing EXACTLY what the Left wants by dividing us, and give the man time to produce the proof he stated that he has? How about you stop trying to destroy someone who is working their butt off for the benefit of the people, and try listening to him or even attending a meet and greet? Candace showed her character by sharing a personal conversation without the ENTIRETY of CONTEXT, attempting to Drag, Dox and Cancel another American…therefore she is no better than the Left.

  2. Well, this definitely isn’t a bias article at all is it? Especially since the author’s entire FB page is endorsing Jim Recnacci. Give me a break, and try a different approach besides the typical mud slinging campaign….you know they had “proof” that Trump was involved with Russia too….. (insert eyeroll)

  3. Now THIS….is some good reporting. We simply cannot take anything at face value must always do due diligence BEFORE forming an opinion. Now, unless the PDF is fake, I’m calling this due diligence and will not be supporting Mr. Lystone. Sorry, Blystone.

  4. I never heard of the man before and I will be very careful about any candidate I vote for.
    I know that the radical Democrats want to destroy our country and our way of life, I don’t
    particularly care for DeWine but I would vote him back in the office for someone I know nothing

  5. Now wait just a minute. If Joe says he voted and roles say he voted, then this is part of the fraud committed by the election officials or Dominion voting machines.

  6. You are all scared of Joe. His entire business and farm was lined in Trump signs the entire campaign season. Rinos are afraid of the man, Joe Blystone.

  7. #blystone2022
    It appears the author of this article is really upset and is merely lashing out to try and hurt Joe….(now that’s funny). Joe Blystone is going to defeat Dewine. The amount of election fraud and inaccuracies in the voter records are unbelievable!! I personally know others who voted and they don’t show up as having voted either. Calm down boom boom, get yourself a drink gather yourself up…baaahaha lol 😂

  8. Sounds as if the author of the article, his candidate and party are worried a lot. Ohioan Patriots are done with Parties, we just watched the Nation Republican party buckle like a Tin Cup under a Bull-Dozer. We just watched the Ohio Assembly buckle like a Tin Cup under our Governor’s Unconstitutional actions. Refused to Impeach, Or Over-ride in important cases, refuse to sign Articles of Impeachment, then they Pass SB22 which now assigns a separate board of assemblymen with no intestinal fortitude to do nothing again…YEP DONE….Hey Author you’ve proven a great Point MONEY=POLITICS how so?
    You equated Support=CA$H. My Vote is the only support worth anything on election day, and it is given to Candidates and Belief’s not Parties.

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