An Important Message from Clinton County GOP Chairman Tim Inwood Concerning Joe Blystone

Tim Inwood, Clinton County GOP Chairman, asked us to pass on this important message. Tim is in FB jail for an unrelated matter. Apparently Mr. Blystone does not believe in apologies:

I spoke to Joe Blystone in two phone calls this evening. One 14 minutes 54 seconds and the second (because the signal dropped) was 2 minutes 19 seconds. I tried to give him good advice and I also asked for an apology.  In the course of the conversation I was told I was a tyrant and a dictator like DeWine, I was told I was a liar.  He said he was sorry he hurt my feelings but no apology and I should put on my big boy pants.

Folks we are not dealing with someone who should be running for any office.  In my opinion he is a self destructive, loose cannon who gladly goes out of his way to make enemies where he had someone willing to help give advice and listen to his platform.  Be warned that is what we are dealing with here.