High Speed Internet Access Should be Made Safe for Ohio Students and Communities

by Monique Maisenhalter, SW Ohio for Responsible Technology

According to the September 1, 2020 Ohio governor press conference, $50M in grants has been made available for providing remote learning supplies to K-12 students.

These supplies include internet-abled lap tops, tablets, and Wi-Fi hotspots for homes which will allow 121,000 students to do remote learning.

The grant also supports the creation of new public and mobile Wi-Fi spaces to provide internet access to 645,000 students.

During the press conference, there was also discussion of streamlining broadband laws.

Ohio broadband laws like Ohio House Bill 478 “Small Cells Expansion Act” severely limit municipal control over wireless infrastructure installation. These laws put Ohioans’ health and safety at risk.

4G and 5G small cell towers have been installed next to Ohio homes, schools, medical facilities, and businesses. They are continuing to be installed without taking health, safety, and liability into consideration. Ohioans should be given a say in this.

If there is no “cell service gap” in your neighborhood, then telecom companies shouldn’t be allowed to install towers, antennas, and other wireless infrastructure.

According to lawyer, Andrew Campenelli,
unfortunately, what the vast majority of the country doesn’t know is that with respect to the 5G rollout, virtually all of the wireless facilities are essentially unregulated.

What I mean by that is that when they are built, the FCC has no idea where they are and has no idea of what level of RF radiation they are emitting.
That’s because any facility under 199 feet doesn’t have to be registered with the FCC.

And with regard to RF radiation they are exposing people to, the FCC – unless it receives a complaint – they never test the facilities and never require the owners to test them.”

Also according to Campenelli, Ohio legislators and municipal governments are not powerless to regulate and deny small cell installations.

In 2011, Dr. Keith Black, an American neurosurgeon stated “Children’s skulls and scalps are thinner so the radiation can penetrate deeper into the brains of children and young adults.”

Health issues caused by Blue Light from screens are also well documented.

Ohio students deserve safe remote learning tools. School districts should provide families with the necessary tools to set up wired Ethernet connections in their homes and instructions to turn off the Wi-Fi signal on school-supplied devices. This would eliminate the need for Public Wi-Fi and Mobile Wi-Fi spaces which create health, safety, and liability risks as well as reduce property value.

School districts should also supply Blue Light reducing glasses or protective screens for students to use with their devices.

For more information about unsafe technology being installed in Ohio, join SWORT on Facebook (SW Ohio for Responsible Technology) or email [email protected] Click here to review and sign our petition, “Stop 5G Deployment in Ohio Until Independent Studies Prove It’s Safe.”

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9 thoughts on “High Speed Internet Access Should be Made Safe for Ohio Students and Communities”

    1. there is no such thing as pseudo science. a term originated by industry to corral people into a false belief system. the closest science to that is industry funded science. 60 years of science by all barnches of the military and nasa will inform the lazy and ignorant of the harm

  1. There has been no actual/factual science which proves nor supports that 5G or any G is safe for humans especially the vulnerability of children, quite the contrary, the science that has been done supports the opposite that it is unsafe and comes with health risks. To continue to subject vulnerable children and all peoples is unethical and dehumanizing and unmoral. Try researching true science found at: https://ehtrust.org/5g-4g-small-cells-in-ohio-insurance-issues-health-and-environmental-impacts/?fbclid=IwAR3vK-08dVEe7qdDpeA-E9EbdKscq86KcWY8_yUcRTpSbpX5iPrj5u6OVlU

  2. I would have never thought WiFi could cause health issues until I saw it with my own eyes affecting my health and the health of my children. Bloody noses, headaches and sleep disturbances all stopped once we identified and removed the source. We must have safety testing done before we allow towers to be put up everywhere.

  3. I’ve become sensitive to EMFs, especially wifi. I have taken steps to reduce exposure, such as switching from a cordless to a corded phone, hardwiring the Roku box, and turning off wifi at night. While I can control what’s in my house, I have no control over what they might install near my house, which could also affect my health negatively. 5G implementation should be halted until it’s proven safe.

  4. I agree radiation from 4G and 5G towers is something we all should be concerned about. So many people are unaware of the dangers of this technology. Countless studies show the harmful effects of this radiation. Wired ethernet connections are so much safer!

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