DeWine’s Chosen Bedfellows

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, Governor Mike DeWine has chosen to align himself and the state of Ohio with some unsavory individuals and organizations.

First it was  Partners In Health, an organization co-founded by Paul Farmer that lists George Soros’ Open Society Foundation as an official partner, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Farmer and the PIH openly espouses a Marxist, globalist world view.  PIH  counts Chelsea Clinton on its board of trustees.

DeWine handed contact tracing of Ohioans over to PIH on a silver tray, with no input from the legislature, thereby avoiding any potential opposition.

More Recently, DeWine chose to partner with the Rockefeller Foundation, a group well known for promoting eugenics and population control.

On Aug 4,  The Rockefeller Foundation released a statement announcing that Gov. DeWine and five other governors established a partnership with the foundation  to source  three million Covid-19 antigen  tests –   the same test that two days later produced DeWine’s false positive.

“The Rockefeller Foundation stands ready to assist in facilitating financing mechanisms to support this large-scale interstate testing compact,” said The Rockefeller Foundation release.

Incidentally, The World Health Organization cautioned against using antigen tests in April, due to a low accuracy rate of  just 34% to 80%,  according to WHO.

The Rockefeller Foundation also has close ties with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

DeWine has extensive ties to Haiti and reportedly took Dr. Amy Acton for a visit there before she became ODH Director in February 2019. Many of DeWine’s chosen bedfellows are also active in Haiti.

Clearly, DeWine has forgotten that it is Ohioans’ hard-earned money funding his paycheck, and that he is not in office to pursue his own interests and agenda.

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9 thoughts on “DeWine’s Chosen Bedfellows”

  1. I am so disappointed in mike dewine he is such a disgrace and would to see him removed he is such a turn coat and is so spineless and such a liar

  2. It is absolutely disgusting what our Governor is doing to all of us, the citizens of Ohio. I don’t see a leader that cares about people at all. He has and will continue to cause more harm than any virus or illness. The good people of Ohio need HELP now to end this perpetual nightmare. Anyone has any ideas?

  3. I have supported DeWine for a long time, but I’m very disappointed that Governor DeWine has chosen to align himself with these far left factions. Anything George Soros touches and the Gates are supporting will end up compromising our freedoms and enabling big government control of our lives. Time to wake up and recognize who the man behind the curtain is. Big Brother is real and unfortunately now permeates the Democratic Party. When Republicans cozy up to these folks, they are nearly as bad.

  4. The fact that he KNEW, he wouldn’t be elected as a Democrat, so he used the ran as a “pro life” canidate in order to gain the conservative, “church” vote is just one more vile reason that he needs removed. Anyone that voted “Aye” with Hillary Clinton over 900 times while in the Senate, tells me more than enough. You are known by the company you keep, Wexner, Shottensteins, Clinton, PIH, just to name a few. Why did Jeffrey Epstein call, Ohio “home” from 1994 to 1997? The same years that Ms Maxwell is being held on human trafficking charges? Why has DeWine made more than 19 trips to Haiti, including those with HILLARY? There is a way bigger issue than “Covid”. Average number of deaths in 2017 in America per day, were more than they are currently, while “in pandemic mode” . This is a sinister plan. He has destroyed our state. And the very fact that the media thinks he is a darling worth speaking to frequently, screams that he is anything but a “red state”. Iam disgusted, and sickened that he is still in Office. Many ask if they should “step down”, Well, yes, or be removed, for Dereliction of Duty, Failure to Uphold the Constitution, Malfeasance, Accessorie to harm the public, by refusing ro enforce the law. Also, when you state that “IF” you were given any donations they’ll go a “foodbank” or “something”, we’ll see. And I can look at almost 126,000 given over 13 times? That’s a lotta food bud. Please don’t act like we are ignorant to the facts that you KNOW and know well, especially when you are in the personal business of every single Ohioan on a daily basis and want FULL CONTROL over every single aspect of our lives. You are a deceptive, evil entity and I pray that this sham ends soon. Sick of your voice, your “updates” your Napoleon orders and you should have mass class action lawsuits over this debacle.

  5. Thank you for your truthful reporting! In a sea of misinformation and propaganda you remain faithful to what journalism is supposed to be, Good job!

  6. Well now I know for sure, he’s in the deep state’s pockets. Dewine must go. His term won’t be over soon enough!

  7. All of this aside, and it’s a lot to put aside, you can’t even get through to someone at his offices. Every extension goes to voicemail and every voicemail box is full, with no option to leave a message. I and several others have written several emails to his offices, and have yet to receive even a canned auto response. Something stinks. And it stinks of treason. It is time for Ohio to seek the aid of the president and have this bastard removed, indicted and sent to Guantanamo bay for the rest of his miserable existence.

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