Ohio Banning Hydroxychloroquine for Treatment of COVID-19


Ohio is banning the use of  hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19 beginning Thursday, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

ODH Press Secretary Melanie Amato said the drug is not an effective treatment for COVID-19. She stated that Board of Pharmacy rule 4729:5-5-21 of the Administrative Code will go into effect Thursday, banning its distribution.

The rule prohibits selling or dispensing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.

The ODH announcement comes just days after new information was made public about the success of hydroxychloroquine – actually calling it a cure for COVID-19.

Medical professionals attending an America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on Monday addressed the media and the U.S. public about the country’s fight against COVID-19 and a few, including Dr. Stella Immanuel, spoke out against the current accepted virus treatment and the need to wear masks.

Video of Immanuel speaking quickly went viral as she talked about her experience treating COVID-19. She called it a cure for the virus.

This position is in contrast to the safety issues raised by the FDA, which has cautioned against using hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients.

Watch the video. 

The video was quickly banned across social media platforms.

The Ohio Department of Health purchased two million of doses of the drug earlier this year and later was given two millions more doses by an Ohio drug-maker. None of which has been dispensed to the public for use, say sources.

About 22 states bought up large quantities of the drug – some 30 million doses, saying they wanted to have a supply on hand.

Shortly thereafter, the Food and Drug Administration announced that hydroxychloroquine is not effective against COVID-19 and advised doctors not to prescribe it.

Ohio reportedly spent $602,629 on hydroxychloroquine pills in early April. Capitol Wholesale Drug donated two million more doses to the state on April 20, worth a reported $680,000.

Amato said the ODH will be returning the donated medication to the drug maker. It has not been decided yet what will be done with the stockpiled medication that was purchased, said the press secretary.

Hydroxychloroquine has been around for decades. It is a quinoline medicine used to treat or prevent malaria. Numerous medical professionals believe it is effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

From the Ohio Department of Health:

Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine COVID-19 Checklist
On July 30, 2020, Board of Pharmacy rule 4729:5-5-21 of the Administrative Code goes into effect. In general, the rule prohibits all terminal distributors (including pharmacist, prescriber clinics, out-of-state pharmacies, and institutional facilities) from selling or dispensing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19. Please be advised that this rule replaces emergency rule 4729-5-30.2 and that all approvals for the use of these medications made under that rule are no longer applicable.

To assist licensees in complying with this new rule, the Board has developed a guidance document that can be accessed by visiting: www.pharmacy.ohio.gov/hydroxy
The implementation of this new rule is based on the following developments:

• June 15, 2020: Based on ongoing analysis and emerging scientific data, FDA has revoked the emergency use authorization (EUA) to use hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat COVID-19 in certain hospitalized patients when a clinical trial is unavailable or participation is not feasible. The agency made this determination based on recent results from a large, randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients that found these medicines showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery. This outcome was consistent with other new data, including those showing the suggested dosing for these medicines are unlikely to kill or inhibit the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, FDA determined that the legal criteria for the EUA are no longer met.

• July 1, 2020: A summary of the FDA review of safety issues with the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is now available. This includes reports of serious heart rhythm problems and other safety issues, including blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and liver problems and failure.

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  1. Wrong part of the socialist takeover of OHIO.. Citizens will sue the state of Ohio for not allowing all forms of treatment.. is this why so many cancer patients die.. for the same stupid politcal money making reasons… you People are of the Devil.

    1. Total bullshit its becoming a total shitshow i cant wait to vote
      And i never have knowing how manipulated it has been in the past the fear of government control over us should be much larger fear then the pandimic
      The plandimic is what i fear

  2. Our analysis shows that using hydroxychloroquine helped save lives,” said neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Kalkanis, CEO, Henry Ford Medical Group and Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Henry Ford Health System. “As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight. And the data here is clear that there was benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.” This is a quote from a recent study.

  3. This is insane. The stuff works.

    DeWine needs a reason for his ridiculous mask mandates and lockdowns. HCQ would take away the reason!

  4. This is absolutely horrific. They Ohio state house must’ve never read the 39 pier reviews studies that show HCQ is 100% completely effective. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This isn’t about helping people, this is about politics. I’m ashamed that this is even an issue for discussion. If people want to be prescribed this medication they have every right to do so not having a legislator telling them they can’t. This proves to me that our Ohio legislators are complete shills for big pharma. Whatever happened to my body, my choice? We are quick to allow the legalization of foreign substances, assisted suicide and abortion, but a drug that has life saving capabilities? You have all gone mad.

  5. I hope you’re action
    in this matter is correct and not motivated by mean political reasoning. If you do this and it comes to light that you were wrong people WILL die. Many physicians worldwide swear by HCQ to treat Covid-19. I think you are wrong to ban this drug.
    God help you if you are.

  6. Are you KIDDING me? Who decided this? Here is the whole reason this medicine was pulled …. the democrats can NOT have a cure come out before the election. Period. For many reasons! Most of all though, they do NOT want Joe Biden to have to do any public speaking because he can not speak in full sentences. The man is pathetic and an embarrassment. The other reason is they want MAIL IN voting so they can CHEAT easier. They do NOT want people going to the polls mask or no mask. They know that they will be beaten again! The democrats are controlling ALL of this. This is a hoax, and one day all Americans will see that. It is UNSPEAKABLE. The Clintons, Obama, etc have the power to do this, make no mistake, they are pulling all the strings. All because of their hatred for Trump. They could care less how many Americans die because this medicine have been forbidden to us. They are foaming at the mouth savages.

  7. This is is an outrage when there are doctors achieving success with hydroxychloroquine therapy with their patients, here in the country. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Ohio medical care practitioners to consult with the doctors who are experiencing success with their patients?

  8. This is ridiculous. Hydroxychloroquine has been in use for 65 years. Do not tie doctors’ hands in prescribing this drug. You are supposed to be lawmakers, your NOT doctors!

  9. The Ohio department of health and the governor are using this as a political strategy against the president of the United states. The ODH knows that this medication can save lives from the covid19. It’s time for the Ohio citizens to stand up and recall the governor and replace the leadership of ODH. THEY are out to wreck our ohio economy and jeopardize lives, and control the people in ohio against our constitution rights.

  10. Who gets charged with murder for withholding this drug? Isnt it the persons choice to take medication? Or is an election that important?

  11. This drug has been proven to be safe. In my opinion and from what I hear many others this is a crime against humanity. If DeWine truly wants the numbers to go doe this drug should not be banned. It has helped many people. Shame on whoever is responsible for this. People are dying and suffering needlessly.

  12. I am in complete shock! Why don’t we let physicians and patients talk and make decisions about what they want to try. Why not have have anything and everything available to use in the toolbox. I will have to now go out of state for this medicine if I need it, it has a safer profile than just about any other drug and should be available for use. There are studies that prove it is useful (see Yale physician’s paper) it is OTC in some countries. Why don’t y’all just stick to messing up Ohio and let the medical peeps do their thing. Ask any physicians how often they use meds off label, the answer is a lot.

  13. This just proves the Pharmacy Board no longer is working for the best interests of the people of Obio but is now a partisan, political organization. Shame on them and the ODH.

  14. This is absolutely unconscionable.

    Whether or not hydroxychloroquine works or not (I think it does) is not the issue. The issue is the personal right to make our own health decisions. This medication is not dangerous. There is no justification to forbid Ohioans to take it.

    Maybe DeWine will ban insulin next to kill off diabetics.

    As I watch confused, frightened parents fret and sweat over how and whether to send their kids to school, into an dystopian environment surrounded with masked zombies (psychological and emotional torture) and social distancing, and watch the absurd restrictions being placed on businesses, I am astounded by the level of absolute nonsense the people of this state are willing to accept.

    How about some self respect, Ohioans.

  15. I don’t believe anything the Government or their agencies say, to many real professional and not politicians says that it works, why do you hold back a drug that would prevent or help heal the virus?

  16. The ODH needs to be sued. My medical treatment should be between me & the doctor. Ohio dont own me or my health. Get the hell out of my healthcare.

  17. The ODH have lost their collective mind! I have a close friend’s mother which came down with COVID-19. She is 90 years old with medical issues. Her doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine upon learning of her being infected with COVID-19. She recovered in a short period of time.

    People will die in the State of Ohio because of the decision by Governor DeWine’s Ohio Department of Health.

  18. Why in the hell would you ban a drug that could save lives. You people have lost your minds. Do any of you have medical degrees??? Who are you to be making these kinds of decisions about people’s
    health care. It’s disgusting and sick.

  19. Absolute dictatorship in Columbus! We better not find out any legislators or governor the #DictatorDeWine took this or any members of their families. This is ridiculous!! Let WE THE PEOPLE decide what we take!! Lawsuits are coming! Idiots in Columbus can’t control and governor and let the people do their jobs. Suicide all time high. You ALL have blood in your hands of those deaths!!!

  20. If I were to get sick from this virus and they are sitting on a drug that could help me or my loved ones get better with zinc and a Z pk. And they refused access to it! They better hope I die because I will sue the whole state of Ohio and wipe the
    smirk off of the governors face. He says hes been sued plenty of times but this would be different. We must be firm about these things putting us all in danger.

  21. Seems like the government should stay out of medical care and allow doctors and patients to determine which route they want to take. HCQ/CQ have been used safely for decades for multiple uses.

    1. I agree. It also is very inexpensive to use so would nor be a big profit buster for the wealthy drug company’s.

    2. I agree .our government cant run our country right. Now they all have p.h.d.s in medicine.imagine that.

    3. Amen! It seems VERY sinister, that they desperately want a vaccine that is not going to work. What vaccine for viruses has ever worked? Fauci even said “no guaranties”. This drug has worked. Many countries are using it and saving lives. Is it NWO, or is it population control, or is it that HCQ/CQ is so inexpensive?

      1. It’s worked on everybody who has used it so what the hell are you talking about? I’m confused, if something helps and States dont want to use it even though the evidence supports its effectiveness why are people so STUPID?

    4. This is between a patient and their doctor. A pharmacist should never be allowed to overrule a physician’s Rx. This drug should be widely available to everyone who goes to any pharmacy with their doctor’s Rx. People are still dying. They should not be blocked from trying this drug with their doctor’s okay.

    5. Exactly! A Yale study that was done recently shows that the drug does work for COVID patients. Follow the money and you’ll see who’s behind the misinformation!

    6. Amen. Well said. The Government has NO right to interfere in a Doctor /Patient treatment schedule of treatment. We are not under Government run Health Care … YET!?

    7. DeWine is totally selling out. He acts like he is conservative and cares about us Ohions but I no longer believe nor trust him. By constantly including his wife Fran and children, and grandchildren he thinks he endears himself to the public. It’s an obvious act. I have been taking hydroxychloroquine for over 15 years for the treatment of lupus. The only concern has been possible vision problems of which I have experienced none. I get a thorough eye exam once a year as recommended by my doctor. What drug on the market does not have side effects? Listen to the drug commercials! An exhaustive list of dangers. So political it’s laughable. DeWine and democrats have underestimated the intelligence of the American people.

    8. DeWine is done. I voted for the puke, holding my nose the entire time, but not anymore! This iis a rdpublic, not a dictatorship. Doctors should be in control of what to prescribe not governors. Primary the puke and vote him out!

  22. This is absolutely wrong! Why are you doing this??!! This will save lives! I am so sick of this anti-Trump stuff! You should be for the people! This is so petty and ridiculous! Quit fighting everything Trump wants! Accept that he is President!!! And a darn good one! Be for the USA not the Democrats! They have no heart or soul!!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That is what’s happening. This is totally rigged up by the liberals and the crooked media. The government had too much say in the beginning on how to treat people and because of that many more died than should have. Too many bright and educated doctors have came forth to report on how good of a drug we have but Ohio is saying no to it. Pitiful.

    2. They know it works. Cuomo is probably taking it that’s why he’s careless not wearing a mask around people. Pelosi is probably taking it too. They’re purposely
      letting people die to meet the population control and to further the destruction of our country. This will put them closer to one world order.
      But you know what????? They’re failing.
      Every time one of them open their mouths another blinded democrat sees the truth and defects to the RIGHT.
      TRUMP 2020

  23. Who is banning it! The democrats? We the people should be able to make up our own mind! How dare the state say we can’t have it!! This is wrong!!

  24. I do not understand the recent fear of frontline doctors speaking up for a treatment that is effective and cost efficient. Our posts are removed and then replaced. This doesn’t sound like “normal procedures” to me. What is it the state is trying to hide?

  25. Tou People in Ohio are royally Screwed. Tour Govenor has sold you out. Any lives lost due to this rule is on the Governors head. He will have caused the deaths.

    1. Yes indeed he needs to held for dead going forward. and he health advisor .

    2. I agree that Ohio’s Governor has sold out the people he’s supposed to serve, and he should be held liable for any COVID-19 deaths in his state from this point on.

      But the way hydroxychloroquine works in the HCQ + zinc + azithromycin protocol is that HCQ is an “ionophore” for zinc. In other words, zinc has to get into the cells of your body in order to do its good anti-viral work. But zinc has trouble getting into cells unless it has an “escort” or ionophore. And HCQ is NOT the only zinc ionophore. There are safe, effective zinc ionophores that people can buy over the counter. Anyone interested in this possibility should get on the web and do a little research, then equip themselves with enough zinc and their chosen ionophore for them and family members to use at the first symptoms of COVID-19 (and one of the first symptoms in many cases is a sore throat).

  26. You lot are filthy communists. We will use whatever drug works, and that drug is Hydroxychloroquine. We will get it one way or the other, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. In the meantime, try pulling your heads out of your communist backsides.

    1. These are the same people who would move heaven and earth to make sure you could kill your baby in the womb in the ninth month. Saving lives is not the priority. However, controlling you, taking away health choices, and keeping you dependent on government for ALL THINGS is their highest goal! Wake up America!! The Barbarians are at the gate!!

  27. Ohio IS Banning Hydroxychloroquine because Trump said it works. You don’t care if people die. Mike Dewine I’ll never vote for you again.

    1. He won’t ever get my vote again either. And when I find out who the losers are who voted in favor of this, they won’t get my vote either. They should be charged with murder for everyone who dies from covid from this point on. HCQ is very effective when used. What is wrong with these people?

  28. This sucks! What right does the state have to do this? Another violation of our right.

  29. Well of course the FDA would be in it. There’s no money in that pill. It’s unfortunate that people are dying so that others can get rich.

  30. I believe they passed an accompanying bill to 2015’s HB523 (Ohio medical marijuana use,) that includes the “right to try” medical treatments recommended but not prescribed under Dr orders without full FDA approval for the condition being treated. That would nullify this ruling as it would violate legislatively passed ORC.

  31. The disco for boot in the Senate or was this just the pharmaceutical board voting? Is this law or their opinion?

    1. Sorry, speech to text all too often gets the best of me. My question was, did this go up for vote in the Ohio Senate or was this just the ruling from the pharmaceutical board and if so, does that make it law or just opinion?

  32. This is more evidence of Amy Acton and the power she still wields in the Ohio Department of Health thanks to Governor DeWine. She will do everything in her power to prolong this scamdemic as long as she can and do as much damage as possible to the State of Ohio and its citizens. DeWine is complicit in this corruption as he continues to work tirelessly to destroy the economy and the lives of all Ohioans.

  33. I will be traveling to a different state if I come down with covid 19 for a treatment of chloroquine, zinc and zpack

  34. I think this is a really sad Article. I told my husband if I get sick I want him to demand I be given this, I would take my chances. I guess if I contract Covid I will have to go out of state to get treatment. This is a sad state of affairs for Ohio and Ohioans.🙄🤦‍♀️

  35. DeWine, nor any person in his administration or family, will ever get another vote from this Ohioan.

    Also, most sincere wishes for all of you to contract Covid and NOT be given the chance to try the drug YOU banned. Truly, not one of you deserves to not get a bad reaction to the virus.

    Truly Disgusted.

  36. So what is the current early effective treatment when you find out you have Covid-19 that is available?

  37. Deep state Dewine strikes again. The blood of the innocent is on your hands, and those who follow your directives. GOD himself executes Justice and Righteousness in the EARTH.

  38. I’ve read enough studies I’m highly acclaimed and credentialed University’s Medical Center’s doctors and scientists and I believe it’s very effective in treating covid-19 I’m relieving the symptoms and just a couple days. Covid-19 symptoms are miserable and I would want to be able to have that drug if I so choose! We are not yet under Medicare for all, the government is NOT supposed to be controlling my health care, doctors should be able to prescribe this to their patients!

  39. You are full of crap. You ban probably the most effective treatment on the market. It has been proven.

  40. Governor DeWine is a narcissistic evil midget! He is a satanist, hell-bent on destroying Ohioans! He needs impeached and locked up!

  41. This decision should be between doctors and their patients. We do not need dictators in Ohio. People may die over this. 🙏🙏🙏

  42. This is the most heinous thing this Dewhiner administration has done. He wants to kill us by prohibiting a cure just because he hates our President. We will not forget this Dewhiner!

  43. This is complete and utter lunacy! They people of Ohio are absolutely sick of these barbaric edicts by a governor who is showing no regard for his constituents. This is not about Covid. It ceased being about Covid with THIS rule. It’s about power and control. Pure and simple.
    Governor DeWine, I am calling on you now to step down. Take Husted and Acton with you. You are not worthy of the great state of Ohio.
    How dare you! HOW DARE YOU ban a perfectly legitimate treatment. Where did you study medicine?

  44. This should be illegal. There are so many Doctor’s saying it works, ODH is intentionally causing harm to the public. They should be treated as terrorists. As an adult if I’m comfortable taking it then I should be allowed.

  45. They are complicit in MURDER if they persist with the black balling of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and
    zithromax. Our RINO mayor is hell bent on ruining Ohio’s economy and health by making everyone afraid too go out and by not allowing people to gather and touch and be normal. Older people can’t build up their antibodies to keep up their immune system’s defenses.

  46. Why weren’t these pills used in Ohio to prevent deaths! How can all these doctors be wrong? Ohio you are taking us down the rabbit hole real fast!! Why would you deny someone the right to work with their doctors to find the right medications for themselves?! And you wonder why people don’t want to listen to you.

  47. So sad that the powers at be are corrupt at all levels…that’s they’ll let innocent Americans die to accomplish their evil agenda. 😕

  48. Insane, criminal, a LIFE SAVER for many. Why???

    READ thoughts FOR ITS USE from Newsweek by Harvey Risch, MD, PhD
    ON 7/23/20 AT 7:00AM EDT
    As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.
    I am referring, of course, to the medication hydroxychloroquine. When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.

    On May 27, I published an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology(AJE) entitled, “Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk COVID-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis.” That article, published in the world’s leading epidemiology journal, analyzed five studies, demonstrating clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients, plus other very large studies that showed the medication safety.

    Physicians who have been using these medications in the face of widespread skepticism have been truly heroic. They have done what the science shows is best for their patients, often at great personal risk. I myself know of two doctors who have saved the lives of hundreds of patients with these medications, but are now fighting state medical boards to save their licenses and reputations. The cases against them are completely without scientific merit.
    Since publication of my May 27 article, seven more studies have demonstrated similar benefit. In a lengthy follow-up letter, also published by AJE, I discuss these seven studies and renew my call for the immediate early use of hydroxychloroquine in high-risk patients. These seven studies include: an additional 400 high-risk patients treated by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, with zero deaths; four studies totaling almost 500 high-risk patients treated in nursing homes and clinics across the U.S., with no deaths; a controlled trial of more than 700 high-risk patients in Brazil, with significantly reduced risk of hospitalization and two deaths among 334 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine; and another study of 398 matched patients in France, also with significantly reduced hospitalization risk. Since my letter was published, even more doctors have reported to me their completely successful use.

    My original article in the AJE is available free online, and I encourage readers—especially physicians, nurses, physician assistants and associates, and respiratory therapists—to search the title and read it. My follow-up letter is linked there to the original paper.

    Beyond these studies of individual patients, we have seen what happens in large populations when these drugs are used. These have been “natural experiments.” In the northern Brazil state of Pará, COVID-19 deaths were increasing exponentially. On April 6, the public hospital network purchased 75,000 doses of azithromycin and 90,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine. Over the next few weeks, authorities began distributing these medications to infected individuals. Even though new cases continued to occur, on May 22 the death rate started to plummet and is now about one-eighth what it was at the peak.

    Hydroxychloroquine tablets
    A reverse natural experiment happened in Switzerland. On May 27, the Swiss national government banned outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. Around June 10, COVID-19 deaths increased four-fold and remained elevated. On June 11, the Swiss government revoked the ban, and on June 23 the death rate reverted to what it had been beforehand. People who die from COVID-19 live about three to five weeks from the start of symptoms, which makes the evidence of a causal relation in these experiments strong. Both episodes suggest that a combination of hydroxychloroquine and its companion medications reduces mortality and should be immediately adopted as the new standard of care in high-risk patients.

    Why has hydroxychloroquine been disregarded?

    First, as all know, the medication has become highly politicized. For many, it is viewed as a marker of political identity, on both sides of the political spectrum. Nobody needs me to remind them that this is not how medicine should proceed. We must judge this medication strictly on the science. When doctors graduate from medical school, they formally promise to make the health and life of the patient their first consideration, without biases of race, religion, nationality, social standing—or political affiliation. Lives must come first.

    Second, the drug has not been used properly in many studies. Hydroxychloroquine has shown major success when used early in high-risk people but, as one would expect for an antiviral, much less success when used late in the disease course. Even so, it has demonstrated significant benefit in large hospital studies in Michigan and New York City when started within the first 24 to 48 hours after admission.

    In fact, as inexpensive, oral and widely available medications, and a nutritional supplement, the combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin or doxycycline, and zinc are well-suited for early treatment in the outpatient setting. The combination should be prescribed in high-risk patients immediately upon clinical suspicion of COVID-19 disease, without waiting for results of testing. Delays in waiting before starting the medications can reduce their efficacy.

    Third, concerns have been raised by the FDA and others about risks of cardiac arrhythmia, especially when hydroxychloroquine is given in combination with azithromycin. The FDA based its comments on data in its FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. This reporting system captured up to a thousand cases of arrhythmias attributed to hydroxychloroquine use. In fact, the number is likely higher than that, since the reporting system, which requires physicians or patients to initiate contact with the FDA, appreciably undercounts drug side effects.

    But what the FDA did not announce is that these adverse events were generated from tens of millions of patient uses of hydroxychloroquine for long periods of time, often for the chronic treatment of lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Even if the true rates of arrhythmia are ten-fold higher than those reported, the harms would be minuscule compared to the mortality occurring right now in inadequately treated high-risk COVID-19 patients. This fact is proven by an Oxford University study of more than 320,000 older patients taking both hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, who had arrhythmia excess death rates of less than 9/100,000 users, as I discuss in my May 27 paper cited above. A new paper in the American Journal of Medicine by established cardiologists around the world fully agrees with this.

    In the future, I believe this misbegotten episode regarding hydroxychloroquine will be studied by sociologists of medicine as a classic example of how extra-scientific factors overrode clear-cut medical evidence. But for now, reality demands a clear, scientific eye on the evidence and where it points. For the sake of high-risk patients, for the sake of our parents and grandparents, for the sake of the unemployed, for our economy and for our polity, especially those disproportionally affected, we must start treating immediately.

    Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD, is professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health.

  49. They don’t have the right to refuse people access to hydroxychoroquine.
    Those kind of choices should be up to the patient and their doctor.

  50. If many have been effectively treated with this drug, then I don’t agree with banning it’s use! This may be the only thing that saves Ohio lives!!! #populationcontrol!!

  51. My reply is dewine needs to be arrested and charged with murder by refusing to let this drug be used if i get covid and cannot receive this drug i pray my family sues him for my death!

  52. Feeling hopeless.
    Feeling that this is very wrong.
    I should have a say in my treatment of any illness that I may have.
    Ohioans are being treated like criminals.
    There is no understanding this other than SOMEONE wants lots of us to DIE.
    I had expressed to my physician at my last regular checkup; that my biggest concern about us getting Chinese Virus was not being treated with the hydroxychloriquine.

  53. This is insane. It is Ridiculous. You are taking away the freedoms of Ohio wins for medical treatment. That should be left to the person and their doctor. I will vote according to the way lawmakers vote on this bill..

  54. So we are going to ban the one drug that absolutly helps cure cov. 19 Why not leave it up to the patient to take or not to. What is truly happening in our country that we our killing our own people allowing riots with no consequences, letting our police to be attacked killed nightly? Why do the Democrats hate Trump this much. Obviously over money. Time for people to start standing up for our country and make a stand against these thug terrorist.

  55. Banning this drug for COVID is bullshit and should NOT BE ALLOWED. Citizens have the right to decide how they prefer to treat their own illnesses if they so desire.

  56. When they keep this drug from the people cause there isn’t any money in a cure for big pharma, I hope these governers that are banning it have to deal with our us attorney’s. It’s a harmless drug been around forever and the people have the right to try whatever they want.

  57. This is bullshit. It’s only up to me and my doctor. Not the state. Communists!

  58. I want the freedom to make choices when it comes to my health so I want this law changed. Who is behind this law? Always follow the money trail.

  59. I have a real problem with legislators overriding my doctor. Especially when there is proof that it works. Just because you hide the evidence doesn’t mean it goes away.

  60. I wish you would reconsider this move. Course of treatment of medication use should be between physicians and patients, especially involving long approved drugs.
    You have made this now, a political move and this voter is very disappointed with the latest development involving Covid 19 treatment. Your stance is beginning to look like governmental blackmail/ control to push an untried vaccine.
    I expect to see lawsuits against the state of Ohio in the future.

  61. This is UNACCEPTABLE! These decisions should be between a doctor and the patient. What about My Body, My Choice? Only applies to killing babies? This WILL NOT STAND, Ohioans, rise up! Call your Senator and Representative, the Attorney General of the U.S. and anyone else you can think of.

  62. This is bullshit. You never used it so you don’t know if it works! I used to be proud to be an Ohioan – not any longer! FDA approves anything
    that is “useless” not anything that works & i know because they approve drugs for MS THAT KILLED MANY PATIENTS b4 you realized it was lousy medicine!!

  63. That is not what we want to see, you need to reverse that view. There will be lawsuits coming.

  64. The fda just wants u to pay for there vaccines instead of a one that many drs said its very ineffective screw this were not sheep

  65. This is so wrong!!!! You and DeWine have no right to ban these drugs!!! Also Since when does a pharmacist have the ability to override a doctor’s order, if there no contraindications for the patient?? It has been known to work in conjunction with azithromicin, and zinc. This is about the almighty dollar, pharma, control and anti-Trump politics! Let the PCPs decide what is best for their patients. Quit killing innocent people for your gain. Yes, I have had family members that had the virus and one that I believe was misdiagnosed and died from the complications of it.

    1. My daughter, who has asthma, contracted Covid-19,
      was prescribed hydroxychloroquine and zithromax, she recovered from the virus! Don’t tell me it doesn’t work.

  66. How dare you deny life saving treatment from people which has been repeatedly proven. Only evil politicians and media try and lie about it because they hate Trump.
    The government has absolutely no right to interfere in an I individual’s health care choices.
    It’s time to recall Dewine and get an honorable person in office who truly cares about people.

  67. I’m very angry with our state Government for allowing this decision to be made . Dr’s are Dr’s and as such should be able to subscribe this as they see fit for their patients . The Government of the U.S. has become far over reaching and the people who you represent will have their say . We are not going to stay silent . Head my words . As they say “ you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything , have to be your own man not a puppet
    On a sting “ a few will not rule the masses

  68. Obviously the frontline doctors hit a nerve to be banned from social media and immediately in Ohio…then again hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and a Z-Pak are much cheaper than all the monies being made from vaccinations every year on the populace! Anything in large dosage can be toxic (like the ingredients in vaccines) who oversees the FDA and WHO? I think it’s time they were investigated. As far as Dewine we will remember in November. One last question … who is on your payroll? The silent majority want this investigated as well.

  69. Why ban it, front line doctors are saying it works. People who are actually working with patients. Ohio has to be the dumbest group of evil Democrats I have ever seen. And to Ban it now because someone has come forward and says it works tells me that they want people to die.

  70. To the State of OHIO, get your self ready for a fight. Who the hell do you think you are! A drug, an effective drug, tried and true for some seventy years with very little to no side effects, now is all of the sudden a danger to society?
    This dictatorial attitude has pushed the people of Ohio and the united States to the point of rebellion!!

  71. This is boloney! If I want it and can’t get it due to this new rule, there will be lawsuits. That is between my doctor and myself, not the State of Ohio.

  72. Bullshit. How much is dewine being paid by big pharma. Citizens should ban together in Columbus to protest this out right lie.

  73. We will fight for our right to have this drug!! Who paid you off???

  74. did dr amy have something to do with this decision? hmmmm….
    cheap treatment being removed from freedom of choice

    1. This is ridiculous!! Undo this right now! If I get the virus I would ask for this! Come on!! Its been around for 65 freaking years!!!!

  75. I do not live in a communist country. This drug has been around for years and has been FDA approved up until 2020. I as an American have the right to make decisions for my own family, no government has the authority to take my freedom away from me. I want the ability to get this drug over the country. This is available in other countries and we should have the same freedom, if not more.
    Step down if you cannot do the right thing for the American people.
    Tl Fleurent

  76. I think this is total bullsh**! It was okay for them to use it in the first corona virus when Obama was in office. My own do it agrees it works. But you ass kissing the democrats is the final straw.
    The Health Industries, the WHO, the Democrats and their lies and corruption you can shove your vaccine up your ass!
    This will be remembered by the voters and this virus will be gone by the end of November. We the People are not your puppets.

  77. I do not live in a communist country. This drug has been around for years and has been FDA approved, up until 2020. I as an American have the right to make decisions for my own family, no government has the authority to take my freedom away from me. I want the ability to get this drug Hydroxychloroquine over the counter. This is available in many other countries and we should have the same freedom, if not more.
    Step down if you cannot do the right thing for the American people.
    Tl Fleurent

  78. not enough money in this drug for them..plus its not something that will cause addiction and brain fog..So they can’t count on people coming back for me..

  79. It’s up to me and my physician what I need for medicine not anyone else . Funny how the department of health bought so much but they don’t want us to have it . I believe it is a cure when combined with Zithromax and zinc . No one should interfere with using medicine of our choice . And watch and see what happens when we the people find out this was a planed project against us .

  80. I’m am very upset to hear that as a American I have the right to decide if I want to use as a treatment. We can look and check out the information for ourselves . Just like WE HAVE (THE RIGHT TO TRY )MEDICINE THAT SEEEMS PROMISING So how is HCQ not considered as a promising med (Not a Cure) but could help . I’m truly being to believe the Ohio Department of Health would rather see more people hospitalized because of the Big Big money they receive from our government . We as American citizens we have the Right to Try . Why don’t you look a data from South Dakota Governor allowed as treatment Total Positive Cases 8641, Ever Hospitalized 810 Deaths 129 Recovered 7609 Maybe Ohio Department of HEALTH IS DOING SOMETHING WRONG!!!! OH YA NO LOCKDOWNS TO RUIN THEIR ECONOMY and small businesses that will never come back . Believe me if anyone ends up in hospital on a ventilator Ohio Department of Health should Be Sued For not allowing Americans the Right to Try

  81. I wouldn’t trust the FDA, look at all the mistakes they have made and this medicine is a cheap drug compared to what they want to use. So I think it should be up to the doctors and the patients of what they want to use. I am totally against government control and regulations- they need to stop! Insurance companies and government have no part in what a patient needs!

  82. How in the hell can they get away with doing this when so many doctors give it and says it helps?? Because Trump says it works you are going ban it? Complete total ignorance.

  83. Are you kidding me? What the hell? The state is telling me that my doctor cannot proscribe for me a drug the fda has approved for the purpose? This is so unbelievable to me. I am speechless at the evil that is this administration.

  84. This should not be happening.
    Write, call, email, text or tweet the Governor, senators and representative to get this drug available to the citizens!!

  85. They need to fuck off and leave medicine alone and stop banding shit that help people

  86. My husband made it through this virus because of this med. What are you thinking? If this is true I can’t tell you how disappointed I am on this decision. I question who you are listening to. Please have a press conference to explain this decision.

  87. This is wrong and political. I couldn’t disagree more. It will absolutely guide my votes this fall. Shame shame shame.

  88. This is awful! How can our governor pretend to care about his constituents and then ban a drug that has been proven to work? Let the decision about what is best for someone be between a patient and doctor!!! Totally disgusted with Ohio’s government. REMEMBER YOU (SUPPOSEDLY) WORK FOR THE OHIO PEOPLE!!!!

  89. You are lieing! It jad been proven to save lives! There are thousands of Physicians that have used it snd it saved lives!

  90. My concerns for your decision to ban hydroxicloriquine as a treatment against the Chinese Virus are appalling! Your decision to do this will only kill people and anger the rest. As the silent majority we will pursue your decision with vengeance. My only advice to you is reverse this decision before it has an affect you can not bare. We will be contact all and every state representative with our concerns. If this falls on dead ears so be it we will deal with it ourselves. Our irresponsible govener is in a place that you have just put yourself. Do you think these city riots are an issue now, you have seen nothing yet. So in my closing I highly suggest you reverse this decision before you are held accountable for the actions a out to be taken.

  91. It is my understanding that doctors across the nation is treating patients with this medication and it is absolutely successful in the beginning and later stages and working very quickly to stop the progression of the Covid Virus. And patients recover completely.

  92. Hydroxychloroquine Study Finds the Drug ‘Significantly’ Cuts Death Rate
    Benjamin Gill
    A substantial new study has found that the arthritis medicine hydroxychloroquine sulfate helped patients survive COVID-19. In fact, the study from the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan said the drug “significantly” cut the death rate of patients.

    “Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19 – and without heart-related side-effects,” the health organization reports.

    The randomized double-blind study of 2,500 COVID-19 patients found the drug can be effective if patients received it early in their treatment.

  93. That is totally evil!! Who are you to decide what my treatment should be. If I get Covid and you don’t allow my treatment with this you will be sued by me and my family. You are killing people with your hatred. Grow up and stop thinking of your own pockets. Disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!! People having been using this drug for years no issues.

  94. It may not be the cure but it may lessen the symptoms. Just like common cold you say there is no cure but you can buy stuff to help you get threw it. So why throw all that medicine away? Just like let’s throw away vaccines we don’t know for sure they work.or flu shots. How about vitamins? Do they work?is antibiotics a cure?? Or do they just help you fight things off? I think if people want to try it so be it. Why ban it? Why not ban metformin?

  95. This Board of Pharmacy Rule is outrageous. I practiced pharmacy for 40 years in AL, FL and IN. Many, many safe and effective drugs have been used off label. HCQ has been deemed safe since 1955. It is an essential drug as deemed by the WHO. By denying the dispensing of HCQ as an EARLY therapeutic or prophylactic med for Covid to reduce disease progression, reduce symptoms, reduce hospitalization and avert deaths. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is unethically, immorally interfering in the physician patient relationship. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy can be complicit in the deaths of tens of thousands of Covid patients by withholding an effective medication as shown by U.S. doctors and other countries. Much more harm will be done by withholding HCQ.

  96. This is rediculous! Any drug already on the market if found to work for some other reason should not be banned like this! This happens all the time with older drugs. All of those drugs arent banned! What is wrong with Ohio?! This is a political and financial move that could kill people for no good reason. “If” it works for ONE person…if that ONE person was your Mom or Dad…Sister, Brother, …Child…you would want to try wouldnt you??!!! Shame on you.

  97. To: Gov. Mike DeWine,
    Please refer to. https:www.justice.gov/crt/deprivation-rights-under-color-law… ( Section 242 of title 18)

    Thank you for your consideration…

  98. How come many doctors have used it and have great results. This has turned political.

  99. No debate any more…Ohio is controlled by anti-Trumpers. Medical doctors say the drug works, Ohio’s Health Department bans the same drug.

  100. It is our right to try what we want to we are adults. Gov employees have no right to ban this for Medical purpose. Take it to the Supreme court & stop this abuse of power.

  101. Do not do this to us. We want to have a fighting chance. This is unethical to refuse Americans a drug that is perfectly safe. Why are you letting this happen? You have made it where people taking it for other illnesses can not get the drug regularly. They need it too.

  102. They are killing thousands of people. It’s blood on their hands for a drug that is the no brainer treatment. I personally know people who were cured by this. Dewine needs to go. He’s done.

  103. This is not right. So many drs have seen it be effective with the virus!! I am 71 years old and would like to be able to take hydroxclorquin if i would get the virus. This should be between the Dr and his/her patients. Please do not ban this

  104. This is revolting!!! The treatment actually works along with zinc and an antibiotic and literally everyone treated with it recovers, and you want to ban it??? What is wrong with you people??? Not enough people dead for you?? Population control not working out the way you planned? May Almighty God have mercy on your souls.
    No!!! You have been put into office for the people and by the people, ALL of the people. It says below that laws should be made by legislation, well God’s law is higher than your law, and I pray that He takes whoever is responsible for this out of office because it’s wrong!!! This is an outrage!

  105. What a shame. Even if there is a small chance it can keep someone off a ventilator, it should be available. It has been used for decades safely. It is cheap. It CaN help!!!!! Let doctors be doctors.

  106. You have no right to stop people from getting this drug. Just because you don’t want to take it doesn’t give you the right to prohibit other people from getting it. I don’t believe you care about the people in Ohio

  107. It figures, the one treatment that might actually stop people from dying they want to discontinue. There has to be a way to have this overturned.

  108. I am an Ohio tax payer and I demand this drug to be sold here in Ohio. Stop this non sense governor.

  109. I strongly object to this action of the state of Ohio banning the use of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19. There are numerous studies worldwide that affirm effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, as well as the testimony of multiple medical professionals.

    The decision to use hydroxychloroquine or an alternate therapy should be left to the patient and his doctor.

  110. It should be a decision between a patient and their doctor PERIOD!!. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY SAY!! I guess the health and welfare of people are not in your best interests, only politics!! That seems to be all that matters to anyone right now!! You should be ashamed!!

  111. This is bull crap! That medicine has been around for years and have helped alot of people! Mike Dewine who are suppose to be for the ohioians, and your letting this happen! I voted for you, and it as been the worst mistake I made. There is alot of other’s who.feel the same way!

  112. All drugs have side effects, different for every person. HDQ is no different. Just like an ordinary aspirin, it’s great for some and not for others. Any medication can cause potential harm. When the benefits outweigh the harm, use it or die. Why fight this when doctors have used HDQ, and it has proven to be extremely effective.

  113. Who are you to tell me I can’t take a drug, given early, to prevent contracting COVID-19? There are real MD’s saying that it works. You have no right to increase my chances of death by denying this drug which has been around for decades. Dam you to hell for the evil inside you!!!

  114. Time to be honest. This drug is older than any of us and the statistics proved that it works. In America we should have a choice. This is not
    A dictatorship – someone needs
    To remind Governor Dewine

  115. How dare they ban a proven effective treatment! We have a right to take it if we chose! The Ohio Health Department should be ashamed! You’d rather have us dead. How much is bug pharma paying you people to ban the drug??

  116. This medication: HCQ (along with zinc and zithromax) works when provided early on’ It works. Check out these studies: https://c19study.com/ (65 studies, 39 peer reviewed). I’ve taken this medication as a preventive many times from 2003 -2016 while traveling throughout Africa, Central and South America – with none of the issues – it’s all propaganda. (Do your research on Operation Mockingbird and then listen to the mainstream media.) This is being banned so “the second wave” can occur – for control! Do your research on the efficacy of masks from research dating back to 2003. The recovery rate in my area for this virus according to CDC numbers and our local health department is 99.94%. People are losing their homes, people are depressed, isolated, filled with fear, anxiety, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, children are confused, falling behind academically… May common sense prevail!


  117. We need this medicine it should not be by prescription only put it back on the shelf to buy over the counter like we had it before! This is insane please bring it back

  118. Why are we being held hostage by our own government? Big pharma not making enough money? This is a human rights violation! State governments should be charged with crimes against humanity for witholding this drug and spreading false information to control the FREE people of the United States of America!

  119. The use of the medicine should be up to the person if he (she) wants to use it. Only in the dosage of the 200mg. and not excessive amounts.

  120. Okay, when we are banning drugs and medicine which could be lifesaving why don’t we start with the harmful cocktail of chemicals and pathogens called vaccines followed by birth control which is a class A carcinogen and puts women in a high risk of developing cancer of different types. I am somewhat flabbergasted.

  121. This is outrageous. If one more person dies in this state due to Covid it is on YOU. You know it works and we should be giving it to anyone who tests positive as well as a prophylactic. This should be between the patient and the Doctor?

  122. This is absolutely outrageous. How many people are you willing to kill for the hate of Donald Trump? Do you really think that we will forget this? How dare you act as omnipotent tyrants on OUR dollar. We the people are paying your salary and you treat us as a cattle to be slotted at your pleasure.

  123. So the Ohio Department of Health would rather see people get sick and die than allow doctors to use this drug to treat Covid patients. It’s all political. The Democrats are killing people to keep this pandemic going.

  124. It’s almost as if they want us to be sick with covid-19. Why can’t doctors and their patients make this decision?

  125. I cannot believe that the people in Columbus could be this ignorant, but I see I’m wrong. How do tyrants like this manage to get into the government? I’m hoping that Ohioans wake up and vote all of these people out as soon as they come up for re-election.

  126. What right does the ODH have to determine the treatment that my physician and I choose to utilize when my life is at stake ? Especially when there are no other viable options ? What is really going on here ?

  127. Unbelievable. How selfish of you politicians to ban this when it has been proven to be beneficial. Reconsider this decision immediately.

  128. Yet no mention of the same “study” being disavowed by the same people that touted it.

    Typical lazy “journalist”.

    The scumbag politicians should be rounded up and put up against a wall and shot for what they have done.

  129. Saying hydroxychloroquine is not an effective cure for Covid 19 is the biggest lie ever stated..they should hang their heads in shame..It is all about FDA control and forcing their deadly vaccine ( in the works) on us..we should have a choice..Gates and Fauci have sucked the states into their scheme…

  130. This is crap. The meds work if given earlier than in the first tests. This is political and to be willing to let people die for politics is a crime. I guess if I get it, I’ll be leaving the state for one that has it.

  131. I think this is terrible news. You can expect more deaths without the use of this drug. The governor should not have the right to take this drug away from the patients who need it. Now I am more afraid of getting Covid 19 than ever before. And, I read most recently where the FDA “did” approve the drug for use of Covid! Which is true??? How do people know?

  132. Coronaviruses are COMMON! One quarter of all colds are caused by them. Because we now know about the hydroxychloroquine protocol and how it prevents, as well as cures, COVID-19, to not recommend this treatment is a crime against humanity. You are killing people! We have a cure and a preventative for Covid-19 and you would rather kill people than use it.

  133. Ohio is stupid. The drug works with other drugs together. I hope I won’t get covid in Ohio.

  134. Exactly what the hell is going on? You have all these professionals doctors scientists all saying the same thing that hydroxy Cora Quinn is a very effective medication for the treatment of COVID-19 and we have these butt heads from the FDA saying the opposite after they said it was a good medication for the treatment of COVID-19 so I don’t know what you people are doing but somebody has some explaining to do because if this comes out and is proven that this is the prevention and subsequent cure for COVID-19 you people should be charged with murder for all the people that die from this virus that could’ve been prevented because of greed and politics. President Trump needs to get involved in this situation

  135. Please release the names of the people who made this decision. They should be forwarded for prosecution for crimes against humanity. This is a blatant attempt to increase the death rate for political gain.

  136. 1) I would rather try this, a medication that has been used in countless people over decades, than allow myself to be vaccinated with a vaccine that has not been tested.
    2) The FDA is bullshit.
    3) How dare the state to over step their bounds. Healthcare is between the patient and their doctor.
    Ohio you suck!

  137. I have lost faith in govern Dewine and Ohio government. This is a medication that has been used for decades. Withholding This will harm the Ohio people. The lockdowns which caused our economy to faultier, suicides, children left without friends and even in abusive situations. Shame on you people. You have done more harm than you realize now you will cause deaths. Hopefully you will suffer in the next election but you will answer for your actions when you stand before God.

  138. HCQ has been found effective by multiple sources. You could be the reason someone dies as a result of your decision. I’m sure this decision had nothing to do with money or politics! Hah!

  139. Looks as though their ODH Press Secretary Melanie Amato needs to be replaced.

  140. This should be left up to the person who needs the meds if they want to take it or no it’s not the state’s decision they are taking away our rights and freedom

  141. This is not right! If you are the patient an wish to have this treatment you should be able to use it. I believe Doctors who have no other reason for suggesting this treatment other than saving folks. Fauchi and Breix have big money pushing for this bullshit Vacine!

  142. If Ohio physicians feel the use of hydroxychloroquine is effective and safe in the treatment of Covid-19, ODH needs to mind their own business. Legislators need to keep politics out of medicine. Many studies, such as the one from Henry Ford Hospitals, show that it saves lives! The FDA has missed the boat and is misinforming Ohio. Roll this decision back NOW!

  143. It seem the government Ohio has taken it upon them selves to administer our health care,I for one would like more information ,Why would we trust the FDA on this they are just another branch of the Government bought and sold everyday. We need medical Information from Truthful Drs. Not ones that are paid to promote your political agenda or Bill Gates agenda!

  144. Why are you restricting physicians to treat their patients as they see fit! Your decision is part of the problem! If it works for some people why restrict it.

  145. This is totalitarian thinking at the statehouse. They have no right to make this decision for us. This goes against doctor patients privilege. This should not be decided by a bureaucrat but individuals with their doctors. How dare they dictate this? Marxism is here

  146. You’re going to keep this from people and let them die!!!???
    Are you e’ffing NAZIS?
    How many have died already because of your BS political agenda!?
    You are committing genocide!
    By the time the RX gets approved by the “board”, the patient will be dead.

  147. Simply insane. There is absolutely no doubt that hydoxychloroquine+zinc is highly effective during the first 5 days of a Wuhan virus infection, and after that cuts mortality by 50%. Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD , Professor of Epidemiology, Yale School of Public Health, just published that in Newsweek. What is wrong with Ohio?

  148. Wake up. They want to kill us! Why not use anything that may help including hydroxy. The health department should be trying to save us any way possible.

  149. Stop interfering with doctor and patients treatment. You are not qualified to take these actions against doctor and patient medical treatment. It is proven to stop COVID-19 in early treatments stages.

  150. That is sooooooo wrong. If I get COVID that is the drug, along with zinc and
    The antibiotic arithymiacin- that I want to take. And It is my right to take it. Go to Breibart: Frontline workers video. They have treated lots of patients without any ill effects. You have no right to take our freedoms away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  152. This is so not right. If my doctor determines tbat tbis would be effective in the event I might contract covid, I am more than willing to take it. It should be My decision. Not this organization. Again this biolates our freedom of choice. If a doctor who has a degree, says it can reduce the mortality rate by 50% , then I have to question the TRUE reason uts being band. Besides the drug industries pocket books. STOP THE LIES!

  153. Another Democratic move to keep us shut down. Will just go out of state to get the drug if necessary. Gov. Dewine, you better wake up . I don’t believe any thing that comes from our Ohio Healh dept!!!!

  154. Disgusting. The government is willfully working to hurt the people, all in the name of political power. think something like this happened back in 1776.

  155. Apparently someone is again lying. I have 2 covid patients that were both given hydroxychloroquine in April. A dr from OSU prescribed it.

  156. This is wrong. Those people need to be removed from there office! It does work and has saved lives. It should be up to the person, not a bunch of non doctors sitting in the state level to make the this choose.

  157. What a load of crap…its a cheap medicine that works. Doctors, politicians and big pharmacuticals all want the new vaccine because they can charge more and
    make a huge profit off of tax payers. Just know that we the public know who you politicians are and you will get voted out for your actions….this entire situation has shown the true colors of those in power. You are all biased and a disgrace.

  158. Comrade DeWine, ruler of the Democratic People’s Republic of Ohio, and his fellow commies are doing their best to screw the people with their counter productive edicts. They want us to die so that President Trump does not get re-elected.
    Screw you commie bastards.

  159. So why not let patients try it at their own risk. Let them decide. This is so wrong that you, the goverment, is controlling the Dr.’s care to their patients. It’s unfair, unconstitutional, and against human rights.

  160. Ooo but ODH have you looked at Yale results, have you even taken a look at other tests & results by doctors around the country? By the way why are you superceding my physicians when they have treated me for decades especially when I have other diagnoses..So you take my and my dictors Constitutional Rights & you mick my physicians Hippocratic Oath they took to make sure they do everything to keep me healthy and alive even if that is treating me with HCQ+Zinc+Zpaks but apparently you would prefer we all be like Communist China & not have choices? I myself live in America where I would like to choose so if I want to try HCQ first if that doesn’t work maybe the vaccine…

  161. several thoughts;
    1. FDA is concerned about no clear data supporting the hydroxy drug yet they are going to produce a vaccine with less years of safety (65 yrs..hydroxy has been on the market) than this drug!! The side effects …such as heart issues and lymph nodes are related to high doses..the doctors that are using this drug give 200mg twice a week. I sure rather take it than the vaccine you are working on to give people!!
    2. Noted and respected physicians are using this drug successfully. Who in the FDA has actually treated any COVID 19 pt???
    3. You need to be ashamed for this banning and to think our states was buying it all up way back in April!! I am very ashamed of our country and what it has become

  162. All people should have the right to make the decision to medicate with this drug after talking to their doctor period.
    I have never seen some much attention placed on a drug that has been approved by FDA approved and used for years. There are many drugs being used with serious side effects.

  163. This seems ludicrous. There has been an overwhelming amount of doctors who feel it basically saved the lives of their patients if used early on. I really want to hear people complain about masks and social distancing when there is a medication that could actually SAVE LIVES!

  164. The state government is now telling doctors what medicines they are allowed to prescribe? What’s going on??? Don’t tell me it’s not safe. My daughter takes it for lupus. I know better.

  165. If they have something that works and the president himself has taken it and the nurses and doctors say it works quite and God’s name are they not giving it to people. Maybe they want us all to die

  166. Are there idiots trying to start a revolution? I’m so fed up with this s$$t. They’re trying to force their high dollar vaccination on us that they are willing to let thousands of people die

  167. I for one am appalled that Governor Dewine would allow this to happen. It is not only these doctors that aftended the Summitf in DC but thousands of doctors across the cou fry who have used the combination of Hydoxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc and swear by it. The ones regulating it and banning it has not seen or treated any patients with Covid with these drugs, so how would they know if it works or not. The FDA is only following what the WHO, Dr. Fauci and CDC says. They cannot even regulate what foods are bad for us, let alone medicines. I hope that no one in my family or myself bets the virus and dies, because I will sue the state as fast as I can for denying me the medicine that would have saved me. Dewine, you have sealed your fate in your re-election, I will make sure of that.

  168. This is totally wrong. This is just one more thing that is pushing more people to vote for Trump!! Finally the darkness is coming out into the light on alot of things not just in politics. I know everything is in the Lord’s timing, and that timing is now. He is making all this evil and darkness come to the light. We are in the start of the end of times, and this is just the beginning though. There is no reason to fear if you have Jesus Christ , he will be coming soon for His bride, and this is all part of the plan. People I urge you to look at all the things the democrats stand for verses what the Republicans stand for. It’s really not a party issue it is a moral issue. Do you want these things to to continue happening or do you want a president and leaders that won’t stand for our rights to be taken away and give us back our freedom as a people and a nation. Please vote for Trump, he really cares about the country and does not agree with all this. He has done everything he said he would do during his term already and showed the people he has a backbone against all this evil going on. He has been for this drug hydroxychloroquine since the beginning !!!Vote 4 more years for Trump because if you don’t we are in big trouble!!

  169. What you are doing is murder. You think by not allowing people a cure for Covid-19 you can control us. Sorry you are very wrong. People will find a way to access Hydroxy medicine. Stop lieing to people we are not stupid.

  170. Wake up Gov. Dewine. Are you trying to kill Ohioans? You and Your Health Dept. Are Wrong! Do your damn research!

  171. The problem is that they are threatening to take Drs license away if they prescribe it.

  172. You are banning this medicine based off of a study that was published in the Lancet that initially led the FDA and NIH astray which was later retracted? That’s what this article in Heavy is basing its conclusions off of. Follow the rabbit trail. You all are stupid.

    No, actually you’re pseudo-medical Nazis.

    Leave the medical decisions up to the medical doctors who actually care about their patients.

  173. Wow…what is going on in Ohio? The US? This is inhumane! I hope some docs get together and sue this despot!

  174. Truth matters. So, let’s get to it. HCQ by itself does little if anything to a corona virus. In 2005 Dr. Fauci gave a lecture that HCQ with zinc is a very effective treatment for any corona virus. Dr. Didier Raoult considered the top expert in the World regarding any virus cited the same thing at about that time.
    Just like a cell a virus must have an energy supply so it must take in from time to time the appropriate substance. If it takes in zinc, usually by accident, it does not hurt it but it renders it incapable of reproducing. If HCQ is nearby the CV is perfectly tricked to eat zinc. This is the magic. There is always some free zinc in our system but not nearly enough to do the job. With the right amount of zinc and HCQ taken orally any corona virus does not stand a chance. Most of the time symptoms are well under control in 8 hours. Zinc is not a prescribed medication. The doctor must make sure the patient has both.

  175. Ohio ISN’T Banning Hydroxychloroquine because Trump said it works. They are banning it because further scientific evidence shows it is not effective in the cure of Covid 19.
    Mike Dewine I am glad to see you take these measures, and mandating the use of facemarks, however many people are not wearing them simply because of political reasons. What people don’t realize is that this a medical problem and politics will not change it. Thanks for taking a stand for what is the right thing to do even though it must be tough for you being a republican in a heated election year.

    1. Glad you’re one of few..stay home.stay asleep..and please keep complying till you have no rights left.but please leave the living alone…liberty or death..

    2. Make no mistake DeWine is not a Republican. He is a One World Government advocate.
      “Your worst enemy will seem to your face as your best friend.” Is he ever good at that.

    3. Read my comment right before yours. The magic to eradicate CV, and that goes for all variations, is NOT HCQ by itself. The presence of HCQ tricks nearby CV to consume zinc. The two must be used together. HCQ is prescription. Zinc is not. This is not what most people are used to. Usually there is one medication for one disease that does the curing. Here is something out of the ordinary.
      The testing you refer to used a near fatal level dose of HCQ. 200 units a day are typical though some docs use 400. Your referred test was using between 1400 and 1600. Incredibly dangerous. NO zinc. The only justification is to create a false narrative.

  176. Let the people decide if it works or not we dont need political people with their own interests in mind to tell use what to do that’s why we have Doctors with medical lisence not politicians telling us what to do because it’s hard to trust any political minded person these days

  177. Why not leave this up to the person that has come down with the virus?
    If I were admitted to the hospital with the virus ,I would ask if I could try this drug!

  178. Before you banned this I would like a supply: hcq po tid for 10 to 14 days. #30 pills please. I believe you all are wrong! This site has to bias.

  179. This is really a violation of my right to try…if my doctor and had decided to use hydroxychloriquine, that should be my right.
    This is bullshit!

  180. This is absolute insanity. Why would you withhold an age old medicine that is helping Covid patients. If I were to contract Covid, this is the FIRST thing I would want prescribed to me. Simple, affordable and effective. And why on earth would you have to run series of testing on this medicine when docs already are familiar with it and it’s effective but rush to get a vaccine out that is pretty much poison to our body. Makes no sense at all. There is definitely a specific agenda you are following and it is NOT in the best interest of Ohioans.

  181. I think the use of this medicine is between a patient and their physician. You have no right to ban this drug. If I should contact Covid I will be going to another state to purchase it. It is my right!!!!!

    1. Amen!!! Me too. You can buy it over the counter in Iran, India and Africa, I’m sure other countries as well. They have very little cases.

  182. And I voted for you Dewine! That will be the last time I do.You and your health department are evil!

  183. I would take hydroxychloroquine, erythromycin, and Zinc to treat COVID if I was diagnosed with it. These medications have been used for decades. I will NOT, however, get a vaccine for COVID that has not been clinically tried, researched for more than a few months, and pushed on people as some “saviour” vaccine for a virus(flu) that has a 99% recovery rate. I’ve never had a flu shot, and I WILL NOT get a COVID vaccine!

    1. I was given these drugs in the hospital I was on a ventilator I had Covid on March 20 I was discharged May 6 these drugs save my life.
      I was on with the governor speaking with him and his crew after my hospitalization. I am sickened by this news today and what is going on with the censorship of the American summit doctors. This is a sad day for our country and our state of Ohio and I am very disappointed in Governor Dewine.

  184. Very disturbing, all the effort going into banning the drug makes it more and more likely that it is the cure. Big pharm gain to make millions if no cure by vaccinating the world. Follow the money

    1. It is the cure and I watched a video that it proves it cures cancer..something about the alkaline .wish I remembered video..

  185. I’m ashamed to be an Ohioan. This is a dark day for the state of Ohio.

  186. The doctors would have never put their job & reputations on the line if they had no evidence. The president took it & was around COVD19 and didn’t get it so It would be my choice to treatment. How do you have the right to ban my personal choice? You people want to take over a free country, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

  187. Are all you “professionals” trying to incite a civil war? We don’t have a right to try? You know exactly what’s best for us? The studies that your basing the results of hydroxychloroquine from the WHO and CDC used extreme doses. We the people will not follow blindly to vaccines just because you “ say” it will prevent the virus.

    1. Amen to that! Sheep to the slaughter. The “mask” represents “Submission”. It is literally like trying to stop a mosquito by using a chain link fence!

  188. Ohio senate is a bunch of idiots! They don’t care about a persons life. Maybe if they get it they’ll change their ignorant minds!

    1. They have “stockpiles” it said in the article. They are probably all taking it preventatively ! They don’t even have to wear masks in the Capital/Courthouse or Government buildings in Columbus! Per Mike DeWine.

  189. I find this absurd unless the drug proved to be lethal. One may only hope they are as vigilant with any and all vaccines prior to “distribution”.

  190. Why can’t I have a CHOICE. Sign a release etc. but I should have choice as in any medical treatment. It’s all scare and money. To hell with human life. The damn mask doesn’t prevent the virus and and half way intelligent 5th grader knows that . Your taking my civil rights to a place I never ever wanted or thought I’d see.

  191. This was once a free country. It is no longer free. It is no ones business what medicine I use to treat myself with. This is sick. These stinking lies.

  192. Wow governors are doctors and regular people just die. In bed with the NWO, people u can make it ,probably will fine you if you make it. 50 mg of zinc, vitamin D, tonic water has it in it’. 1/4 of grapefruit peel and water cook it. Put it in refrigerator cool drink everyday . This is what some people doing ‘. Stay healthy won’t get it.

  193. When faced with death or serious health complications, I’d take my chances with this drug that has been found to be effective & has been around for a long time! Let the people make the choice!!!

  194. I think that choice should be left up to the people not the government that is trying to kill us off. I am so tired of this so called government especially the left thinking they know what is best for us. They are killing us on purpose.

    1. Yes. Especially the older folks. They’ve spent their social security money and don’t want to keep supporting them.

    2. Thank you..I couldn’t believe this when I saw. Wtf..who r these unelected people dictating our health and trying to silence us with their fake mask mandates. Unreal. We better pay attention to the snake dewhiny and what his real agenda is

  195. I’m unrespectfully saying that this is so very wrong. Our body our choice and there are too many doctors saying that it works. They are trying to kill people by giving us no say of what we the people want. This I will not be quiet about

  196. It is my body not the state’s. If I chose this treatment what interest does the state have in that decision? It is getting close to time for an armed revolution to protect LIFE liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are rights granted by our God at birth and not by government. The government that seeks to abrogate these rights only seeks tyranny and subjugation. Down with Governor Deweanie.

  197. This is a travesty, absolutely a crime against humanity!!!!! I thought doctors took an oath upon completion of medical school to never ever intentionally do harm to a human being, well to withhold this medication from people is doing harm!!!!!

  198. And here I thought Governor Dewine cared about lives but he doesn’t and neither does the FDA. It should be our choice. This is so disappointing . Drs have done their studies but it comes down to money which obviously is more important than saving lives.

  199. How do we go about a class action lawsuit against the State of Ohio, Ohio Health Dept and Pharmacy Board. We will be checking into sueing over this. Any deaths after Thursday will be blood on their hands and they should be held accountable.

  200. You have got to be kidding! Hcq has been used for over 50 years for malaria and it is approved by the FDA. So the state of Ohio has hoarded a ton of the stuff at the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak and now says it cant be used? Please explain why this is not good news that thousands of doctors have been using Hcq effectively curing the virus? And the state has a stockpile. Governor Dewine and Amy Acton should be thrown in jail!

  201. Who are these people putting my life at risk.? With research of my own I had decided if God forbid I contacted Covid, the hydroxycloroquine regimine is the route I wanted to go. I’ve always been told there are risks with a medicine we take. This angers me to no end.

  202. You have nerve!! What gives you the right to make medical decisions???!!! This is between the patient and their doctor. You work for us. You are our employees. Keep your nanny state out of my life.

  203. BS,,,,, nobody claimed it was a CURE,,,,but a treatment and possibly a preventive or less the severity.
    People should be allowed to determine their own treatment and not what someone who does not know them make the decisions. Intrusion of GOVERNMENT at the highest level by people who may have ulterior motives like shares in s drug company.
    I want to decide my own treatment and will accept the consequences if wrong!

  204. This is absolutely ridiculous! I trust doctors out there treating patients and seeing results, not some bureaucrats and an out of control little Governor!

  205. Patients and their doctors should have a right to make this choice rather than a bureaucratic dept..the ODH. This med has been around for decades and deemed safe to use. Why go to the point of banning it? Why can’t a doctor have the right to try it? What is the real reason for banning this?

  206. Isn’t it a little suspicious that one day after the doctors announcement, that the medication was successful in treating Covid, that the medication is banned?? Why?? What person did this?? I suspect it could be DeWine, he seems to have turned into a Democrat.
    Whoever did this should be held responsible for any deaths that occur, because they couldn’t get the medication. They will be a murder!!!
    I am furious

  207. They want us dead, they want to control the population. It’s coming people and the sheep are being led to the slaughter. This is all in their plan. We need to take control and forcibly if we have to, to get our freedom back, our right to try a drug as Trump says he signed that law. Well, what happened to that? Everyone just forget about it? I’m am so done with this and Trump will not be getting my vote and votes from a lot of my friends and family. He has done nothing to stop this shit. Look this up Khazarian Mafia people are saying they control Trump.

  208. This is very wrong! HDQ has proven to be effective for many patients. Leave government out of medicine !!! I guess the malaria and lupus rates will now be going up in the state of Ohio so doctors can prescribe this medication.

  209. If this drug helps you recover with milder symptoms why can’t it be used? It’s been around for 65 years! I don’t understand. Is it because it’s so cheap?

  210. Please let us give this pill a try before you selfishly take it of the market. How can you take away a remedy that is proven to work on Covid? Where is our choice in the matter? This is sinful.

  211. This is total b*******. Where does the state get off telling a doctor how to do his job! I want to know what you’re going to do when you could have saved lives. Clinical studies are being done on this proving that it is effective against covid 19. Studies that falchi and others are quoting are all based on giving people hydroxychloroquine on their deathbed. It’s no wonder it doesn’t work then. Let the doctor do their job!

  212. We have heard all thru this PANDUMIC (no I didn’t spell it wrong) that this drug works. Doctors have been saying it since the beginning. Don’t you think Doctors on the front line know more about what is working than people who are just High paid officials in Health organizations or computer wizards. Why did they ban it so quickly after these Doctors did this press conference. It is cost affective, already used for other diseases and according to what I heard from the Frontline Doctors press conference when used in proper dosages there is no danger. President Trump used it he is still walking around. NO we need to wait for a vaccine which will be far more expensive and from what I heard in a Bill Gates interview can have some pretty diverse side affects. Are we really sure our Governor is working for us or against us?

  213. How very irritating. Let the people have what they want. It is an over-the-counter drug in many countries. It is not dangerous and very safe. It is used for more than malaria and arthritis. If doctors want to prescribe it no one should say they cannot

  214. Ohio residents do not consent!!!! You have no right to make this decision. The treatment we want is up to us and our Doctors. The death we continue to see is on your hands. You murders.


  216. As stated by Dr. Emanuel, the HCQ is most effective when given in the early stages of Covid, before a patient is in the Emergency Room and admitted to a hospital, thus preventing any need for hospitalization. It is also nessesary to give with Zinc and Zithromax at that stage.
    What happened to the “Right to Try” law that was passed? If a person wants to try this med or risk death, why can’t they, under the care of their physician.

  217. New SCIENTIFIC reports have just come out saying it is effective when given early, so why is Ohio denying this RIGHT to an inexpensive treatment?! It should be up to the patient and Dr – NOT the state! Another freedom being taken from us – “without a shot fired”!!! 😰 Quit “playing politics” with our lives!

  218. First do no harm!! Hydroxychloroquine can save people, but greedy politicians are preventing positive outcomes for $$$ in their pockets!

  219. What a spineless bunch of officials we have in Ohio. Politics before people.
    We could elect anyone to just follow the crowd like you cowards.

  220. It’s sadbthat our state government would b rather see us dead. Rather than the president be proven right. I hope they all remember that NOVEMBER isn’t that far away. And the people of Ohio will still remember when it comes time to vote.

  221. I have not trusted the FDA for many years. To remove hydroxychloroquine from the arsenal of drugs used against covid19 when it has helped untold numbers of people conquer the disease is just wrong. It is obvious that the FDA is run by the democrats, and they HATE President Trump

  222. I think Dewine needs to be banned and removed, he is a democrat posing as a republican. How do I know? Because Republicans don’t look like a rats dickhead.

  223. Anyone that dies from Covid-19, that was refused the option to receive this treatment, the surviving family should sue the state of Ohio. Science deniers.

  224. This is ridiculous and SERIOUS GOVERNMENT OVERREACH!! Stop interfering in the medical decisions of Ohioans! This is beyond reprehensible!! Shame on all of you!!

  225. As an Infectious Diseases specialist, I ask the Ohio legislature and its governor one simple question –
    HCQ has an incredible
    Safety track record.
    There are plenty of data to show it is extremely safe and it works against Covid-19.
    But this interference means that
    Ohio should also forbade using penicillin to treat syphilis or use
    Of the tetanus toxoid vaccine.

  226. Whoever bands that will definitely pay the price sometime trust me American people are going to speak up what a bunch of evil sons of b****** Lord have mercy on you

  227. I am totally disgusted by this ruling which is NOT based on facts but politics! Shame on the people who have taken the freedom away from doctors and patients and bowed to the ideology of leftist policies. Shameful!

  228. Who is paying off our elected officials to impound this treatment? Follow the money. It is that simple. There are absolutely no negative side effects from zinc, hydroxychloroquine, or Zithromax. All have been used for decades. Ohioans need to rise up and demand real action, real answers, and real options. We are capable of making adult decisions and should be treated as such. Charles Saunders, Esq.

  229. Why are you being so stupid
    drs tell us this works doctors who had patients with covid and since facebook tweeter and other of line on line company’s decided they didn’t want this news to get out so they took it down cencerd the doctors telling us it’s false news bullshit Fausto is a liar and these doctor’s said so never seen a Patient

  230. SHAME on Ohio.
    Way too much evidence from Quality sources; this should be available, not banned as Ohio just did. Here’s the deal. There are cancer drugs that work for some people and yet make other people really sick and they have to stop taking them. Does that make the drugs bad or snake oil cures? No. NOT ALL DRUGS HELP ALL PATIENTS! Prescription Drugs 101, first year med school!!!
    Thank goodness my cancer meds aren’t banned because they make some people really sick. They don’t make me sick and they are helping me!!!

  231. I saw many other replies on here, after I sent mine, would you tell me why they are gone now? You don’t want us to see what the others had to say.
    Many others take this medication for other reasons, are you taking it away from them?? I see a class action suit coming. Especially from me, if I happen to get Covid.

  232. SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!!! Our care should not be dictated by government, period!!! A patient and his/her doctor should be the ones to decide the proper course of treatment!! This proves that DeWine in plain and simply a RINO!!!!

  233. This is the most outrageous, convoluted nonsense I have heard during the whole virus event!!! The timing is particularly amazing since the information is finally coming out to prove the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine to the whole country! What are Dewine and company thinking?!?

  234. This is government overeach! If I get this illness I expect to be able to get whatever treatment I so desire, if it the best treatment as discussed with my doctor. I will godamn sure no one will tell me otherwise.

  235. This is bullshit..stop telling us what to do with our bodies. You make me sick. I watched over 60 intelligent drs talking about this and how great it’s working. u have no right doing this. Beginning to realize what evil players are in Ohio. Hope all are arrested that are keeping life saving meds from the population. Premeditated murder much?

  236. What gives you the right to deny treatment? If my Dr. said I need it, I should be able to get it. Contrary to what we see, this is still America!

  237. Turkey, India, Indonesia, Ukraine, Morocco, Greece, Malaysia, Cuba all use HCQ for early treatment and all of them have a way lower death count then the US. There have been 65 studies (39 peer reviewed) showing the benefits of HCQ when used in early treatment. POLITICIANS NEED TO STAY OUT OF OUR HEALTH.

  238. This is bullshit it should be our choice if it comes down to it instead we have dictators that are going against front line drs the ones with facts and banning us from using it. Open your eyes people they don’t want covid 19 to be treated it is all political that why only businesses being closed but protesters are fine all part of nwo. Want us to use Gates vaccine with micro chip Time to unite against this tyranny

  239. These were doctors that each had done their own studies and found this drug to be remarkable for healing a person. How can you consciously suppress their voices for speaking the truth? By not allowing this drug to be used, it may very cause many more deaths and as far as I’m concerned, that makes you responsible for each and every one of them. This is an atrocity.

  240. Big money, speaks loudly hydroxychloroquine Clarkland does not cost enough so they have to make it another drug that’s more expensive no we’re nobody can afford it ! We need to be up in arms about this !

  241. So you will not allow someone who has Covid to try this drug while in the mean time they die?!! But let’s push a vaxx ine on people that is not tested. Know that God is watching and you will be judged for this. Sinful and I humane and so unethical. The truth will prevail. God help you.

  242. You are complete fools ! Is the fact that it’s not expensive enough to suit your needs? After all, investing in a much more expensive drugs let all the “players “ make millions . These Dr.’s did not speak foolishly as to ruin their own lives

  243. The governor of Ohio just lost my vote that should be left up to the patient not the government The governor is purposely killing The people in Ohio hopefully there’s a way to sue him

  244. Taking choices from the people, possibility even a shorting of the covid19 issue! Sure seems like something else is behind this decision! And it doesn’t benefit the people!

  245. Who makes law in OHIO? This nonsense needs to stop and stop immediately. Many more Doctors than the one’s in the video have prescribed Hydroxychloroquine and are professionals who are actively treating COVID-19 patients. Now we have some bureaucrats telling citizens of OHIO too bad, this is not for you.

    Heads should roll, Ohio citizens need to show up in Columbus with pitchforks. We’re all tired of BIG Government telling “We the People” what’s good for us and now telling Doctors how they should prescribe drugs to patients. This Communism needs to end. If you think Portland is burning wait until honest, hard working citizens start protesting. My wife lost a sister and brother-in-law within 3 days of each other to COVID-19. A third relative is still recuperating after weeks in the hospital, a short stay in rehab, now at home. None of them were treated with Hydroxychloroquine. WHY!!!

  246. I have asked the question, “Is the government willing to sacrifice Your life to continue its agenda?”

    The answer is now clear. Yes they are!

  247. So the state bought it it all s Saturday d by default doctors it works but the odd refuses to use it! These people are only proving the conspiracy theory’s that the government wants to control the people.

    Use the drug if it works loose the masks

  248. POLITICIANS have no right to make medical decisions for doctors or patients. If I choose this therapy it’s my decision not yours. DO NOT DO THIS

  249. Glad you’re one of few..stay home.stay asleep..and please keep complying till you have no rights left.but please leave the living alone…liberty or death..

  250. The unfortunate citizens of Ohio have had their freedom of choice stripped away. To the possible fatal outcomes to them and their loved ones. Hard to believe that we are talking about the USA.

  251. This is an atrocity to the American People and to Ohioans!! There is no good reason to withhold this drug as a treatment option for those people who under their doctors care be able to use it? This drug has been proven to be safe and effective if given to those with early onset of virus. It has not been proven to be harmful in treating those with early symptoms of virus except perhaps with high risk cardiovascular diseases. Shame on Ohio Board of Pharmaceuticals banning this drug from the American people and taking that choice away from their doctor and patient!!

  252. This is nuts!!! Flood your congressman’s office and write letters demanding the treatment be used in conjunction with Zinc and Z-pack!!! Don’t take no for an answer!!!

  253. It sick twisted and demented that Ohio makes this decision because IT DOES WORK THE 3 MEDICINES THAT THOSE WORLD RENOWNED DRS SAID AND TO JUST THINK they knew this and let all those people’s loved ones die they took oathes as drs but for this now to BLOCK THE CURE SICK DeWines Deep state if u look he’s flew Amy Acton down to Haiti 2019 She met Paul Farmer who is a Globalist and Marxist WHOS in charge of Partners in Health well Chelsea Clinton is on the Board of Partners in/on (not sure if in/on Health but all Clinton goes to Church of Satan Clinton Foundation was caught sex trafficking kid ring out of Haiti Dewine has a School in Haiti there’s something there I no it

  254. I am extremely upset that Ohio is not allowed to use Hydroxycloroquine. I have read numerous articles about its effectiveness. It should be up to the person who wants it and their doctor . This is infringing on personal rights!!!!!!!!

  255. So if I get it I’ll tell my doctor I’m hiring a private plane to take me on a mission trip to Haiti, (which CDC says is a malaria hotspot) please prescribe “that anti-malarial drug” for me. Thanks!

  256. This is unthinkable! How could you allow this to happen!?! Drugs that saved a local man and many others in our state….. Those that made this decision should be tried for murder for every Covid death in Ohio from this date forward.

  257. Are you purposely trying to kill people in Ohio? Since when do you have the right to tell me and my doctor what I can take or what I can’t take! This is murderous!!! Mike Dewine I thought you were a decent man but if you are allowing this ban you will face an Almighty God! Shame on you!

  258. Government wanting us to get sick and be under their control…. shameful and socialistic! It’s horrible and takes away from our freedom!! Praying!!!

  259. Lies!! Lies and more Lies!!! Trying to kill people and stop a treatment that has saved thousands already including myself! Shame on you sick people, how do you sleep at night!!

  260. Terrible mistake -I have no trust in ODH or OH leadership anymore. We could overcome all of this by using this drug as a preventative medicine and quickly overcoming the sickness. Sad day. You are not for the people of Ohio only for your own agenda.

  261. Unnecessary deaths will be caused by this decision… May God have mercy on the decision makers.

  262. We need to March,petition.. whatever..I will sign or make a sign. Let’s go. I will put the blue and red war paint on too…!

  263. Stupid. Very stupid. People should have access to this drug. This move is going to deny people life-saving treatment. Look for death rates to rise. Thousands have already needlessly died due to the politicization of this drug and refusal to use it.

  264. You people need to read examine the effectiveness of this drug in the ratty stages of COVID. If a patient has early warning signs, why not?
    Better earlier then on their death bed, wake up people!

  265. Strange how you will not accept my remarks…to say how shocked I am that Ohio.rushed so fast to stop sale of hydroxychloroquine…

  266. You have no right not allowing human beings the right to chose their course of action for their health. So you think you are God all of a sudden. Next are you going to tell someone they can’t have a life saving surgery they may need.

  267. Let them know how you feel!
    The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy welcomes your comments, suggestions, and questions.

    We can be reached at:

    77 S High Street, 17th Floor
    Columbus, OH 43215-6126

    Telephone: (614) 466-4143
    Fax: (614) 752-4836
    TTY/TDD Ohio Relay Service: 1 (800) 750-0750

  268. Ridiculous. Gov DeWine should not allow this. This is a safe and effective treatment for many things. Let me and my doctor decide. Too much government interference in our lives.

  269. How does one see how other Ohioans have reacted to legislation that interferes with patient – doctor relations?

  270. Bullshit you’ll ban it!

    This is about taking Americans to cleaners by big pharma. $3000 forced vaccine campaign.

    Pay attention to the links and the many doctors who work the front lines on this disease. Trump plans to mobilize the military to distribute these other medicines!

    09 Mins: 28 Secs Narrative Control on Covid-19 Frontline Doctors
    09 Mins: 28 Secs Mainstream False Narrative Dark Money Control on Frontline Doctors (Muzzle)

    Original CENSORED Video move here by me! And there it will stay!

    Big Pharma efforts to take down President Trump. DPA used for New Kodiak Plant, NY.
    US Military will be mobilized to distribute Covid-19 Drugs 100 million doses produce here in America Censored and not reported as well.

    11mins : 35secs

    And more coming because Americans SHOULD have the option to use hydroxychloroquine.
    Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown needs to go he is a disgrace to America. Open borders and lack safe guards along with the other idiots in the Democrat Party!

  271. I hope that from here on out the people in the ohio department of health that made this decision are charged with murder for every ohioan that dies from covid bc they were denied a drug that is on hand no less and is not harmful. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Writing another letter to President Trump about what is going on in Ohio. The blood will be on yr hands off, rot in hell!!!

  272. And that’s why this pandemic will not go away til after the election cause no one can make money off this cure and political people cant oppress the american people.

  273. Gates/fauci & the other right wing nuts do not want a cure until after the election.

  274. Good grief. Why in the world would you do this. I’ll go to West Virginia from now on for a Doctor. You people are sick and I hope you come down with the C19. Your letting the Democrats- Liberals run your world. Just to fight President Trump

  275. This is a political ban. Data has been available and more recently published from Henry Ford Hospital. Article may be found on PubMed, demonstrates a substantial reduction in mortality with HCQ treatment. Those responsible will be exposed in the end.

  276. Who gives these individuals the power to do such a thing? We will stand against you. How dare you make this determination with the evidence contrary to your biased political opinion!

  277. I would like to know who made the final decision to do this,and there are many people who take this drug for Lupus.This is a big mistake,and will kill many people for no reason

  278. I don’t give a damn about the political decisions I HAVE A RIGHT TO TRY

    I can’t believe Gov DeWine would allow this!!!

    End the ban

  279. Of course they want to ban it , because it would be a cure and big pharma would lose a lot of money and the false results they are giving of covid cases would go down and they would not get money for the cases they already report as people having it . They even report people having covid THAT NEVER EVEN TOOK THE TEST FOR COVID. !!!! that just goes to show you how evil and desperate the dermo-rats are .

  280. Of course they want to ban it , because it would be a cure and big pharma would lose a lot of money and the false results they are giving of covid cases would go down and they would not get money for the cases they already report as people having it . They even report people having covid THAT NEVER EVEN TOOK THE TEST FOR COVID. !!!! that just goes to show you how evil and desperate the dermo-rats are .

  281. Fools. This drug is proven to work. Reference Henry Ford article. It’s as if we aren’t supposed to get well from this “virus”. I have never distrusted local government & medical officials as much as I do right now.

  282. The government has no right to decide on a person’s treatment. Something is definitely corrupt in the state of Ohio. DeWine needs to be ousted out as governor. The Food and Drug Administration are not for people. Who’s paying them off?

  283. This is ridiculous. Many Drs have used this drug successfully to treat patients. It will not harm anyone. It has been around for decades. If patients with covid want to try it then they should have that option. There are forces at work here with no other concern other than not making enough money. Shame on you who are involved.

  284. Someone is lying or just don’t know what they are doing. Or don’t carE if people die.

  285. Shame on Ms. Amato and the ODH for thinking they know more than actual frontline doctors who treat patients on a daily basis. I hope they are prepared for class action lawsuits when people start dying because they could not avail themselves of an FDA approved drug that has been shown to be effective. Perhaps they have no conscience and think they have the right to decide whether preventative medicines are not worth pursuing. Ms. Amato should lose her job, and the ODH should be dismantled for such outrageous behavior.

  286. I believe ANY and ALL decisions regarding viable medications to treat a condition, should lie EXCLUSIVELY between a DOCTOR AND PATIENT; if THEY wish to use hydroxychloroquine, in any form, it is THEIR right, NOT A POLITICIAN’S.

  287. This administration banning this potential game changer over COVID-19 is purely political. If they cared for The people of the state of Ohio they would let the doctors who are on the front lines decide and give them all the tools that they need to take care of us. They are putting the pharmacy companies before the people of the great state of Ohio

  288. This Doctor Stella Emanuel has do more Clinical Studies on 350 People With No Deaths !! Mr DeWine You Where Voted in To Help OHIO’s People And This Is A Sin AGAINST The People you are supposed To Stand For You Work For OHIO this is A Horrible Wrong I Pray For Your Soul

    1. DeWine is LOST. Throw in the towel. He is owned by the One World Government Cabal that includes Gates/Fauci/sorry excuse for a human Soros.
      The only thing he is going to understand is a legal hammer.
      He is clever as the Devil. Anyone who stands up to him must take the greatest caution.
      Reach out to Ohio Congress members with the data. There are a few listening.
      DeWine hates conservatives. I wish what I know from years of interaction could be said here but it would get whacked.
      Redirect your prayers to the genuine good people of Ohio who, as we can see from the posts in this thread, love each other and want the best for Ohio. Ask God to make us strong in this fight.

  289. If I get covid-19 and die my family will sue the state of ohio! It’s my body and it’s my choice of medicine I chose to use ! Or does that only apply to abortion?

  290. My doctor will prescribed my meds. No deep state bureaucrats will dictate my life or death.

  291. Do not stop Doctors from using hydroxychloroquine for the covid . It is our choice not yours!

  292. Please explain to me how this is not political. We the people are not stupid, and your “swing voters” are getting fed up with this nonsense. I honestly believe these disgusting politicians would rather see people suffer and die, and have the economy destroyed if it makes Trump look bad. The first article is from 2005 – treating SARS/Cov (earlier strain) with Chloroquine.




  293. Thank you!

    Their decision seems criminal!

    Dr. Vladimir Zalenko in Monroe, New York has treated hundreds of patients with Hydoxychloroquine as well as Dr. Didier Roult in France.

    However, it appears that in Ohio…Stupid is as stupid does…!

  294. Someone I love very much has Covid & will try anything to stay ALIVE!!! If you deny her this medicine, (and all other’s that want it), their lives are then fully upon your own heads. And you ‘will’ answer for it. NOT YOUR DECISION TO MAKE!

  295. This is insane and criminal! This medicine had been used to treat other health situations for over 60+ years with NO side effects. MANY doctors in the US and the world have reported it has been successful when used in the first stages of illness from Covid 19. I will gladly donate to any organization that wants to file a lawsuit against who ever is responsible for this decision. What about the Hippocratic Oath to save lives. And someone needs to update the post dated July 1, 2020 that says there were heart problems as a side effect. This was already retracted because it was false information. I read it in more than one place.

  296. This is immoral. We have heard actual covid19 patients say it helped them. Some saying the treatment helped save their lives. You are taking our rights away to choose a drug that might help us if we contract covid19. In this country we have freedom to choose. There should be a lawsuit against the ODH for this decision. Or against those who told them to ban it. Seems we are living in a socialist/communist state. It’s hard to understand.

  297. This was wrong. The Health Department was not intended to control me or my doctor. Disagreeing with someones opinions is not a justification for taking their rights to choose away from them.
    A sad day for Ohio and America

  298. This is wrong on so many levels.
    What are the motives here? Hydroxy chloroquine has been documented as being effective in treating COVID in many states and other countries. It may be the best choice of treatment for SOME people and I would think that every option would be on the table, IF there is genuine care and concern for the well-being of all Ohioans. Big Pharma buying favors? What could possibly be gained by eliminating this drug as an option?

  299. This is absolute insanity. Dewine should be recalled. We must vote these lunatics out of office. The American people have had it.

  300. I feel this treatment should be used for treatment of Covit, do to the fact it has helped patients already. This is a outrage, why is the government trying to stop the use ?

  301. You have overstepped your boundaries. You have stepped into the lives of many people whose doctors know this is a valid treatment and could help save lives. I would hope that they could do their blessed work without the interference of obvious wannabe ignorant dictators. What kind of people take away options for people when there is a study showing the drug’s effectiveness as a treatment for Covid-19? You didn’t get the memo because you don’t accept external information? Did you even look beyond your office door?
    There are many doctors who are on the front lines of this war already treating people successfully all over the world while you pontificate from your throne.
    You’ve lost the confidence of those you are supposed to protect and ignorance is no excuse. Those who’ve made this decision need to be gone away from the field of medicine and the sooner the better.

  302. Let the people choose if they want to use it if they have Covid!! Let them sign a waiver if needed. But ALLOW them a chance to get this inexpensive TREATMENT that CAN and HAS helped patients!! To say I’m OUTRAGED is an understatement!! Doctors know their patients, YOU DO NOT!! Don’t tie their hands on how to treat their patients!! 😡 This is outrageous!

  303. Dr Fauci doesn’t recommend this for Covid-19! I believe him. He’s a scientist who has a reputation!

  304. ODH you have blood on your hands and will be held accountable for all covid deaths as a result of denying HCQ. Stop taking bribes and do what’s right!

  305. This is absolutely ridiculous about Hydroxychloroquine ‼️So Wrong‼️ It Works‼️

    Why is the Antibiotic Cipro which has an FDA Black Box Warning still on the market being prescribed? SO TOXIC‼️ A Pharmacist said Black Box Warning means you should not take it. I know People damaged from Cipro‼️

  306. You are making a huge mistake. Thus has been shown many times to help people with covid19. What possible reason can you have to ban this from treatment. This is unconscionable that you would bring a possible political reason or some other evil (money??) reason for this decision. I, and many others implore you to reconsider this horrendous decision.

  307. This is out of control!! We have the right to choose what medication we put in our body. Hydroxyocloroquin is safe and we need it !!!
    I for one will NOT get a new vaccine that has been rushed to production. It’s all about the money and not about saving lives.

  308. Numerous,? Like four? Yes if it were two you could exaggerate and use the term “numerous”,

  309. Absolutely ridiculous! This medicine NEEDS to be used (and you know it!). This is a decision for doctor and patient, not pharmaceutical, health depts, OR government!!

  310. What the heck is happening in Ohio! So much empirical data – even from other countries – that it works! New studies out today. Why remove ANY drug from a medical providers arsenal? There is NO justification for this – only politics.

  311. What happened to my body my choice? Class action lawsuit. if I had my way all of them would be charged with murder for withholding medical treatment. I’m going to do my best to see it happen .pittions, rallies, pressure on lawmakers, class action lawsuit on everyone make them cough up there owen money ,make them go broke. Move in with mamma broke. 💀

  312. That’s ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that ODH is banning a medicine that’s been around and safe to use FOR MANY YEARS!! It should be THE DOCTOR’S DECISION WHETHER TO PRESCRIBE IT OR NOT to their patients for the coronavirus!!! Why don’t they ban BLEACH and all the Dangerous Chemicals that are in most people’s homes that POISON CHILDREN every year! That’s pathetic that they’re making a huge political statement like that -banning a medicine because the President gave it a thumbs up!! It’s the DOCTOR’S DECISION!! What is this, COMMUNISM??

  313. This is outright communism if a person gets better from a drug who are you to outlaw it STOP the unlawfullness and put this drug back available for Ohioans

  314. It’s very sad that physicians aren’t allowed to practice medicine. This treatment along with zinc and azithromycin has been used in many countries with far lower death rates than the US. Why is a Yale Professor of Epidemiology promoting its use in an opinion piece published this week in Newsweek? The true issue may be that it is a cheap cure that negates the need for a more profitable treatment method or vaccine. After all, Pharma is not in business to make people healthy. It’s in business to make a profit. If this cheap method works, Pharma loses billions.

  315. Why ban something that could possibly help so many? Sounds like greed.. this is disgusting when you can save lives . What about those who use this on a regular basis for other illnesses… so sick of political bs due to the greed and corruption in this govt and health dept..

  316. This is between Dr.and patient, no where in there does health care say anything about Dr. Patient and Governor
    Butt Out!!!!!!

  317. Of course they’re not gonna give them out to every day people they bought it so all the crooked politician in ohio could take it and not get the virus even though it has been proven to work by a number of doctors and been around for years it was approved by the FDA years ago for an illness but not approved now how does that work im sure they use drugs to treat a illness that will work for other illnesses now just not this one

  318. If someone with a serious case of CV were walking through the woods and picked up a fungus and ate it then discovered in a few hours their condition was fast disappearing so they ate more (don’t try this) then they told another friend who had it and the same thing happened and the news spread like wildfire and lots of people were getting cured – DeWine would rule it illegal to use.
    He is that whacked. Never should have been elected Governor. Will prove to be one of the worst for Ohio ever.
    Big Pharma would totally back him up. They want the money, and boatloads of it, for any cure.
    Big Pharma would wail, scream, and cry it is not fair. Clinical trials are needed that will take 3 years.
    Meanwhile thousands needlessly die.
    What have we come to?

  319. This is utter lack of ETHICS..This has been around and Congress took it ..We know the real truth. SHAME ON THE BUCKEYE STATE . FOLLOW THE REAL POLITICAL REASON..IM APPALLED😲

  320. Leave it up to the people for to decide what they want to take. Not our government.

  321. This is an outrage! The State Board of Pharmacy will be responsible & should be held accountable for the deaths of many Ohioans who can no longer get access to the only drug proven to prevent and treat coronaviruses, according to a study published in The Virilogy Journal in August 2005 and hundreds of doctors who have been using it during this COVID-19 pandemic. This order must be repealed immediately!

    1. It’s not been proven and how many educated and licensed professionals need to keep saying that IT IS INEFFECTIVE!

      1. It is ineffective. When used alone. There is huge misunderstanding going on.
        Ever taken Cold-Eeze? Ingredients are vitamin C and zinc. What’s up with the zinc?
        Let me splain…
        Just like any cell a virus must have an energy supply so at the right time when it thinks the right substance is near it opens up and takes it in. If by accident it takes in zinc it does not hurt it.
        But here is the magic. Zinc renders it incapable of reproducing. And this is by accident.
        What if something was present nearby that tricked the virus to always take in zinc?
        There is such a substance that does this to near perfection. Hydroxychloroquine.
        But HCQ is prescription and zinc is not.
        So, HCQ is not directly attacking the virus instead HCQ with zinc stops the virus reproduction, literally any corona virus, to perfection. Magic.
        Anyone with focus only on HCQ is willingly ignorant. And with intent to deceive.

  322. Emperor DeWine you are a HUGE disappointment to many republicans and are a main reason it is difficult to fundraise in this state. In addition, taking away a tool in a tool box that has been proven to work for many patients makes you complicit
    In the deaths of those that are unable to get it and later die! Why on earth would you take away this tool when I know for a fact that two people I know were almost instantly cured from COVID -19 after taking it? If it saves one life isn’t it worth it? Who is paying you to take this position? Why are you doing this obvious political shenanigan? If Husted has plans for running for Governor you can tell him to kiss those plans goodbye. He won’t make it out of a Republican primary. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

  323. This medication has proven to help many people so you have taken away the chance to live and recover for many many people. We have the right to make our own medical treatment decisions. This is just another tactic to change our rights and control people and become a socialistic communistic country. I’m sure those that decided this will use it if they get the virus to help them recover while letting the main public die.

  324. Please allow Ohioans to get this medication. Criminal charges should be brought against legislators and Governors that are not allowing Ohioans to have access to this medication. Horrible. Dewine needs replaced.

  325. I disagree with your decision to ban this drug for treatment of covid-19. We the people should be able to decide what medications, if any, we choose to take for whatever ailment we have. Those decisions are between a patient and a doctor. It’s not for any government entity or individual to regulate what we choose to take. Each individual is given life from God, and as such, should be able to determine how they live it. This medication is successfully used to treat many conditions and taking it does not hurt anyone.

  326. The Deep State only want a tainted vaccine so they can change our DNA to control us! Studies have been done that have proven the drug successful! So anyone saying otherwise are lying to cover up!!

  327. This decision reeks of corruption and politicization.
    I hope there will be a class action lawsuit against agencies who are withholding this drug which HAS been used successfully as a treatment for Covid-19 by many physicians and COULD save lives!
    Can you say “POLICE STATE”?

  328. Totally rediculous why would you band a med that actually works to help someone get better from this virus! This is horrible and an act of socialism in the making!

  329. This is absolutely crazy. I’m so angry and disappointed in the State of Ohio leadership. I will definitely work to get the leaders making decisions like this removed from their positions.

  330. If one is nearing death, who cares about how “safe” the FDA thinks a med is. Give it with the Z Pack, and Zinc the Frontline docs say works!

  331. Why is Ohio so against this drug? It has been around for 65 years. Board certified doctors around the world have been giving it to their patients and have positive results. Why is our state health department not doing their own research. President past a bill, the right to try. It should be up to the patient and doctor not our governor. Last I knew he was not a medical professional. I guess when law suits come out that the stateof Ohio held back a cure and let their people die. Heads will roll then. I think election will be different this year. We are seeing who is a good politician and who is a bad politician. Who is really for the people. The Politicians forget the people pay their pay checks. They work for the tax payer. That’s US…

  332. That makes absolutely no sense. Ban a drug that has been widely used for decades. Nothing political here.

  333. When did we lose our right to make that choice for ourselves?since there is no vaccine yet I would want to take it if I was diagnosed with corona.I’m 68.you all are. Playing politics with our lives , its all about getting Mr. Trump out off office.

  334. What is the matter with these leaders in Ohio. I am a resident of Ohio and am shocked that a well known and test drug would just be ruled out because some don’t like the fact that the president of the U S A supported its use. What kind of a country are we becoming when they are restricting the use of a drug, that has been used by countless numbers of doctors, and is found to be effective. They will all have to stand before God someday and account for all the deaths they could have prevented. So, so sad.

  335. So to ban something that could possibly work and keep the public in fear . Truly goes too show the dominance the want to invoke on America! When in the history of the US has doctor not been able to prescribe a medicine that he/she thinks work? The problem at hand is they want to inject us not cure us!

  336. Ohioans, as well as all citizens of the United States, should be allowed to make their own decisions regarding their healthcare, especially regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine. If I choose to take this drug, I should be allowed to do so. It’s benefits are clear. Please reconsider your decision to ban this drug.

  337. The government has no business in what my dr an I decide is treatment for me. They dont control me. I know what a lawyer is. Ohio government needs to back off. We are intelligent people, dont need their input …

  338. do not buy into this is to make the drug companies to get rich of the people,most of are supply of drugs come from china they were going broke so they came up with virus to put out in the world to sell drugs and look how mutch money there making now. most drugs have more side affects then there going to do you good

  339. I am upset that the doctor/patient relationship has been interfered with by a pharmacy board. The pharmacy delegitimizes doctors and their individual right to decide what course of treatment might best serve their patient. The pharmacy board has decided it knows best for EVERY patient and EVERY situation. This is not right. I speak as the mom of a 26 year old Down Syndrome child who is fighting Covid19. We may not have all the drug trials we might like, but 3 studies about hydroxychloryquine have been withdrawn because they contained inaccurate information. Given in toxic amounts, a toxic result can be expected. Meanwhile, while we wait for proper drug trials, those suffering are not allowed to have a drug in proper amounts that might save their life. I see this for what it is: a political move. Hydroxychloryquine is an OTC drug in several other countries as it is commonly used for treatment of malaria.

  340. Its should be the doctors who decide what is working for the treatment of Covid . They see the results first hand. I only see politics in this decision.

  341. Ridiculous decision by ODH to ban a drug that actually works for Covid 19! I’m a resident of Ohio for close to 80 years and find the government’s ban and other orders very offensive.

  342. Ohio sucks, we’re always last with anything & everything, gov Dimwit is just a rotten apple.

  343. This is outrageous. We know too many doctors whose hands will now be tied so that they cannot save lives. Wow! What happened to the hippocratic oath.

  344. We as Ohioans would greatly like to have access to hydroxychloroquine as it has been proven in so many countries to be effective in treating Covid if given at early
    onset. I’m tired of the lies and deceit surrounding this drug. Stand up and do the right thing or there will be more deaths of people who could have been helped. Let the doctors, instead of the politicians decide! Let the people decide for themselves if they want to take it!

  345. So the state of Ohio will intentionally kill people because of their radical left agenda. I will go to another state for treatment then if I get covid. Bunch of morons. It’s my choice not yours. Screw your mask orders and this one too.

  346. I do not see why we can not asked to be treated by an FDA approved drug if that is our choice. If patient signs a waiver to be treated for COVID-19 by using Hydroxychloroquine then it should be allowed. I as a tax payer AMERICAN think this is my right to be treated with this medication. There are all different kinds of meds out there that work for some and not others and if a person chooses to take the risk it is their right.

  347. So Ohio is out to take our rights away. Any medication should be between you and your doctor and Ohio has just remove this. There needs to be a few lawsuits started.

  348. Criminals blatantly setting up to kill their citizens. I won’t even say what they deserve.

  349. What a crock of crap. Maybe hydroxychloroquine isn’t a 100% cure but it sure has helped lots of people and it sure seems that where it’s been administered, the death rate is low. It’s too bad that we have a governor who has no backbone and allows these unelected officials to make his decisions. I wonder if DeWine will write a solemn note to the people who die that have been denied the use of hydroxychloroquine and the Z-pac?

  350. This is what an evil bureaucracy getting people killed looks like. We can only hope the loathsome bureaucrats responsible for this action will be held fully accountable for their crimes.

  351. Cover Up: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

    By True Pundit
    Global Research, May 21, 2020
    True Pundit 7 May 2020
    Region: USA
    Theme: Intelligence, Media Disinformation, Science and Medicine
    print 3219 487 106 4167

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.

    How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health, of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak – caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV – the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping the SARS coronavirus in its tracks. The COVID-19 bug is likewise a coronavirus, labeled SARS-CoV-2. While not exactly the same virus as SARS-CoV-1, it is genetically related to it, and shares 79% of its genome, as the name SARS-CoV-2 implies. They both use the same host cell receptor, which is what viruses use to gain entry to the cell and infect the victim.

    The Virology Journal – the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health – published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading – get ready for this – “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” (Emphasis mine throughout.) Write the researchers, “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”

    This means, of course, that Dr. Fauci (pictured at right) has known for 15 years that chloroquine and it’s even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. Said Dr. Fauci’s NIH in 2005, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.” Fauci’s researchers add, “chloroquine can effectively reduce the establishment of infection and spread of SARS-CoV.”

    Dr. Didier Raoult, the Anthony Fauci of France, had such spectacular success using HCQ to treat victims of SARS-CoV-2 that he said way back on February 25 that “it’s game over” for coronavirus.

    According to Dr. Anthony Fauci the Reopening of the US Economy Would Endanger People’s Heath
    He and a team of researchers reported that the use of HCQ administered with both azithromycin and zinc cured 79 of 80 patients with only “rare and minor” adverse events.

    “In conclusion,” these researchers write, “we confirm the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine associated with azithromycin in the treatment of COVID-19 and its potential effectiveness in the early impairment of contagiousness.”

    The highly-publicized VA study that purported to show HCQ was ineffective showed nothing of the sort. HCQ wasn’t administered until the patients were virtually on their deathbeds when research indicates it should be prescribed as soon as symptoms are apparent. Plus, HCQ was administered without azithromycin and zinc, which form the cocktail that makes it supremely effective. At-risk individuals need to receive the HCQ cocktail at the first sign of symptoms.

    But Governor Andrew Cuomo banned the use of HCQ in the entire state of New York on March 6, the Democrat governors of Nevada and Michigan soon followed suit, and by March 28 the whole country was under incarceration-in-place fatwas.

    Nothing happened with regard to the use of HCQ in the U.S. until March 20, when President Trump put his foot down and insisted that the FDA consider authorizing HCQ for off-label use to treat SARS-CoV-2.

    On March 23, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko reported that he had treated around 500 coronavirus patients with HCQ and had seen an astonishing 100% success rate. That’s not the “anecdotal” evidence Dr. Fauci sneers at, but actual results with real patients in clinical settings.

    “Since last Thursday, my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients in other areas of New York with the above regimen. Of this group and the information provided to me by affiliated medical teams, we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations. In addition, I have not heard of any negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.”

    Said Dr. Zelenko:

    “If you scale this nationally, the economy will rebound much quicker. The country will open again. And let me tell you a very important point. This treatment costs about $20. That’s very important because you can scale that nationally. If every treatment costs $20,000, that’s not so good.

    All I’m doing is repurposing old, available drugs which we know their safety profiles, and using them in a unique combination in an outpatient setting.”

    The questions are disturbing to a spectacular degree. If Dr. Fauci has known since 2005 of the effectiveness of HCQ, why hasn’t it been administered immediately after people show symptoms, as Dr. Zelenko has done? Maybe then nobody would have died and nobody would have been incarcerated in place except the sick, which is who a quarantine is for in the first place. To paraphrase Jesus, it’s not the symptom-free who need HCQ but the sick. And they need it at the first sign of symptoms.

    While the regressive health care establishment wants the HCQ cocktail to only be administered late in the course of the infection, from a medical standpoint, this is stupid. Said one doctor, “As a physician, this baffles me. I can’t think of a single infectious condition — bacterial, fungal, or viral — where the best medical treatment is to delay the use of an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, or anti-viral until the infection is far advanced.”

    So why has Dr. Fauci minimized and dismissed HCQ at every turn instead of pushing this thing from jump street? He didn’t even launch clinical trials of HCQ until April 9, by which time 33,000 people had died.


    Note to readers: please click the share buttons above or below. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc.

  352. Soooooo…… big brother is telling the poor people of the State of Ohio what we are allowed to take for our health.

  353. Well if it doesn’t work why pay all that money for it??? If it helps even a little pass it out not going to be potent forever.

  354. As an RN and conservative, I’m so ashamed of Dewine, Ohio State Health Boards and elected officials. This drug is older than Methuselah. Shame on those who have politicized it and who are now making it inaccessible to patients and doctors, as well as, those who stand idly by and allow these dangerous and criminal actions to stand. Honestly, I don’t know how these people sleep at night. Even if you deny it’s efficacy, in spite of numerous studies proving effectiveness, by “BANNING?!” the use of this medication, with every death that takes place from hear on out, YOU bear responsibility because you have not allowed the patient and doctor to decide on the course of treatment. It’s evil. The RISKS OF TAKING HYDROXY- DO NOT OUTWEIGH THE BENEFIT. I have a mouthful of four letter words of contempt and idioms for you people and your despicable actions, but I’ll refrain. You are, however, disgusting human beings.

  355. This needs repeated. Truth matters. Here goes…
    It is ineffective. When used alone. There is huge misunderstanding going on.
    Ever taken Cold-Eeze? Ingredients are vitamin C and zinc. What’s up with the zinc?
    Let me splain…
    Just like any cell a virus must have an energy supply so at the right time when it thinks the right substance is near it opens up and takes it in. If by accident it takes in zinc it does not hurt it.
    But here is the magic. Zinc renders it incapable of reproducing. And this is by accident.
    What if something was present nearby that tricked the virus to always take in zinc?
    There is such a substance that does this to near perfection. Hydroxychloroquine.
    But HCQ is prescription and zinc is not.
    So, HCQ is not directly attacking the virus instead HCQ with zinc stops the virus reproduction, literally any corona virus, to perfection. Magic.
    Anyone with focus only on HCQ is willingly ignorant. And with intent to deceive.

  356. This is a bunch of crap. My husband who has RA has been on hydroxychloroquine for over 10 years and has no problems. This is all about lining some big shots pocket.

  357. What your doing is criminal and so wrong. Don’t need you to lie because, we all know that it’s safe and has been for over 50 years. I want you to know that we will sue you, the board and the State for murder if anyone dies in our family. If you wanted to be like Hitler, you have succeeded. EVERYONE NEEDS TO REMEMBER TO VOTE OUT ANYONE WHO PUT YOUR GOD, FAMILY AND COUNTRY IN JEOPARDY.

  358. I want to know why we the people have never had a say in these decisions by vote especially when we the people are the ones paying the price and taking all the risks from all the politic currupt money making decisions that we the people are paying for and suffering from!! It’s well past time we take back the power from these politicians and replace the with people who truly want to honor their oath to serve and represent the people!!

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