When Will DeWine Authorize Childcare to Reopen so Parents Can Return to Work?

Parents of young children and owners of childcare centers are anxiously awaiting word from Gov. Mike DeWine on when or if day cares will be allowed to reopen.

With over 90 percent of the economy authorized to reopen by week’s end, parents are left hanging with no direction from authorities on what to do for childcare.

Last week DeWine said he would make an announcement on Monday regarding childcare. When Monday rolled around, DeWine said more time was needed to study the issue.

Barbers, salons and spas will reopen Friday and restaurants will be allowed to offer outdoor dining. But still no word from the governor on what parents are to do with their children.

Some think the reason for the delay is that health officials are looking for a link between Kawasaki’s Disease and COVID in children. So far, this is simply a theory and not backed up by any scientific data.

The majority of studies indicate that children are less susceptible to the virus. Children also have been found not to spread it, even when they do become infected. Essential workers have had childcare available to them all along with no spread of the virus being reported.

While lack of childcare leaves parents in a lurch, childcare centers themselves are becoming increasingly desperate, saying their small businesses are on the verge of collapse. Most childcare centers are private businesses, with ongoing rent and utility costs. The majority have had little to no income throughout the course of the shutdown.

What’s more, childcare centers will likely face additional expenses as they prepare to fully reopen, with social distancing requirements that will limit the number of children they can serve, reducing their revenue. Home-providers are not available for state unemployment benefits because they are classified as independent contractors.

It is hoped that DeWine will authorize childcare centers to reopen along with other Ohio small businesses.