Legislative Profile: Thomas E. Brinkman Jr.

Each week, Ohio Statehouse News profiles one of our state legislators. Representative Thomas E. Brinkman Jr. (R- Mt. Lookout) is our featured legislator this week.

Rep. Brinkman is serving his third term as state representative. A life-long Cincinnati resident, Brinkman is a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, DC.  He represents the 27th Ohio House District, which includes portions of eastern Hamilton County.

Why did you become involved in government?

I wanted to impact public policy to make Ohio a better place to live.

What are your legislative policy priorities or goals for the upcoming session?

Lower taxes and limit government.

What surprises or unexpected challenges did you encounter when you started. 

An unwillingness to make Ohio a leader in ANYTHING!

If you could change one thing with the state system, what would it be?

Stop the appointment process to fill vacated elected positions. Have a placeholder fill the seat and let the citizens petition to stand for election them compete and win or lose.

How do you stay in touch with your district?

Drive home from Columbus every day after session. I have not spent a night in Columbus in over 13 years in the Ohio House.

what is the most interesting/unusual request from a constituent?

Will you be my friend? Of course!

What are some of the attractions or hotspots in your district?

The Little Miami River Valley which has many different park and recreational areas.

Ohio is so diverse, what are the primary challenges you’re facing?

We are a diverse state and bridging the divide is hard.

What have you done to help your district?

Improved the quality of life by supporting personal freedom, and park and recreational facilities.

How has your district benefitted from the budget?

Lower taxes.